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Seafood boil

Moon in Cancer Date Ideas

Align your date night with the position of the planets

Published August 9, 2023.

 Date idea number one for Friday, August 11th, using astrology. The moon moves into Cancer on Friday night. So Cancer's the sign of the crab. Go get some seafood boil. Go crack some crab legs open, ‘cause at least that way someone's getting their legs cracked open on Friday. Take his ass to Red Lobster.

Option number two for people who don't like seafood like that. Sunset Beach Picnic. You can elevate it with the charcuterie, you can do fast food, you can bring your own food from home, or you don't even have to eat, you can just, like, go for a romantic walk by the water. Cancer rules the ocean, and specifically the intertidal zone, so the closer you are to the water, the better.

And I'm in New York, so that's feasible, but obviously not everyone has a body of water, so you can also just have a cozy dinner at home, a candlelit dinner. You can either cook the food, or order takeout. But Cancer rules the privacy of your own home and the safety of your nest.

Just remember that cancer and the moon rule over pregnancy and conception. So do with that information as you will. If you don't want little birds in your nest then I wouldn't get too cozy, if you catch my drift.

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