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Sza + Princess Diana Synastry (Grand Water Trine)

Sza + Princess Diana Synastry (Grand Water Trine)

The Astrological compatibility between Sza and Princess Diana of Wales, focusing on their shared Grand Water Trine, clearly shown in Sza’s Diana-inspired album artwork.

Video published on Dec 16, 2022. Transcript published on Dec 28, 2022.

It’s been reported that Sza has drawn inspiration for her new album artwork from this iconic shot of fellow water-sign, Princess Diana. They have a lot of synastry in their chart, especially in the water signs, where they both have a Grand Water Trine.


Sza has a Scorpio stellium, with her Lilith (0°), Mars (3°), Mercury (15°), Pluto (15°), and Sun (16°) all in Scorpio. Scorpio rules emotional isolation, transmutation, and transformation. This means that periods of emotional isolation and reflection allow her to transmute her shame (Lilith), pain (Mars), allow her to think clearly (Mercury), allow her to reclaim her personal power (Mars + Pluto), and allow her to re-access a state of happiness.

Diana simply has a Scorpio Neptune (8°), which means periods of emotional isolation by the water like this are simply a method for her to escape reality (Neptune). She also probably tends to want to escape from the periods of emotional isolation such as the emotional isolation experienced after a divorce. We can see by her body language, her posture in the photo, that even a fancy yacht can’t heal the deepest emotional wounds.


Diana has a Cancer Mercury (3°) and Sun (9°). Cancer is the sign that rules family, nurturing, emotional support, caring and protecting for your loved ones. This means that being able to give/receive emotional support to/from the ones she loves/her family, is what allows her to think clearly (Mercury) and access that state of happiness (Sun).

Whereas for Sza, the Jupiter (10°) and Chiron (16°) in Cancer mean there’s more likely to be subconscious wounds related to family, which could explain why periods of emotional isolation are what allow her to recharge and reclaim her power.


If we look at the last water sign, Pisces, we see that Sza has a Pisces Moon (13°), the other “luminary.” Pisces rules deep and expansive bodies of water (and emotions), so that is the ocean and our subconscious emotions, our imagination potential–all of that. A Pisces Moon means that for Sza going for a “swim” in the deepest waters of her subconscious (Pisces) brings her emotional satisfaction, comfort, and healing (Moon). The moon rules emotional satisfaction, healing, and nurturing.

Diana has a Pisces Chiron. Chiron is known as “the wounded healer,” and talks about permanent scars that are difficult (or impossible) to fully recover from. For Diana, this means going for a “swim” through her deepest darkest subconscious emotions (Pisces) doesn’t bring her healing, it’s just a reminder of all the wounds she can’t heal from. A reminder of all her scars, insecurities, and moments where her biggest strengths were her biggest weakness (Chiron).

Again, we see this in their posture(s), where Sza has her chin up and she is looking forward, towards the other side of the darkness. Her posture mirrors the posture seen in “the Moon” Rider-Waite tarot card, which fits perfectly considering this is the tarot card formally associated with Pisces (despite the Moon ruling Cancer). The embodiment of “Pisces Moon.”

Diana, however, is left basically curled up in a ball, crippled by her emotional wounds. It’s emphasized even further when you look at her Moon sign, being an Aquarius Moon. For Diana, her emotions act as a prison; whereas for Sza, her emotions act as the pool for her to fish unlimited imagination potential from.

I think the way that Sza chose to recreate this shot was just perfect. She kept the composition majorly the same, but then added these changed nuances that really personalized it to her. You can really see that reflection when you look at their charts side by side.

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