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Aquarius Gelatin Ritual

Aquarius Gelatin Ritual

Using the magic of the Saturn-ruled moon to lock in your long term plans for success.

In response to a video describing how to use Astrology to make plans before the Aquarius New Moon on January 21, 2023 (see Tiktok).

Comment from brujamexica: “How would one go about in doing a ritual to ensure the best results?”

Great question! Let’s talk about some of my favorite ritual techniques for Aquarius moon cycles. (I will say, I don’t really discuss a lot of my ritual technique on the internet, just because then it doesn’t work as well, but I think that this won’t be harmful to show–but can really benefit some people).

Aquarius is the sign that talks about breaking things down so that you can rebuild them better–to innovate and improve them. It talks about deconstruction for the purpose of reconstruction. It’s basically the idea that in order to improve something, you have to take it apart first. If we’re applying it to our situation of working on a long term life plan, it talks about fixing (fixed sign) or breaking down the parts of the plan that don’t work so we can figure out something that does work.

(If you haven’t figured out what needs “fixing,” then you should set the intention for this Aquarius New Moon to focus on deconstructing what doesn’t work so that you can move forward with less obstacles and more easily find a clear path to success. Eventually, future Aquarius moon cycles can be used to implement the improvements you wish to make).

Now–let’s say you’ve done the work and you know how you want to reform that moving forward and what changes you need to make. We want to take advantage of all of the planets in Aquarius, including Venus and Saturn in 24° and 25° respectively. Venus is the planet that rules food, sugar, and color magic, or visual and aesthetic charm. Saturn is the planet that rules the entire process we’ve talked about: dissolving something and then re-solidifying something, the process of “Crystallization.”

Saturn also rules physical structure, including bones (that is the Capricorn expression of Saturn, the sign that rules our skeleton).

Allow me to introduce you to Gold Titan Gelatin Magic™. Gelatin is made by boiling bones in water to extract the collagen. The bones that it’s made from and the resulting gelatin are both the solid expression of Saturn. When you add boiling water to the gelatin powder, it dissolves in the water. In chemistry this is known as an Aqueous solution (a solution dissolved in water), and the dissolved gelatin/collagen is the fluid or liquid expression of Saturn that we see in Aquarius.

The idea behind the gelatin magic is that, after you’ve poured the water in and your gelatin is still in liquid form, you install all of your intentions into the gelatin mixture. You can stir clockwise to invoke whatever energy you desire. You can also stir the pentacle shape into your gelatin in order to help solidify/lock in your material results. If you work with sigils or any other symbols you can also include those while this gelatin is still dissolved.

As part of my Gold Titan ritual, I incorporate edible gold leaf into my gelatin, which helps to charge that gelatin. If you incorporate this idea, just make sure you are using pure edible gold leaf, not cheap arts & crafts gold leaf that will make you sick. It needs to be pure.

The gelatin then cools and solidifies with whatever frequencies you’ve installed in the water trapped inside the 3D matrix of the gelatin. When you consume that gelatin, you are consuming that frequency, which makes it easier for you to tune yourself to that desired frequency. This is my favorite Aquarius ritual, which works even better when Venus is there (like right now).

Depending on where your Saturn is placed, and the intentions that you have for your long term plans, you can choose the color of the gelatin to further emphasize that frequency and energy.

Red - Strength, impulse, action (Saturn in Aries, Scorpio)

Orange - Creation, pleasure, flow (Saturn in Cancer, Sagittarius, Taurus)

Yellow - Power, gut + mental health (Saturn in Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)

Green - Pride, balance + grounding, material wealth (Saturn in Taurus, Capricorn, Leo)

Blue - Speaking your truth, communication (All signs, especially Saturn in Taurus)

Indigo - Psychic sight, intuition, good luck, expansion (Saturn in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Violet - Intellect, integration, healing, transmutation (All signs, your “crown”)

For those who wish to avoid gelatin use, a great vegan alternative to this ritual is utilizing rock candy. This is an example of the same process of “crystallization,” where sugar is dissolved in an Aqueous water solution, then allowed to sit and resolidify, or “crystallize.” Because there is no gelatin to provide complex structures, the crystallization process takes much longer since simple sugar molecules must form many more bonds amongst themselves during the sugar crystallization process.

As your rock candy slowly crystallizes, so do your manifestations. Once it’s complete, you can eat your candy to lock in your results and consume the frequency you’re looking to amplify. With most ritual practice, using animal-based ingredients is a great way to speed up the process, and gelatin-catalyzed crystallization is a great example of this. Yet, Saturn still appreciates a ritual that requires a bit more patience. You’ll notice rock candy is a lot more “stable” than gelatin and this mirrors the way Saturn works. Quick to come, quick to go–but the rewards that take longer to achieve are much harder to lose.

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