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JoJo Siwa “Eclipsed” by Brit Smith, who tops charts with her version of “Karma”

JoJo Siwa “Eclipsed” by Brit Smith, who tops charts with her version of “Karma”

(Astrology Transit + Compatibility Reading)

Published April 17, 2024

Let's get into the astrology of why Jojo Siwa's rebrand flopped.


Basically, back in March, Jojo Siwa announced a rebrand to a new bad girl image. This announcement came on March 5th, one month before the release of her new single, Karma, which was released April 5th. According to Britt Smith, who is the original artist to record this song, the song was originally written for Miley Cyrus, who passed on the song.

So, there's footage of JoJo in interviews talking about the process of writing her new music and how she completely transformed the song “Karma” from when it was originally recorded and written.

Jojo says, “two years ago is when I started writing new music. We, uh, we did some versions of the song six different times. I had six sessions on Karma. If you listen to the first version of Karma, whole different song. The bridge, whole different bridge.”

But if you listen to both versions of the song, it is like Almost the same exact song with a slightly different arrangement. When asked about allegedly stealing the song from Brit Smith, JoJo said “There's no such thing as stealing.” She said, “I don't know who Britt Smith is.”

Fan: “Did you steal it from Britt Smith?”
JoJo “I did not steal anything. There's no such thing as stealing. I also don't know who Britt Smith is.”
Fan: “She sang it before you.”

In retaliation, Britt Smith released her original recording of “Karma,” [titled] “Karma's a Bitch” which is now the highest charting version of the song on iTunes, surpassing Jojo Siwa's version.


JoJo Siwa released this on April 5th, only three days before the solar eclipse on April 8th (in the middle of eclipse season.) Astrologers, myself included, always say Eclipse season is not a time to be manifesting or starting new things because the energy is very uncontrollable and there is likely to be a shadow or darkness of some sort cast over your manifestation.

JoJo Siwa released her track days before the moon eclipsed the sun and then JoJo got eclipsed by Brit Smith. In astrology, the sun represents performance, visibility, a spotlight, being the center of attention. The attention and visibility that JoJo Siwa was looking to gain with this release literally got eclipsed or overshadowed by Brit Smith. A really good example of how your manifestation can be eclipsed if you try to manifest using eclipse energy.

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