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Frank Ocean at Coachella 2023: A Disappointing Return

Frank Ocean at Coachella 2023: A Disappointing Return

Jupiter + Lilith Returns, Sun Conj. Ketu, Mars Square Mars

Video and Transcript Published Friday April 21, 2023

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen that Frank Ocean fans were really disappointed with his Coachella set. He has now pulled out of week two. There is a lot of significant Astrology going on right now, so let’s take a look at the transits for Frank Ocean at Coachella.

His Natal Sun in 4° Scorpio was perfectly conjunct the South Node or Ketu in 4° Scorpio. The Sun rules performances, and the South Node is known as the “tail of the dragon” and especially in Scorpio, talks about stinging–fighting back. If you give a dead performance while the South Node is on your Sun, the audience is not going to be happy about it.

Both of those 4° Scorpio placements were also trine Saturn in 4° Pisces (the other water sign). Saturn rules limitations and obstacles, as well as the ankles in medical astrology, where his injury was.

Frank Ocean also has Jupiter in 23° Aries, which was the exact location of Jupiter the day of his Coachella performance. Jupiter rules all things BIG, and your Jupiter return is a BIG day! It was his big return, with big artistic vision, performing for a big crowd. His Natal Jupiter is stationed Retrograde, so he didn’t really deliver the magical experience that his audience was expecting (Jupiter rules vibes, magic, and getting the energy flowing).

This is where his Lilith return comes into play. He has Lilith in 7° Leo, and Lilith was in 11° of Leo [on April 16, 2023], which is a 4° orb. This means he was also having his Lilith return. Lilith rules shame, rejection from society, not meeting society’s standards. Especially in the sign of Leo, which is the performer, this talks about being shamed for your performance.

Then, lastly, he has a Natal Mars in 12° Libra, which is Mars’ “detriment” (re: NO FRANK OCEAN MERCHANDISE)... and it’s being squared by a transiting 11° Cancer Mars. This is also considered “poor dignity” since Mars is “fallen” in Cancer.

Having transiting Mars square your Natal Mars: The square aspect is the aspect ruled by Mars. It talks about conflict (“squaring up”), injury, and unexpected sideswipes. So this [square] is definitely playing into the unexpected injury that caused this disappointing performance.

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