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Scooter Braun Synastry Reading (Ariana, Justin, Demi, +Tori)

Scooter Braun Synastry Reading (Ariana, Justin, Demi, +Tori)

Dragon Mouths + Karmic Ties

Video and transcript published Aug 29, 2023.

We've all seen the news that Scooter Braun has been losing clients. They're dropping like flies. It's reported that Demi Lovato, Ariana, Carly Rae Jepsen, Idina Menzel have all left, Scooter Braun, J. Balvin as well, and Justin Bieber is looking for new management, though he's still under contract. Tori Kelly is still signed with Scooter. I think she's one of his more recent client acquisitions, so her contract probably does not end for a while.

So we're going to be taking a look at the synastry of Scooter Braun with Ariana, Demi Justin and Tori Kelly, and we're going to go through a lot of the nodal synastry that these pop stars all share with Scooter Braun. I am going to be focusing on the kind of karmic aspect of these relationships, and it seems as though this Venus retrograde in Leo has resulted in either the ending of the professional relationship or the announcement of the end of the relationship that happened earlier. So it's interesting to see some of these karmic ties finally get broken and people moving forward on their life journey. And I think it's really good to take a look at all their charts and how they're interacting. They share similar synastry with him as the fact that they're all pop stars that are his clients, but they each have a different little story to tell.

So we're going to start off with Ariana Grande. These are the charts that we're looking at now. Ariana is in the inner circle, that's her birth chart. Scooter is on this middle ring. He will always be the second ring. And then this third outer ring is the transits from August 22nd, which is a couple days ago. That's when these headlines were really trending all over the Internet.


So Ariana Grande, she's a rising Capricorn. She also has Uranus and Neptune on her ascendant in 20 Degrees of Capricorn. So you know, we see her aesthetic and the surface level appearance that she presents, she very much embraces both planets' energies. Uranus rules technological advancements, scifi and all that. She's always embraced the scifi look and the futuristic look. And then Neptune rules our dreams. It rules fantasy and illusion. And so not only does she quite literally picture herself with different masks on, but she is always floating in a cloud. Her perfume is literally named Cloud, so she very much embraces the Neptune aesthetic as well.


She also has Venus in 20 degrees of an Earth sign, but it's in Taurus, the other Earth sign, one of three. Venus is the ruler of Taurus. So Venus is in its domicile or its home sign. Venus is the planet, and Taurus is the sign that rules your throat, your vocal chords, singing and making sound; especially sound that is pleasant to listen to. So it makes sense that she's such a talented vocalist, and she has this domicile Venus in Taurus.

Scooter Braun has Chiron in 20 degrees, so it's interesting synastry. Chiron talks about wounds, emotional and physical scarring. But there's a lot of childhood wounds that Chiron connects us to, as well as insecurities in general. Chiron tells the story of the healer who could heal everyone except for his own wounds. So there's a bit of of weakness that Chiron can talk to us about, but the thing is that Chiron is also the key to unlocking our power. Chiron's literally shaped like a key and it's this energy where you– if you can turn your weakness into a strength, it becomes the thing that unlocks full potential for you.

It's interesting because Venus also rules objects and products. When you think about these pop stars, he's treating them— of course they have personal relationships as people, but at the end of the day, at the bottom line, she's a product that he is refining in order to make it more marketable, so he can sell [the] product. So it's very interesting that you know her as a product, her Venus placement, lines up perfectly with his Chiron, a key to unlock full potential for him in his career as talent manager.


It's also interesting to note that this [conjunction] is in her 4th house in Placidus. But if you were to move this chart into whole sign, the other Earth sign would be her 5th house since she's an earth rising. So Venus and Chiron, that connection they have in synastry, would fall into her 5th house. The 5th house is the House of the birth chart that talks about performances. So very, very keen to see Venus rejoicing in the 5th house as well. It's the “joy” of Venus.

Venus talks about creative self expression, art, music, beauty; and Venus is able to freely express herself creatively when she's in the 5th House of performance and creative expression. It’s a really great placement for her, and really great synastry for him to have Chiron right lined up with that, at least for the beginning of their relationship.


So I want to focus now on her South Node. She has her South Node in Gemini, and he has his Mars in 9 degrees of Gemini (versus [her South Node] in 11 degrees). That’s only 2 degrees off. His Mars is on her South Node. This is indicative of a karmic relationship. The nodes are points of karma. The South Node can talk about our past experiences including our past lives and past life Karma. It's everything we've experienced up to this point in time. Then the North Node represents our future path, the unknown. So the North Node synastry can talk a lot about future karma that will have to be paid off.

The South Node is about closing chapters that are behind us. In western astrology, the nodes are regarded as like–the South node is your past, the north node is your future, The north node is your destiny and it's the path you’re meant to walk. Which is definitely true to a certain extent. But there's not really an emphasis on balancing that North Node with the South Node a lot of the time, and it creates this almost obsessive energy where the North Node, the mystery of the unknown, kind of pulls you into that unknown with a magnetic attraction.

In Eastern, Vedic and Indian astrology, the North Node is Rahu and the South Node is Ketu. Rahu is typically associated with, like illusion and delusion. And it's almost Neptunian energy. The fantasies about the future and the unknown are what pull people into that North Node. If they're not properly integrating the lessons that they've learned from their past experiences, it just creates these horrible toxic cycles, and more karmic ties.

The North Node is referred to as the head/mouth of the dragon. So if you're not balanced and you're not properly equipping the tools and lessons that you've learned in your past, you walk right into the mouth of the dragon, and the dragon swallows you whole and chews your bones up and spits you out.
It can be an intense and kind of uncomfortable experience if you're not balancing it. She doesn't really have North Node synastry with him. I mean, she has a North Node in Sagittarius, and he has Neptune in Sagittarius, so there is a “conjunction by sign” but they're way more than 8 degrees apart [so it’s technically not conjunct.]

It's really the South Node [where they have] synastry. His Mars on her South Node tells me it's very possible they have past life karma together where there's a lot of painful experiences of loss and of grief, and a lot of her lessons that she has to accept from her past have to do with ways that he has hurt her and violated her. We've known that he's violated her in many ways, just thinking about [the song] “Ghosting.”. You know, that really intimate sentimental track that she didn't want on the album. He was like, “too bad. The world needs to hear this so I can make money off of your trauma.” It's really sick. But yeah, we see that past life karma possibly or just just karma that needs to be closed and left in the previous chapter.


And it's interesting because this Venus retrograde triggered a lot of these professional relationships to kind of fall back or fall apart. Venus, in Placidus, is retrograding through her 7th house of partnership right now, or her 8th house in in whole sign, which is the house that talks about separating and leaving a partnership. It's the place where divorce happens. So, you know, she's “divorcing” her professional relationship from Scooter Braun.


It's also worth noting that currently the South Node, Ketu, which talks about closing off all
chapters, is in Libra, the sign of partnership. Ketu in Libra is very very instrumental in this Venus retrograde being so effective in ending relationships. Ketu in Libra is closing off past chapters of relationships that are unbalanced or don't work, or are bullshit. So we're seeing a lot of that with Mr. Scooter Braun here.


His Mercury retrograde in cancer is conjunct her Cancer Sun–they're only a couple degrees off. The sun is the performer, the performance, it's the spotlight, and it's singing and dancing on a stage where everyone can see you. So, Ariana definitely is living in her solar energy when she's performing…but even when she's performing, that Sun is in Cancer. So, she's very, very lunar. Even her performances give a lot of lunar energy, with just her aesthetics and everything…the way that she chooses to produce her performances.

But regardless, his Mercury is right on her Sun. Mercury is the advocate. Mercury can be a representative. Mercury rules communications and the person who is communicating on your behalf. It makes sense that he has Mercury on her Sun, he's her talent manager. He's the one booking her tours. He's the one scheduling people. He's the one managing her staff, to a certain extent when it comes to her performances. So it's an interesting synastry to see Mercury there.

He also has Mercury retrograde, so there may be a lot of miscommunication between them, or he may be… he seems like someone with a really sharp tongue and very semantic, and Cancer rules silver. So Mercury in Cancer is like someone with a silver tongue, very good at coddling and making you feel good about information they’re giving you, even if it isn’t the best thing for you. Mercury is nicknamed the Devil's advocate, so do with that information as you will.


Her Mercury is in Cancer as well. So, Ariana has a silver tongue as well. Her Mercury is right on his North Node. It’s, again, this karmic energy where the the North Node is that mouth of the dragon. Mercury is the planet that rules curiosity. Curiosity to go and inspect and ask questions and find things out, and Mercury conjunct his North Node is like somebody who allows their curiosity to lead them directly into the mouth of the dragon. Again, do with that kind of symbolism, as you will.


[Another] thing I want to talk about with her: She has Jupiter in Libra (5°), conjunct the Moon in Libra (6°). This is where Scooter Braun has Jupiter in Libra (1°), but it's conjunct Saturn in Libra (3°). This is the “great conjunction,” the conjunction of the two great planets, the outermost planets [in traditional astrology]…this is known as the kingmaker conjunction. It's the aspect that makes global leaders.

Saturn rules borders and boundaries and systems and institutions and, you know, government and positions of power. In general, Saturn is like the boss, whereas Jupiter is the planet that rules all things big: expansion and growth and energy flowing and and growing in momentum. So, Jupiter conjunct Saturn is someone who has the ability to expand their control, to expand their borders, and to expand and grow (to abundant amounts) their levels of institutional power.


One last thing. All of the pop stars have Scorpio symmetry with him. She has her Pluto in 23 degrees of Scorpio. His Lilith is in 19 of Scorpio and then Uranus in 26 of Scorpio. The midpoint of his Lilith and Uranus–the queen of the night and the child of chaos, and all these archetypes that Lilith and Uranus talk about that are quite intense, turbulence and rebellious and possibly even destructive–lining up right with her Pluto and Scorpio just makes for this really intense dynamic. And I'll leave it at that (for now).

With Scorpio being the sign that really talks about intensity and Pluto being in his home sign in Scorpio, [this is] the planet that rules intense experiences that shake you to your core so you're never the same again. It's like my Pluto motto or my Pluto catch phrase. Like I said, they all have the Scorpio Synastry with him, so that's not really unique to her (more on this further along).


So next we're looking at Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato has a Leo ascendant in 20 Degrees of Leo, and she also has Mercury Chiron and the Sun in Leo. So, you know, she is a star. She's a natural born performer and it's a lot of her identity. She's been really performing since she was very, very young.

Also it's worth noting that this Venus retrograde in Leo is happening right over her ascendant. It's moving— it went from her 1st house back into her 12th house in Placidus mode. On August 22nd, when all these headlines [about Demi+Scooter] were trending, it was perfectly on her Chiron. So, it's very possible that leaving this professional relationship with Scooter Braun is going to help her to unlock her full potential and step into the next chapter that she's meant to be, without him.

I don't know if she has new management or if she’s… I hope she doesn't go with Lou Taylor (*chuckles*). But anyway, that Venus retrograding right on her Chiron is looking like a moment where she's unlocking potential for herself, stepping away from relationships that do not serve her properly.


OK, so we talked a little bit about the Scorpio stuff with Ariana. Demi has the same thing going on here with a 20° Pluto in Scorpio, which is right on his Lilith and his Uranus and Scorpio, just a lot of intense power dynamics, emotional intensity within the relationship. A lot of… I’m going to say it, there is definitely psychological manipulation going on here, with Uranus ruling higher intellect and reshaping intellect and all that stuff, and then Lilith being the marker of things like shame and regret and repressed memories and emotions. So it's definitely difficult seeing his placements line up with their Pluto in Scorpio like that.


When we look at her Sagittarius placements, she has her N node in Sagittarius in the 5th house. So again, this kind of destiny or fate as a performer, but also this obsessive pull where the north node is kind of drawing her in to to this life of performance in a way that might not be the healthiest for her.

Scooter has this 23 degree Sagittarius Neptune. So, a lot of the fantasies about fame and performing and a lot of the disillusionment regarding what that level of attention and visibility–because that's all 5th House stuff: being on a stage, being visible–what that attention and visibility really means and what you have to leave behind it when you step into that level of fame. That's the type of thing that Scooter is very probably very involved in: creating illusions and delusions and fantasies that she can feed into so he can continue profiting off of her. So there's that.


Just like Ariana, she has Taurus synastry with him. It's not [an exact conjunction] like Ariana's synastry with him, but he has that 20 degree Chiron in Taurus while Demi has a Taurus Moon. Very, very talented vocalist, very, very good with making sound out of her vocal chords. The moon is exalted in Taurus, and it's because of the healing capabilities of the voice. You know, frequency healing is one thing, but just having somebody sing to you and comfort you… being able to relate with somebody on an emotional level through song and through vocally expressing yourself is a really beautiful example of an exalted Taurus Moon, and Demi definitely does that.


So we talked about Ariana having a South Node in Gemini which was right near Scooter’s Mars in 9 degrees of Gemini; but Demi has Mars in Gemini just like Scooter. The two of them have their Mars conjunct, which…. Mars synastry can be good if you share the same passions. If—if the thing that lights a fire under your ass–if you share that in common, then it can be a really good power duo.

But Mars also rules conflict, tension, toxicity, fighting. When I see Mar synastry like this, in a partnership where the power dynamic is not balanced… They're not romantic partners, they're not sexual partners as far as I'm aware. They're professional partners where one of them is managing the other person. So this to me reads as a really toxic power dynamic between the two of them that's constantly filled with tension about who is in charge or who's working for who because you know, he's–he's managing her, so if she doesn't listen to him, he could leave her at any moment. But at the end of the day she's paying him. So it's like it's a very interesting dynamic to have Mars synastry with somebody like that…

[Their] Mars is in a mutable sign as well. Mars likes to charge full steam ahead, where the mutable signs are about adapting and constantly shifting and changing to adjust to your scenario. So, that is probably a cause of their tension: changing [their] minds up and switching up and adapting to other scenarios, then causing frustration with your partner. These are all things I kind of see happening here.


This is their karmic synastry for sure, where she has this 28° Gemini South Node and he has a 27° Gemini Sun. With his Sun on her South Node, again, is most likely some sort of past life karma. I am very curious what this means for him as a performer, him as a celebrity… because you know, when you think about it, he's the manager, so he's behind the scenes. He's the guy working behind the curtain, but at the end of the day when you have so many famous clients, you become a celebrity yourself. So I wonder if Demi Lovato leaving him in the past is going to have any impact on his visibility as a talent manager. I mean, they say he's getting out of talent management, so we'll see what he does next, But it's very interesting.

His Sun [being] right on her South Node, I think that in order for her to fully step into the next chapter of her life and to close off this Scooter chapter, she's going to have to say goodbye to the spotlight that he provided for her. There's definitely a level of fame and visibility that Scooter can elevate his clients to, and they're going to have to kiss that goodbye in order to rebalance the scales and gain some fucking autonomy over their own careers again, you know?

It's definitely “kiss the spotlight as you've known it goodbye.” That's not to say she's not going to have a spotlight, because this girl's a Leo sun and a rising Leo, so the spotlight naturally comes to her. And I think that's part of what she's realizing was like, “I don't need Scooter. Scooter needs me.” That's part of this separation of the professional connection (emphasized by Venus Rx and Ketu/South Node in Libra).


So we're looking at the birth chart now of Justin Bieber on the inner ring, Scooter Braun is the second ring, and then the outer ring is the transits from August 22nd when the headlines about Scooter Braun were most buzzing. Justin has a 29 degree Scorpio ascendant. His North Node is in a perfect conjunction. He has North Node in 26° of Scorpio and Scooter has Uranus in 26° Scorpio. So this obviously, again, ties back to the karmic [nature of their] relationship. The thing is the North Node represents our future and our future karma, the karma that we're building for ourselves now. So Scooter's relationship with Justin, he has a lot of karmic debt that's going to have to get paid off.

Scorpio is the sign that rules payment of debt. So this is definitely not the most pleasant synastry to have with someone, especially since Uranus is the child of chaos. He's the one who brings turbulence and disruptions and ultimately destruction as well, especially in Scorpio. Not great to have that on Justin's North Node.


When we look at Justin's South Node in Taurus, in 26 degrees of Taurus, this is only 6 degrees off from Scooter Braun’s Chiron. Scooter Braun’s Chiron in Taurus is, so far, playing a very important key role in this synastry with Ariana, with Demi, and with Justin. And again, this South Node. South Node talks about ending toxic cycles because the karmic debt has been paid off. So with Scooters Uranus on Justin's North Node, there is this potential for Justin to kind of break free from the limitations of the toxic cycles that Scooter Braun has kept him in in order to keep him profitable–but this South Node in Taurus means that there is this saying goodbye to the physical material wealth in the exorbitant ways that, you know, Justin is used to experiencing.


This plays a part in [Justin’s] Jupiter in Scorpio too. Jupiter is currently in Taurus, so he's having a Jupiter opposition right now. Instead of an abundance of finances and wealth and growth and all that, there's an abundance of loss. There's an abundance of having [his] money drained. He’s about to go through either Britney or a Taylor situation, and it's looking really messy. I think Lou Taylor is his manager of his companies and it’s… the whole thing is a mess.


Justin has a Libra moon—just like Ariana he also has a Libra moon. Demi's moon is a Taurus moon so also ruled by Venus. So far all of them have Venus ruled moons Ariana, Justin and Demi. But his are in the later degrees of Libra. So his moon in Libra is conjunc Scooter’s Pluto in Libra. Ariana’s placements are more aligned with his earlier placements of Libra (his Jupiter and Saturn Great conjunction in
Libra), whereas Justin has this Libra moon on Scooter’s Pluto which is a much more intense experience.

Pluto can be viewed as the Chthonic or underworld expression of Saturn in traditional mythology. This Saturn-Jupiter conjunction can be viewed like him getting his early start at maintaining and expanding his power, and then Pluto is like the extremes that he will go to to maintain those institutions of power, especially emotional power. And again, Justin has this rising Scorpio. So I feel like a lot of the traumatic experiences that have happened to him, they're on the surface for everyone to see, being in that 1st house (even if his ascendant is in 29 degrees, the infamous degree, the anaretic degree of Scorpio). So it's very interesting that he has Pluto synastry with Scooter.


And then last we're going to look at the birth chart of Tori Kelly. Now Tori Kelly is still signed with Scooter Braun. She, I believe, is one of the more recent clients to sign with him. I don't hold me to that, but I'm pretty sure she signed much more recently.

When I look at Tori Kelly's chart, Tori Kelly has her ascendant in 15 Degrees of Taurus. That's where Jupiter was right when all of this Scooter Braun stuff came out. So I think it's very interesting that Tori Kelly is, you know, supposedly still with Scooter Braun, meanwhile, her ascendant was heavily involved in the transit regarding the Scooter Braun scandal: whatever possible unsavory revelations might be in the works about him. I think it's very interesting, and that's why I'm reading her chart too, because I feel like she might come up [again] in the future in some way, shape or form.


We talked about Scooter Braun and his 20 degree Chiron in Taurus and how a lot of these vocalists are acting as the key to unlock Scooter Braun's full potential and success as a talent manager. And again, this, it's only 5 degrees off of her ascendant. So her body, her essence, her aesthetic appearance, and the brand of Tori Kelly, in and of itself, is an asset that he can use to unlock his own potential. We see that happening very clearly.

Okay. So her South Node. We talked about the past life karma connections with the South Node, and we talked about just karma in general especially karma that you are are paying off or at least trying to.. lessons that you're learning from the past so that you can step out of toxic cycles and close those old chapters.

She has this in 21 degrees of Gemini. Scooter Braun has a 27 degree Sun in Gemini. So his Sun is 6 degrees off from her South Node–very much a conjunction. I think that there's a lot of visibility that he brings her. The Sun is the spotlight, ruling celebrity and performance and all that. His sun on he South Node is very much like… in order for her to move forward appropriately and close out the lessons that she needs to leave behind her in this lifetime, there is a certain element of visibility that Scooter Braun brings her that she may have to part ways eventually, and that could be difficult for her. He's a very well connected manager who does a very good job of elevating his clients into positions of visibility.


So Tori Kelly has her son on her N node on the others, so the head of the dragon. It's interesting because in mythology (and especially Vedic astrology as well, the north node is Rahu), [which] is also known as the head of the dragon. Solar eclipses happen when the Moon and Sun and Earth line up perfectly along with those Nodes, [causing] the Sun [to be] eclipsed behind the moon. This is referred to as the lunar nodes, or the dragon, consuming or “devouring” the sun. It can be a moment that feels a little intense and possibly even draining energetically.

So, Tori Kelly is an eclipse baby. She was born days after the Gemini Full Moon lunar eclipse in 1992. So she has this Leo, which we will come and touch on, but it's very interesting that she's an eclipse baby herself. And then she, her sun in 23 Degrees of Sag is perfectly conjunct Scooter Braun’s Neptune. So we've talked a little bit about Rahu, the disillusionment, the illusions and the fantasies about the unknown and, you know, fantasizing about the future and in a way that can become obsessive or unbalanced and unhealthy if you're you're constantly chasing after that thing that you've never had before. Especially in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is always looking for something new and exciting, always looking to try new experiences that they haven't tried before. So that draw into the unknown is even more emphasized within Sagittarius.

Then Scooter Braun has his Neptune [in Sag]. Scooter Braun is very well able to cast illusions and create this fantasy and sell her this fantasy about her future life as this pop star. There's definitely fantasies being sold to her and this North Node right on her Sun just allows her to feed into it, and quite literally feed the dragon. I hope that she is understanding the sell that she's being… sold.


[Tori] has Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (in a very weak conjunction but they are conjunct nonetheless), and that Venus is conjunct his South Node in Aquarius. So again, [there are ] a lot of past life karmic energies that are being played out here, in my opinion. For Scooter Braun, part of his karmic lessons and closing out the chapters that he's currently struggling through has to do with releasing the idea of Tori Kelly as this “product-prisoner.”

When I see Saturn conjunct Venus in Aquarius, I think of Princess Peach being held by Bowser. I think of King Kong on the top of the Empire State Building with the blonde chick. I think of Beauty and the beast. I think of Saturn as the beast and Venus as the beauty, and she's being held hostage in Aquarius. That's what that looks like to me, so to see [her Venus + Saturn] on his South Node, it's giving “let her free.”

He said he's getting out of talent management. So I think this might be a kind of involuntary or very resentful and begrudging “letting go” of these pop stars at some point. It'll be interesting to see how their relationship develops and what professional connections he maintains. Especially once Venus is finally stationed direct on September 3rd, it'll be much easier to do more of a final headcount at that point (although things can always change).


It's also worth noting that Tori Kelly has Lilith in Pisces. Lilith is highly connected to Pisces. Lilith talks about the dark side of the divine feminine, both the moon and Venus, and she's known as like the twin flame of Adam in the Jewish story of creation. Especially in Pisces, it talks a lot about that dark femininity, the dark feminine goddess archetype, and dealing with these repressed emotions and things that the patriarchy might shame you for.

Turning those points of shame or weakness or embarrassment or resentment or bitterness or jealousy into something positive–personal power that gives you the courage and strength to take your autonomy back and not submit to anybody–is a very complicated story that plays out with a lot of nuance. There's a lot of transmutation of darkness that needs to happen in order to really benefit from little Lilithian energy like that.

Currently, Saturn is transiting the early degrees of Pisces, so she has Saturn currently transiting her Lilith, and she probably is likely in the stage of feeling isolated. [Additionally], Pisces is the sign that talks about sickness. You know, Virgo is the sign that talks about health, good health and healthcare, whereas Pisces is illness, it's being drained. Pisces rules our immune system, so when we are sick or ill, Pisces energy is “activated.” She was just hospitalized while Saturn was transiting over her Pisces placements.


This is a really, really important transit that I noticed. Tori Kelly has a 28 degree Leo moon. Venus stationed retrograde in Leo on July 22nd. It was two days later when Tori Kelly was reported in the hospital. Venus stationed retrograde in 28 degrees of Leo–directly on Tori Kelly's Moon. The Moon is the planet that rules “healing.”

The moon rules Cancer and Cancer talks about redevelopment of cells and your body nourishing itself to heal itself, to come back to full form. It's very interesting that the planet of healing had Venus station retrograde right on it, and boom–she immediately needed medical attention. I'm glad to hear that she's doing better, though. I love Tori Kelly. She's great.


I want to talk really briefly about Scooter Braun’s placements. Again, this outer ring chart is from August 22nd, so it's from a couple days ago. But as I'm filming this right now, Mars is in 29 degrees of Virgo and will very shortly be moving into Libra. That means that Mars is going to be transiting the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction that Scooter has in his Natal chart. His great conjunction is getting hit by Mars.

Then Mars will move through Libra and eventually conjoin Ketu in Libra( or the South node in Libra). That’ll be a really big moment for finalizing the end of those relationships, really doing the cutting off that needs to be done energetically. There may be some more revelations about him that show [up], with Mars hitting either Jupiter & Saturn in the earlier degrees of Libra, conjoining with the South node a little bit later, or even when Mars is transiting his Pluto in Libra. Those are definitely going to be pivotal moments for this Scooter Braun story unfolding in general.

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