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Chrisean + Blueface Compatibility Reading

Chrisean + Blueface Compatibility Reading

Astrology Synastry between the infamous rapper and his girlfriend.

Full Video and Transcript Published February 9, 2023.

Today I want to look at the Astrology compatibility between Chrisean Rock and Blueface. I’m sure by now most of us (who use tiktok/twitter) have seen some portion of this toxic relationship playing out publicly. When a relationship is toxic, oftentimes those toxic cycles are shown in the Astrology and they’re a great example.

The first thing I noticed is this opposition between her 13° Cancer Moon and his 13° Capricorn Venus. A Cancer Moon is someone who is very nurturing and caring, and they thrive in a place of emotional intimacy. Capricorn, the opposite sign, talks about cold, rigid, and professional connections. We see Chrisean’s emotions in direct opposition to the way that Blue treats her as a girlfriend.

There’s almost this emotional dependency, while he sits there and basically tries to ignore that she is even there. He’s literally excluding her from the conversation while she is sitting right next to him. That’s this Venus in Capricorn, where he is viewing her like a prop. It’s so f*cking weird.

Clip from Shark Tank podcast ft. Blueface and Chrisean:

Blueface: “This one right here, she…”
Chrisean: “Stop saying ‘this one right here.’ Talk to me…look at me. I’m right here.”

It’s the same energy as Azealia touting her Yemaya doll.

Interviewer: “What’s with the doll?”
Azealia: “What do you mean, ‘what’s with her?’”
Interviewer: “What’s her backstory? What’s her name? Can you introduce her to people who don’t know who she is?”
Azealia: “She’s not…She’s really just ‘here.’ She’s not supposed to be here, I just happen to have her. Like, if the Uber driver takes off with all of my stuff, he’s gotta not take off with this doll.”

Cut to Shark Tank podcast clip.

Blueface: “Can I have a kiss?”
*Awkward silence*

Anyway… [Blueface’s] Venus in Capricorn is in a trine with [Chrisean’s] Saturn in Taurus, also in 13° of an Earth sign. These planets are in “mutual reception,” meaning they are both in a [Ptolemaic] aspect, and they rule each other (Saturn being the ruler of Capricorn, and Venus being the ruler of Taurus).

The way we see this play out has a lot to do with the power dynamic in their relationship, and the financial influence of that power dynamic (Capricorn rules power dynamics, Taurus rules finances and resources). Blueface uses his exclusivity and high status as a rapper to kind of “seduce” her into being his girlfriend, while she’s easily controlled by the money and financial stability that he provides her.

Cut to clip of Chrisean talking about Blueface.

Interviewer: “Do you feel like he changed your life?”
Chrisean: “I don’t feel like it, I know he did.”

The next thing I notice is that Blueface has a Uranus in 4° Aquarius, and Chrisean has Neptune in 5° Aquarius, only 1° off. This means that his methods of being the rule breaker or rebel (Uranus) align with her methods of escapism and fulfilling this fantasy (Neptune). Especially as an Aquarius Sun…with this Uranus, ruler of Aquarius: Blueface is causing chaos and breaking the rules in order to get attention, and he’s doing it by getting her drunk and high on these podcasts (Neptune).

Additionally, her 5° Aquarius Neptune is square her 5° Taurus Jupiter. Neptune and Jupiter are the two co-rulers of Pisces, and are the two planets that rule drugs and alcohol together (Chrisean is a Pisces). Neptune is the “escapism,” while Jupiter is the shit that you are repressing: all of those deep, dark, heavy emotions that the alcohol numbs away.

Chrisean has such an internal conflict (Square). This fantasy that she’s created for herself, within her head (5° Aquarius Neptune) compared to the dark truth of actual reality that she’s avoiding (5° Taurus Jupiter).

Her Jupiter is also sextile her Pisces Mercury and Venus, with Venus and Jupiter in “mutual reception,” which we know means ruling each other, and in aspect with each other. Basically, this “mutual reception” has Venus and Jupiter resonating back and forth, where she is constantly repressing these deep heavy emotions with more and more drug and alcohol consumption.

Now, Venus is the planet that rules balance, so eventually Chrisean should be able to balance the unpleasant emotions out and find some sort of equilibrium here. Her relationship with Blueface is what sucks her back into that toxic cycle and further amplifies this.

Her sextile (Jupiter +Venus’ mutual reception) eventually “funnels down” into a formation called a “Yod,” where the energy manifests at the tip of that Yod, which happens to be Blueface’s 4° Libra Mars. Mars is in “detriment” in Libra, because it is opposite its home sign of Aries. This is an energy of poking, triggering, and fighting with (Mars) your partner (Libra). Causing conflict (Mars) where there should be peace and balance (Libra).

That 4° Libra Mars is perfectly trine his 4° Aquarius Uranus, feeding right back into this toxic cycle of chaos–the exact chaos that Chrisean has been trying to escape this entire time (conjunct her 4° Aquarius Neptune). Blueface brings her financial stability, but he brings her so much chaos emotionally and spiritually.

The part that got me f*cked is this: you know how Chrisean has Neptune and Jupiter square, so this is the conflict that is happening within her? Blueface has Neptune and Jupiter conjunct in 28° and 29° Capricorn. 29° is known as the “anaretic” degree. It’s the last degree of the sign, and it has the energy of a “grand finale.” It’s acting out for attention, no matter how negative the attention is. It’s even nicknamed the “infamy” degree.

Jupiter is “fallen” in Capricorn. Jupiter is the energy of growth, expansion, flow. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the opposite. It’s cutting off the flow, it’s denied access, it’s “no.” So, Jupiter in Capricorn tends to get people worked up and then deliberately deny access (although not always consciously). This is how influencers gain their influence and status: by getting people worked up about their presence and then denying access to that presence–making people emotionally dependent on them.

The “gamble” of inconsistent access, never knowing whether you’ll be accepted or denied, is the gamble ruled by Jupiter. It is literally creating an addition to the romantic relationship.

It’s the same thing that the influencers like the VIP List do, where they go, “We want to tell you about this restaurant but we don’t want you to get too worked up because we’re cool. So we’re gonna build it up and build it up, and then we’re gonna bring it back down again into our vocal fry.”

Cut to VIP List clip:

“Peasants like you could NEVER get Lara Tusi, but since it’s the Holiday season and we’re feeling extra charitable, here’s what you could be eating if you weren’t an Arby’s regular.”

That’s what [Blueface] is doing.

Cut to clip of Blueface and Chrisean drinking on Instagram Live.

Blueface: “Who is the best rapper in the whole entire world?”
Chrisean: “My daddy!”
Blueface: “Who’s the richest man in the whole world?”
Chrisean: “My daddy!!”
Blueface: “Who the hardest crip you ever met out here?”
Chrisean: “My daddy!!!”
Blueface: “Who got the most bitches!?--”
*Chrisean starts punching him*
Chrisean: “Why you playing? You got me shoshing you up, just to shit on me, yo? See?? Like.. why you really bite me like that?”
Blueface: “No….”
Chrisean: “You’re just violating me.”

The energy in Chrisean’s birth chart, her mutual reception with Jupiter + Venus is just going to continue to feed it. That mutual reception feeds right into his Libra Mars, through that Yod formation, which again, is in a perfect trine with his Uranus in Aquarius–feeding right back into the same toxic cycles of chaos.

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