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Sagittarius Season 2022 - Historic Fusion Reaction (Part 2: Media Portrayals)

Sagittarius Season 2022 - Historic Fusion Reaction (Part 2: Media Portrayals)

The Astrology of the first ever successful controlled Fusion Ignition Reaction in a lab-based setting, which occurred on Dec 5, 2022.

Video published Dec 15, 2022. Transcript published Dec 28, 2022.

In the first part of this segment (See: Molecular Astrology), I talk about the Astrology of the first successful nuclear fusion reaction that happened on Dec 5, 2022. I want to continue the conversation with a focus on how we’ve seen this technology portrayed in the media.

So, the day of this reaction, the Moon was conjunct Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Uranus is the planet that rules artificial intelligence, artificial power sources, and technological innovation. It’s the modern ruler of Aquarius.

Saturn (who was in Aquarius at the moment of the fusion reaction) is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. That is the inventor, as well as the control measures [of any experiments or technology development].

In Spider-Man 2 (2004) this technology is depicted when Dr. Octopus (who I view as “Saturn in Aquarius,” or the inventor) successfully ignites an artificial fusion reaction, which is then used as a power source for his AI-powered tentacle cyborg attachment. The only thing stopping this AI-tentacle attachment from taking his body over is the inhibitor chip in his neck, which eventually breaks (allowing the AI to take over his body and wreak havoc on humanity to secure nuclear power for itself).

So, when I see the Department of Energy say “Today we celebrate this historic achievement with our scientific, academic, and industrial partners,” I know damn straight that includes military industrial partners. Fusion (the reaction happening in the Sun) is the technology responsible for the Hydrogen bomb. It’s incredibly radioactive, because when all of these atoms are merged or fused together, they become incredibly “heavy” or radioactive: having way too many extra neutrons. The result is a highly unstable molecule that then begins to break down releasing smaller radioactive particles.

Basically, it can get really messy if it’s not properly controlled. This technology could have serious radioactive implications for the planet if it is not maintained properly.

Another Astrological concern for me is this Pluto-Lilith opposition in 26° Capricorn-Cancer. When you look at the intensity of energy that is generated from a Hydrogen bomb or a fusion reaction, that is the intensity that is ruled by the planet Pluto. Intensity that is capable of incredible amounts of destruction.

There are a lot of nuanced implications to a Lilith opposition. On one side, if you are working with Lilith or personally venerating her in any way, there is a lot of potential for incredible amounts of personal power and growth in this transit. But… Lilith is a master of inversion, and to be frank, she can be very cold and destructive. So, there’s also an element of complete chaos and destruction to this transit as well. The imagery that comes to mind is the final cut in Dua Lipa + Megan The Stallion’s “Sweetest Pie,” where Lilith and Pluto sit seductively in a pile of desolate ash and decay. They are wearing silver and black, the colors of the Moon and Pluto/Saturn, which even perfectly fits the energy of this Cancer and Capricorn (ruled by the Moon and Saturn).

Ultimately, I hope that the military industrial partners are aware of the weight that this technology holds. With all that said, this shouldn’t scare you, it should excite you! The fate of humanity and the environment could drastically improve thanks to this technology. I’m excited to watch this develop further!

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