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Sophie Turner + Joe Jonas Wedding (Part 1: Married by Elvis)

Sophie Turner + Joe Jonas Wedding (Part 1: Married by Elvis)

Astrological analysis of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' Las Vegas Wedding which occurred on May 1, 2019, approximately 11:30PM local time; after the Billboard Music Awards Ceremony.

Video originally published on February 11th, 2022
Transcript published on February 14, 2022 11:00 PM EST

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got hitched in a Las Vegas wedding ceremony after the Billboard Music Awards, where they exchanged Ring Pops as wedding bands and had their ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator.

They then followed this up with a more formal and traditional wedding ceremony in Paris later that summer. So, let's get into the Astrology of both the Vegas wedding and the Paris wedding of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Looking at the approximate chart from the moment Joe and Sophie were getting married, a half an hour after the end of the billboard music awards. (May 1, 2019. Las Vegas, NV. 11:30PM), I see we have Venus (14°) and the Moon (10°) both in Aries. Venus is the planet that rules love, romance, partnership, and marriage; and is the ruler of Libra, the sign that talks about marriage [specifically].

Aries is the opposite sign from Libra, meaning that Venus is as far away from its home sign as possible, or in its "Detriment," doing the exact opposite of what it's supposed to be doing. Libra is the sign that talks about making sure other peoples' needs are satisfied so that everyone can be happy--and there can be peace, harmony, and balance. Aries is the exact opposite energy: it's the sign of War, and talks about your own personal egoistic desires, and fighting to get your own personal needs met.

Aries is impulsive and quick to act, so the patience required to make a decision that's good for everyone (patience that Venus typically has) completely disappears when Venus is in Aries. When you add an Aries moon to the mix, that is a recipe for impulsive behavior.

Normally I would not recommend getting married under an Aries Moon and Aries Venus, especially not in Vegas. That just sounds like a big impulsive mess that you're going to have to clean up later.

But--if we look at Sophie's chart, we see that she has an Aries Moon (5°) and Venus (14°), meaning she was experiencing her Lunar and Venus Return(s) the day of this wedding; which was even to the exact degree, with Venus in 14° of Aries.

Aries Venus is a fire Venus, which means it's a very playful energy. Aries Venus needs excitement and stimulation in order to prevent themselves from getting bored within their relationships.

If you're boring, and you're not down to get married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator, then that Aries Venus is going to f*cking leave you and find somebody who stimulates them, goes on those impromptu adventures with them, and makes them feel alive.

You want to marry me, but you're not willing to jump in the pool with all your clothes on? Boring, no thanks!

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