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6° Sun Opposite 6° Uranus: Leslie Mann + Melissa McCarthy

6° Sun Opposite 6° Uranus: Leslie Mann + Melissa McCarthy

Chaotic + horrifying Libra Uranus (Melissa McCarthy) Opposes an unserious + slapstick Aries Sun (Leslie Mann). TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic Language, Depictions of Violence, Suicide.

Transcript and commentary published Dec 28, 2022

In this clip, we clearly see the 6° Aries-Libra opposition in play, through Leslie Mann’s Aries Sun and Melissa McCarthy’s Libra Uranus.

Uranus is the planet that rules shock factor, disturbances, pushing the limit, and uncontrollable behavior. It’s the planet of rebellion, fighting back against shitty rules, control measures, and “the institution.”

The Sun is the planet that rules childlike energy: uncontainable laughter or “the giggles,” amusement and entertainment in general. In what I believe to be at least partially improvised, this monologue naturally shows what should be a shocking and terrifying display of chaos opposed by someone who isn’t taking it very seriously at all. This is Uranus opposite the Sun.

Uranus: “Quit slow blinking at me!”

Sun: “I’m sorry…”

Uranus: “I would like to rear up and jack-knife my legs and kick you both in the fuckin’ jaw with my footbone!”

Sun: breaks into laughter

Uranus: “...that’s what I would fuckin’ love. I wish my fuckin’ foot would go right through your skull!”

Sun: still laughing, even harder

Uranus: “This is what happens when you corner a rat! I will fuckin’ kill you! You corner me? I will fuckin’ chew through you. I’LL CHEW THROUGH YOU! …Slow blinking eyes… I–I will chew off your fuckin’ eyelids. You won’t slow blink at me, will you?”

Saturn (the institution of ‘control’): “Did you drink before you came here?”

Uranus: “No, but I’m gonna start drinking. I’m gonna slit somebody open like a fish and drink their blood, that’s what I’m gonna drink if we don’t start getting to the fuckin’ point here. Probably I’m gonna start with Karen Carpenter’s head (a “read”), I’m gonna rip her head off and I’m gonna drink her blood… and then I’m gonna come back and light you on fire. I’m gonna light you all on fire, but I’m gonna start with you, [Saturn]. I’m gonna fuckin’ torch you.

Sun (quite literally a ball of fire): trying to contain laughter

6° is known as a “Virgo” degree (with Virgo being the 6th sign of the Zodiac). Virgo is the second expression of Mercury, and is the sign that talks about clarifying details. The energy of 6° placements can be associated with going into excruciating detail, to do lists, and the energy of “reading”--whether it’s a monologue or reading someone to absolute filth.

Uranus: “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna go buy a fuckin’ pickup truck and a cord of rope, and I’m gonna string it around all 3 of your fuckin’ necks and then drive around town dragging you. That’s what I’m gonna fuckin’ do.”

Saturn: “That’s completely uncalled for!”

Uranus: “Really, [Saturn?] Do you think it is? Fuck off [Saturn]...God, everybody fuckin’ hates you… God!”

Saturn: “That’s totally uncalled for.”

Uranus: “You’re a fuckin’ asshole. Everybody hates you, they hate your fuckin’ bob, and I’m glad your husband died.”

Sun: at loss of breath from laughter

Uranus: “...’Cause you’re a fuckin’ asshole. He probably killed himself. I would… kill myself. God, I’d kill myself.”

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