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Colleen Ballinger Scandal

Colleen Ballinger Scandal

Astrology Transit Reading

Published July 1, 2023.

Now that we've read Colleen Ballinger's birth chart, let's take a look at her current transits to see what could have activated this scandal. We talked a little bit about her 12th house, which is the area of the birth chart that talks about all things unseen. It rules the unseen realm and things that happen in the dark, things that happen behind a veil.

In the 12-letter alphabet system, the 12th house is connected to Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, the rulers of Pisces. Neptune is a veil of illusion. It hides the deep dark truth away by distorting the truth into something unrecognizable. Whereas Jupiter is that distorted truth hiding behind the veil. She has natal Jupiter in 13° of Pisces. That is its home sign of Pisces, its domicile, and it is playing that role.

And this 13° Jupiter in Pisces, the disturbing evidence that's been hidden behind this veil, is trine her natal Mercury retrograde in Scorpio in 13°. Old messages that have resurfaced involving sexually inappropriate conversation. Currently, Saturn is in 7° of Pisces. It's about to transit over her natal Jupiter. Saturn is the planet that rules responsibility, adulthood, taking responsibility for your actions, and the consequences of those actions, whether they are rewards or punishments.

When Saturn transits this Jupiter exactly in 13° of Pisces, it might be around the time when we see her actually take accountability, or see her be forced to face the consequences of her actions, whether it's willing or not. She also has a natal Mars in 27° of Aquarius. Currently Mars is transiting Leo. It's in 23° of Leo. She's experiencing her Mars opposition. Mars is the ruler of this giant Scorpio stellium that we talked about in the first video (her Birth Chart Reading).

This Mars opposition is definitely playing a role in the highlighting of her toxic and abusive tendencies. I think that when this transiting Mars finally hits 27° and perfectly opposes her natal Mars, we might see some more things get revealed.

Especially when you consider that all of these Leo transits are happening in her 8th house. In the 12 letter alphabet system, the 8th house is connected to Scorpio, and it’s the area of the chart that rules death, sex, trauma, and things that shake you to the core where you're never the same again.

The 8th house and 12th house are very connected through their relationship with Scorpio and Pisces, the two water signs. Both of these houses talk about things that are unseen or hidden away, but the 8th house and Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mars talks about action, whereas the 12th house is again ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. So this talks about perception and the way that you're viewing things.

So the actual action of doing something concealed and sketchy happens in the 8th house, where the evidence then gets hidden and buried away in the 12th house.

The Sun is in Cancer right now so it's going to enter Leo and a giant spotlight is going to shine a light on all of the things that she has done in the dark. Leo's season might be chewing her up and spitting her out this year.

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