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Celebrity Astrology

King of Pentacles: Charles’ Coronation Astrology Transit Reading

(Nodal Return, Sun-Moon-Saturn Opposition)

Frank Ocean at Coachella 2023: A Disappointing Return

Jupiter + Lilith Returns, Sun Conj. Ketu, Mars Square Mars

Lorena Bobbitt and John Wayne Bobbitt in court

Lorena Bobbitt Castrates John Wayne Bobbitt

0° Pisces Saturn Opp. 0° Virgo Mars

Chrisean + Blueface Compatibility Reading

Astrology Synastry between the infamous rapper and his girlfriend.

Amanda Bynes as "the Shepherd," herding a flock of sheep/young Nickelodeon child star talent.

Amanda Bynes + Schneider’s Bakery (“Exalted” Aries Sun + Capricorn Mars)

An analysis of the Rudolph-Santa-like relationship and corresponding Astrological synastry between Amanda Bynes + Dan Schneider.

Tory Lanez, Megan The Stallion, and Kylie Jenner

Pallas + Athena: Tory + Megan + Kylie (3-way Synastry)

The story of Pallas and Athena played out in real life: the traumatic shooting of Megan Thee Stallion by Tory Lanez after leaving Kylie Jenner’s house on July 12, 2020.

A side by side of Sza and Princess Diana, in their mirror image yacht photos.

Sza + Princess Diana Synastry (Grand Water Trine)

The Astrological compatibility between Sza and Princess Diana of Wales, focusing on their shared Grand Water Trine, clearly shown in Sza’s Diana-inspired album artwork.

Melissa McCarthy + Leslie Mann

6° Sun Opposite 6° Uranus: Leslie Mann + Melissa McCarthy

Chaotic + horrifying Libra Uranus (Melissa McCarthy) Opposes an unserious + slapstick Aries Sun (Leslie Mann). TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic Language, Depictions of Violence, Suicide.

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