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Sagittarius Season 2022 - Historic Fusion Reaction (Part 1: Fusion V. Fission)

Sagittarius Season 2022 - Historic Fusion Reaction (Part 1: Fusion V. Fission)

The Astrology of the first ever successful controlled Fusion Ignition Reaction in a lab-based setting, on December 5, 2022.

Video published Dec 14, 2022. Transcript published Dec 28, 2022.

A nuclear fusion reaction, which is what powers the Sun, was just recreated for the first time in a laboratory setting, on Dec 5, 2022. They’ve been hypothesizing that lasers could be used to do this since the ‘60s, and on December 5th they were able to achieve that goal. There is a very clear Astrological correlation with the timing of this successful fusion reaction, so let’s read the Astrology of it.

December 5th, 2022 was the middle of Sagittarius Season (the Sun was in 13° Sagittarius). In a nuclear fusion reaction, you start out with two separate atomic nuclei which then combine to form one single new atom, which is heavier than the first two atoms. In Astrology, Sagittarius is the sign that rules “fusion.” Jupiter takes a horse and a man, and combines them to create the Centaur/Archer. This is a metaphor for the process of nuclear fusion, where two separate atoms are fused into one.

This is why the Sun is referred to as “the eye of Zeus” (or Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius). It’s also why Jupiter is the “King of the Gods,” even though the Sun is the planet that rules royalty and Kingship in Astrology.

In the Sagittarius stellium from Dec 5, 2022, we also have Mercury in Sagittarius (27°). Mercury rules the opposite sign of Gemini, meaning Mercury is in its “detriment” in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules fusion, while Gemini (opposite) rules fission: that is, the separation of one molecule into two separate molecules. So Mercury, which prefers to be separated, is in its “detriment” in Sagittarius where it is forced to be fused together.

If you think of Mercury as “the twins,” then Mercury in Sagittarius can literally be explained like twins that are fused together, or conjoined.

[In context of the nuclear fusion reaction], the fact that these atoms want to remain separate but are being forced and fused together–it generates so much resistance. That is why fusion reactions generate so much more energy than fission reactions. It is so much easier to chop Helium into two Hydrogen atoms than it is to squeeze two Hydrogen atoms together into a Helium atom.

On Dec 5, we also had a Moon “exalted” in Taurus, moving through [conjunctions with] the North Node and Uranus (which have both been there for a while). This historic fusion reaction might be the same reaction that is occurring within the Sun, but it is NOT the Sun. It is an artificial version of the Sun.

When you think of Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius, the ruler of technological innovation, artificial power sources, artificial intelligence… Seeing this Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus and the North Node the day that this reaction was ignited makes me really think about all the times that we’ve seen this technology portrayed in the media, and the layered implications of introducing such technology.

Continued in Part 2: Media Portrayals
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