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Justin Timberlake arrested for DUI

Justin Timberlake arrested for DUI

(Astrology Transit Reading)

Published June 21, 2024

Voice actor and star of the Trolls movie, Justin Timberlake, was arrested in the Hamptons on Tuesday for driving under the influence. According to the Sag Harbor Police, at 12:37AM on Tuesday, Timberlake drove through a stop sign and swerved into a lane of oncoming traffic. So let's look at the astrology of the moment of this arrest.

This is the chart from June 18th, Tuesday, 12:37AM. in Sag Harbor, New York. The first thing I notice is that Saturn in 19 degrees of Pisces is perfectly conjunct the Ascendant, or the eastern horizon. That means that Saturn energy is very, very present on the surface level. Saturn is the planet that rules law enforcement, rules, regulations, restrictions, and the enforcement of those restrictions. Pisces is the sign that rules alcohol and drugs. So Saturn in Pisces talks about law enforcement as a result of intoxication or being under the influence.

We also have Neptune in 29 degrees of Pisces. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and is the planet that rules over drugs, alcohol, and intoxication. And 29 degrees is known as the infamy degree. It talks about dramatic grand finales and acting out for attention no matter how negative that attention might be.

That Neptune in Pisces is opposite Lilith in Virgo in 28 degrees of Virgo. If Pisces rules intoxication, then Virgo the opposite sign rules sobriety, mental clarity. Lilith rules over negative emotions, including shame, and so this opposition manifests as Justin being shamed by the general public for not being sober while driving—for driving under the influence.

And this Lilith- Neptune-opposition forms a T square to the transiting Sun, which was in 27 degrees of Gemini. The Sun rules over visibility and fame—celebrity. It is quite literally a spotlight. This Neptune Lilith opposition, forming a T square to the Sun, resulted in his celebrity, his spotlight, and his visibility experiencing some sort of conflict due to this shame about his intoxication.

Now this is Justin Timberlake's natal birth chart, and I see a couple of significant formations in his chart. First, I want to talk about this formation, which includes his 25 Leo ascendant, which is perfectly opposite his 25 Aquarius Mars, that is conjunct his descendant; which form a trine and a sextile to his Sagittarius moon (which is conjunct his Neptune in Sagittarius).

The moon rules our emotions, and Neptune rules avoiding those emotions, using vices to escape from uncomfortable emotions, especially drugs and alcohol. According to insiders, Justin really began drinking heavily when Britney Spears released her book exposing all of the shitty behavior that he exhibited in the early 2000s. I definitely think that drug and alcohol use are inherently connected to his emotions, and this is an emotional coping mechanism for sure.

Now his moon and Neptune being trine his Leo ascendant give him this energy and this surface level appearance of a performer, a pop star, and someone who has that elusive mystery of celebrity that kind of separates them from the general public. His Mars in Aquarius is indicative of somebody who is kind of a troll, someone who does something just to trigger people with shock value. And that Mars being on his descendant means he's likely to trigger or violate a partner or someone he is in a relationship with in order to achieve that shock factor.

So, of course, his relationship with Britney Spears, very indicative of Mars on the descendant. But I also think of his performance with Janet Jackson where he violated his co-performer in order to elicit a reaction from the audience. The sextile to Neptune and Moon in Sagittarius allowed him to kind of conceal the truth about that incident and create this facade or this illusion that it was an accident. Meanwhile, the costume designer explicitly said, “no, that costume was designed to have the breastplate removed and there was no costume malfunction. The costume worked exactly as it was designed to.”

The inside chart is Justin Timberlake's arrest and the outside chart is his natal birth chart placement. Now the MC or medium Coeli, which means middle of heaven (it's known as the mid heaven)—this is the highest point that the Zodiac reaches in the sky. That point, when he was arrested, was in 24 degrees of Sagittarius. That is the exact degree that his natal Moon conjunct Neptune are located. We talked about how moon conjunct Neptune is him using drugs and alcohol to escape from uncomfortable emotions.

The Midheaven is connected to our reputation. It is the highest point in the chart. It is you on your pedestal, and it is how the public is perceiving you. It talks about publicity and PR. It talks about long term and life goals. Having this Moon conjunct Neptune on the Midheaven at the moment of the arrest… he said, “oh no, this is going to affect the tour.” “What tour?” “The world tour.” You're damn straight it's going to affect the world tour.

This moment is going to have a long lasting mark on his reputation, and it's going to be very difficult to recover, especially if he continues behaving the way that he does. From a PR perspective, there are a couple of things that Justin Timberlake could maybe do to save his reputation, but I don't think his ego will allow him to do any of them.

So we have Justin's chart on the inside, and the transits at the moment of his arrest on the outside. I noticed he is experiencing his Uranus opposition. His natal Uranus is in 29 degrees of Scorpio, another infamous degree, and the current transiting Uranus is in 25 of Taurus. So it's in the opposite sign and his exact Uranus opposition will happen when Uranus goes into 29 degrees.

This is the textbook “midlife crisis” transit. Uranus takes 84 years to go around the Sun. Let's say that's an approximate lifetime. The Uranus opposition—half of that time, or about 40 to 45 years, depending on your exact placement—that is the time when [transiting] Uranus opposes your natal Uranus. Uranus is the planet that rules rebellion and taking actions that are really unexpected and out of character and out of line, something that defies the statistical odds. So the kind of unexpected and uncharacteristic behavior that we see around this time is known as the “midlife crisis,” and it's connected to this Uranus opposition transit.

Not only is he experiencing this Uranus opposition, but Uranus is in 25 degrees of Taurus, meaning it is perfectly T square his natal Mars in Aquarius and his Leo ascendant, both in 25 degrees of fixed signs. Uranus is transiting his tenth house, associated with your reputation, your long lasting impression, the legacy, and the mark you leave on this world. Uranus brings tumultuous upheaval, and he's experiencing a lot of chaos and turbulence regarding his reputation and his PR. Also, Mars is in Taurus, transiting his 10th house, so that's just adding to the conflict and tension regarding his reputation.

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