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King of Pentacles: Charles’ Coronation Astrology Transit Reading

King of Pentacles: Charles’ Coronation Astrology Transit Reading

(Nodal Return, Sun-Moon-Saturn Opposition)

Video and transcript published on May 5, 2023

Question in response to video titled: Lunar Eclipse Coronation (+Ancient Babylonian Substitute King Ritual)

“Is Charles a Scorpio?”

Yes, Charles is a Scorpio. Let’s talk a little bit about his birth chart and how it lines up with the Astrology for his Coronation ceremony.


This is his birth chart. His 22° Sun, that’s his Scorpio Sun right there… but he also has his South Node in 3° Scorpio, opposite his North Node in 3° Taurus. He also has a Taurus Moon, making him a full moon baby (Sun opposite Moon).

The current position of the South Node is 3° Scorpio, and the North Node is 3° Taurus, meaning this is Charles’ exact Nodal Return. The Nodes talk about fate or destiny, and the Nodal Return can be a moment that feels like being aligned with your fate, or walking towards your destiny.


Looking back at Prince/King Charles’ chart, we see he has Saturn in 5° Virgo, perfectly opposite Saturn’s current position in 5° Pisces (his “Saturn Opposition”).


Remember, he has a Scorpio Sun with a Taurus Moon. Right now [May 5, 2023] we have a Taurus Sun with a Scorpio Moon…meaning it is his Solar Opposition, his Lunar Opposition, and his Saturn Opposition all at the same time that it’s his Nodal Return.

It’s a very big day for him Astrologically, and it’s kind of a difficult transit with that Saturn opposition, especially considering his age.


Let’s take a look at some of the real life tarot symbolism that’s playing out in the coronation ceremony. Charles will be crowned King tomorrow, May 6, 2023. Prince William will be in attendance, and his son Prince George will act as a Page, taking part in the coronation ceremony itself.

So we have Charles, who is playing the role of King of Pentacles, with the British Empire being responsible for hoarding immense amounts of wealth. Then we have Prince William, the son of the King, who is quite literally a knight, playing the role of Knight of Pentacles. Then [there’s] Prince George, the youngest, playing the Page of Pentacles. Of course these tarot cards have deeper nuanced meaning beyond the literal coronation of a King, but it’s always interesting to see these roles being played out literally by the royal family.

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