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Colleen Ballinger’s Inappropriate relations with fans + bizarre ukulele apology

Colleen Ballinger’s Inappropriate relations with fans + bizarre ukulele apology

Birth Chart Reading

Published June 29, 2023.

Buckle up everyone, it's gonna be a wild ride. All aboard! Today we're reading the birth chart of Colleen Ballinger, also known by her character Miranda Sings. She has recently been exposed for grooming children and having inappropriate relationships with her underage fans. She then posted this extremely manipulative and bizarre video where she is apologizing with a ukulele song.

Glittering Ghost Rider described perfectly what Colleen is doing here. It's a use of a tactic called DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse roles of Victim and Offender), which is what abusers use to avoid accountability. There is not enough ukulele accompaniment in the world to justify this. Period.

We're looking at her Placidus birth chart, and the first place I want to look is her 10H. The Tenth House of your birth chart is connected to your public perception, your reputation, the way that the general public views you, and therefore all matters of PR and publicity fall into the 10H.

So right away I see that she has a Scorpio stellium in her 10H. It includes her Venus Retrograde (Rx) in Scorpio, Mercury Rx in Scorpio and Pluto in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that rules sex as well as trauma. So sexual trauma falls into Scorpio territory. Venus rules music and singing and Mercury rules announcements and statements.

She has Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde. Nothing says Mercury and Venus both retrograde in Scorpio in the 10H quite like a PR statement denying inappropriate sexual relationships with children using a ukulele. Venus retrograde, meaning this is not the time to be singing a song.

“Even though my team has strongly advised me to not say what I want to say, I recently realized that they never said that I couldn't sing what I want to say.” Colleen…. This isn’t Victorious, it’s real life.

Peach PRC asks, “Are you trying to Zooey Deschanel us into being like, yeah, no worries, queen? I was waiting for Miranda to come out halfway through. I was waiting for her to put the lipstick on and be like, I didn't groom any children.”

Now, if we look at her whole sign chart, this Scorpio stellium moves into the 11H. The 11th house is the house of the birth chart that rules fan clubs, internet groups, and group chat. So this is where all of the sexual trauma actually went down, in the 11H, within those fan clubs and group chats.

But when her chart switches into Placidus mode, all of those Scorpio placements move into her 10H of public perception, on a pedestal for everyone to see. “My reputation's deceased.”

Another thing I noticed when looking at her whole sign chart is that she has Saturn in Sagittarius, which is in her 12th house in whole sign. She's a rising Capricorn, which means that Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is her ruling planet (chart ruler). That is the planet that has the most influence over her life experience. In Hellenistic astrology, Saturn rejoices in the 12th house. It's known as Saturn's Joy.

This placement is nicknamed Bad Spirit, and it doesn't mean that everyone who has Saturn in the 12th house is a bad person. That's not what it means. What it does mean is that when there is bad spirit, or really dark, malevolent spiritual energy, the person with 12th house Saturn is oftentimes unaware that they are under the influence of the bad spirit.

The 12th house is denial, avoidance, and all of the ways that we lie to ourselves and avoid our own deep dark truth. Oftentimes people with Saturn in the 12th house are unaware of how abusive and manipulative they can be. And that is why Saturn rejoices there, because he gets away with it for a lot longer. I think it's very possible that she is in denial and completely ignorant to how harmful her actions actually were. Not excusing her actions, just pointing out what I see.

“It doesn't make them a terrible human. It just makes them human. So what do I know? Fuck me, right?” -Colleen, 12H Saturn.

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