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Henrietta Lacks’ Family reaches historic settlement for stolen stem cells (HeLa)

Henrietta Lacks’ Family reaches historic settlement for stolen stem cells (HeLa)

Aquarius Full Moon 2023

Published Aug 1, 2023.

We have some very interesting science news today for the Aquarius Full Moon on August 1st. Aquarius is the sign that rules scientific innovation, research and development, as well as genetic experimentation. It was announced today that Henrietta Lacks' family reached a historic settlement, and they have won compensation for the stolen stem cells that were taken from her in 1951.

For those who don't know, Henrietta Lacks was a woman who was undergoing cancer treatment at Johns Hopkins University in the 50s, and the cancer treatment failed and she died, but before she died, the doctors took stem cell samples from her cervix without her consent or without informing her. They then found out that these stem cells were capable of reproducing on their own, outside of her body.

Scientists knew how valuable those cell cultures could be for stem cell research and they gave cultures of these stem cells to other scientists. And now pretty much all stem cell research, the base ingredient is this woman’s stem cells. They still use her cells to this day 70 years later. So a lot of people don't know who this woman is but you definitely should know who she is. Her cells were used to make the COVID vaccine. She's everywhere.

So it's very interesting that this is all unfolding as the Aquarius full moon is culminating today, August 1st. It's also worth noting that Venus is currently stationed retrograde. Venus is the planet that rules justice, settlements, and agreements. Venus retrograde can be a period when long overdue settlements are finally made.

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