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Nicki Minaj arrested in Amsterdam - Sagittarius Full Moon

Nicki Minaj arrested in Amsterdam - Sagittarius Full Moon

Astrology Transit Reading for May-June 2024

Published May 28, 2024

Azealia Banks was right yet again. Nicki Minaj has been arrested in Amsterdam for possession of drugs.

Azealia said earlier this year, “Honestly, sis, if I was you, I would just cancel the tour. Because you're not, you're not in any condition to like, be in other countries. You know, there are countries where that shit is mad illegal. And it's like she's hopping borders, like, almost every other day. And you're gonna get searched. If anyone on your fucking crew is found with anything, y'all are getting locked up.”

Her arrest was broadcasted on Instagram Live for all of her fans to watch.

“You're under arrest. I'm the police officer. I'm the deputy of the public prosecutor. We will bring you to the police station.”
“Yes. For what?”
“You can go. Because you are, uh, carrying drugs.”
“I'm not carrying drugs.”

10:26 AM Eastern Time on March 25th, Nicki was tweeting about how they found weed and they took her bags, etc. So let's look at Nicki Minaj's birth chart and the astrology transits from the moment of her arrest.


This is the birth chart of Nicki Minaj. The most eye-catching part of her chart is this giant Sagittarius stellium. She has Uranus, the Sun. Venus, Neptune, Mercury, and Ceres all in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules cultural exchange and international travel, so the whole Chun Li, Harajuku Barbie, all very much fits Sagittarius energy.

All of those Sagittarius placements are ruled by Jupiter. She has Jupiter in 26 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that talks about responding to threats and competition, and so that's why a lot of Nicki Minaj's fame, visibility, international stardom, is influenced by or under the rulership of a Jupiter that is very defensive, very reactive, and very down to fight and beef it out.

Even more so when you look at the ruler of this Jupiter. Scorpio is ruled by Mars in Traditional Astrology and Pluto in Modern Astrology. Her Mars and Pluto form a perfect square. Her Mars is in 28 degrees of Capricorn, Pluto is in 28 degrees of Libra. Her very big and grandiose reactions to feeling threatened or vulnerable (that are represented by this Jupiter in Scorpio ruling over her Sag stellium)--Jupiter is going to make those reactions big, as it is. But when Jupiter is ruled by Pluto squaring Mars, Pluto is going to intensify the conflict even further.


This is the moment of her arrest, 4:26 PM in Amsterdam, which was 10:26 AM. in New York. The most significant transit that I see for this day is all of these 29 degree placements.

Jupiter is in 29 degrees of Taurus, forming a sextile with Neptune in 29 degrees of Pisces. Neptune is in a square with the 29 degrees Sagittarius Full Moon (because the sun is right here in four degrees of Gemini, which means that this Sagittarius moon was the full moon.) 29 degrees Sagittarius moon is the very, very end of that Sagittarius full moon.

29 degrees is known as the Anoretic degree. It's the last degree of a sign, and it talks about dramatic grand finales and very controversial, infamous moments. It talks about a spotlight and visibility, but sometimes negative attention.

Jupiter and Neptune are the traditional and modern rulers of Pisces respectively. These are the two planets that rule over drugs and alcohol. So, Jupiter sextiling Neptune, who is then squared by this Sagittarius full moon… That full moon represents a peak, a pinnacle, or release of energy; a climactic moment… That climactic moment is square, or unexpectedly sideswiping, Neptune, or her drug stash. She was unexpectedly unable to get her drugs through customs. Neptune sextile, Jupiter. Jupiter ruling over international travel and cultural exchange. including customs.


Additionally, the moment of her arrest, Ceres was in 21 degrees of Capricorn, opposite Vesta, and 19 of Cancer, and they formed a T square to Mars and Chiron in Aries. Mars and Aries represent someone penetrating you, violating your privacy, searching your luggage without your consent, is very much Mars and Aries.

Ceres, especially in Capricorn, talks about karma and reaping what you sow. The harvest that you are rewarded with is a result of your own action. So just like Azalea Banks said, with the way that she's been behaving publicly, she is on everyone's radar. They are going to check her bags. Period.

Azealia: “And you're gonna get searched because all of this behavior that you have right now, All the shit you're doing, like, you're gonna get thoroughly searched.”

What's so interesting about this Ceres being involved in the T Square, if we put Nicki's chart over the moment of her arrest, you'll see that her 29 degree Sagittarius Ceres was perfectly conjoined by that 29 degree Sagittarius Full Moon: a climactic moment where all of the attention is on Nicki and it is not positive attention.


You may also notice that Nicki has Pluto in 28 degrees of Libra and Saturn in 0 degrees of Scorpio, meaning Pluto and Saturn are conjunct (an out of sign conjunction). That means the midpoint of these planets is 29 degrees of Libra. Adding this 29 degree midpoint of her Pluto and Saturn, all of these 29 degree aspects are now creating this significant chart formation… which let's look at.

Here we have an intersection of two Yods, or fingers of God. These aspects are called a quincunx, or an inconjunction, and they're five signs apart. So for example, we have Taurus, which is inconjunct Libra. What happens when two planets are in a sextile, just like Jupiter and Neptune, and both of those planets form in conjunctions to the opposite side… that inconjunction, or quincunx aspect, now becomes more significant because the energy that's resonating in this sextile funnels down the yod and manifests at the point or tip of this yod. A very fated moment of divine intervention.

So we have Jupiter sextile Neptune: attempts to bring drugs and controlled substances across international borders. That energy manifests at her Pluto and Saturn: having to deal with law enforcement and detainment. That detainment and the release of energy, the kind of climactic moment of this arrest, then resonated [in the sextile] and manifested at the tip of this yod, where Jupiter was activated again, having to reschedule and push back her performance for a later date. Jupiter is the planet that talks about flexibility and being very free spirited when it comes to rescheduling things.


Now remember, Nicki Minaj has Mars square Pluto in her natal birth chart–they’re both in 28 degrees of cardinal sign. The last time this [transit] happened was in October, and in my video on this transit, I talk about how this is an aspect that can talk about collection of debt.

Quote from my Youtube video on Oct 8, 2023: “Pluto and Mars, as the rulers of Scorpio, also rule payment of debts, so this might be a period where we see some unexpected sideswipes in terms of debt collection. You may receive a call from a collections agency that you haven't heard from in a while.”

Regarding collection of debt and Nicki Minaj: back in August of 2023, an arbitration awarded a [promotion] company $1.4 million in damages after Nicki Minaj took [half of] a million dollar advance payment for a performance in Shanghai and then never showed up. That arbitration award was made in August.

Then in November, right after this Mars Square Pluto transit [Oct 8] was when that promotion company filed with a Los Angeles judge asking to confirm the arbitration settlement and initiate the process of asset collection. Now in May [2024], That same promotion company is asking to interrogate Nicki Minaj's accountants and team members in order to get more information about her assets so they can collect their payment.

In early June, Mars will square Pluto and it will form a very significant T square with her own natal Mars square Pluto that we've looked at.

So what we're going to do here, we're looking at the chart of Nicki Minaj on the inside, and then the outer wheel is the transits. We're going to go day by day to see how the next couple weeks play out. She has this really difficult T square in her chart. And in order to make it easier to see, we're only looking at aspects between Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and Ceres as well. So here's May 25th. This is the day she was arrested.

We can go day by day. By May 28th, when this is going to be posted, Mars is getting ready to conjoin Chiron in 22 degrees of Aries. May 29th and 30th is when that actually happens. That's when the opposition to her natal Pluto in 28 degrees of Libra really begins.

As Mars moves through those higher degrees of Aries, eventually Mars will enter 28 degrees of Aries when it perfectly opposes her Pluto, which perfectly squares her Mars in 28 degrees of Capricorn. This is a big T square, where she is being basically unexpectedly sideswiped from both angles–from her team and from the opps of her team–everybody teaming up against her.

Especially with [natal] Saturn conjunct Pluto, it talks about really intense, painful experiences dealing with law enforcement, and having to face consequences of breaking the law. So, it’s not looking good for her on June 6th.


It's also really significant because Venus is conjunct the sun in 16 degrees of Gemini, and so is the moon. This is the Gemini new moon. So, a significant moon phase the day of this T square to her natal Mars… June 6th is a big day to look out for Nicki Minaj.

Then, as Mars moves into 29 degrees, that hits the opposition to the midpoint of her Pluto and Saturn. That's also the day that Mars is in a perfect trine with her Ceres in 29 degrees of Sagittarius. Again, this very controversial and infamous energy of having a lot of attention even if it's really negative.

Then Mars enters zero degrees of Taurus and perfectly opposes Her natal Saturn in 0 degrees of Scorpio, just continuing the exact aspects of this T square into June 9th.

June 10th, Mars will be in 1 degree of Taurus. This forms a perfect square with the current transiting Pluto in 1 degree of Aquarius, continuing the exact aspect of this T square even further.

So June 6th through June 10th, Nicki Minaj is getting pelted, absolutely caught a crossfire, absolutely having to face painful repercussions for her own actions with her natal Saturn squaring this transiting Pluto and being opposed by the transiting Mars. It is not until about June 18th, when Mars really separates from that opposition to Saturn and Pluto, and she's free from the effects of this T square to her natal birth chart.

So we have this climax, this very visible, illuminated release of energy the day of her arrest, and two weeks later, when that T square to her natal Mars forms on the new moon, and The moon is reflecting 0 percent sunlight. It'll be interesting to watch how much visibility Nicki Minaj has on her over the next two weeks as we approach this T square.


Now layered on top of that, we've gone back to May 25th. Remember this Neptune in 29 degrees of Pisces was very significant the day of her arrest. It was in the sextile to Jupiter, and Neptune rules drugs and alcohol. The Neptune square to her natal series, both in 29 degrees, makes this a very significant transit; and since Neptune moves so slow, Neptune is squaring her series for quite a while.

Mars's transit through Aries, which we've looked at, will also hit a trine to her natal Neptune. June 4th is when Mars is in 26 of Aries, and it forms that perfect trine to her 26 degree Sagittarius Neptune and Mercury, which are conjunct.

Mercury conjunct Neptune can talk about sleight of hand. Mercury is the trickster and Neptune rules over illusions, the veil that hides the truth behind some secrecy or distortion of perspective. When Mars in Aries hits that perfect trine to her natal Neptune and Mercury–that could be the day when Nicki's true hand is shown–when she's forced to show her cards and the veil is broken, pierced, and penetrated, and everyone sees what she's really up to.

It's funny because my friend and I were actually talking about how we wouldn't be surprised if this whole thing was fake, and a publicity stunt, or an excuse to get out of doing a concert. Then I saw on twitter that this person said, allegedly, Nicki Minaj has reportedly hired a team of fake police officers to stage a fake arrest to make an excuse for her to cancel her Amsterdam tour date, which had an all time low ticket sales turnout.

I don't know if this is true. My intuition suspected this as a possibility, so it was funny to see this tweet, and it'll be interesting to see if any revelations are made about this incident around June 4th [when Mars trines her Neptune+Mercury].

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