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Saturn, god of harvest

Saturn, God of Harvest & Agriculture

The modern rulership of Saturn

Published December 11, 2023

If Saturn is the god of harvest and agriculture in traditional astrology and mythology, then how does Saturn rule things like the internet and other modern concepts like satellite communication? So let's get into some basics about Saturn.

Saturn is traditionally known as the god of harvest. You can see here he's depicted on his chariot with his sickle (*scythe), which is the tool used to harvest crops, and all of the people at the bottom of this painting are doing work and harvesting crops.

People in the bottom left corner here are even mining underground, so that would be the underworld or underground expression of Saturn, harvest from below the earth. Pluto in Roman mythology, or Hades in Greek mythology, the ruler of the underworld, is considered by some to be the chthonic, or the underworld, expression of Saturn.

You may notice his chariot is being drawn by two dragons. In astrology, the north and south node are referred to as the dragon. The north node is the head of the dragon, and the south node is the tail of the dragon. This axis of the birth chart represents our movement through time. The south node, or tail of the dragon, is the past, and the head of the dragon, or the north node, is the future. In Vedic astrology, the north node is called Rahu, a deity associated with the head of the dragon, and the south node is Ketu, a deity that is associated with the tail of the dragon.

Saturn is also known as Father Time. Here is Saturn holding an hourglass. showing his rulership of time. The totality of everything that has ever happened and ever will happen has already happened. Time is an illusion that we are currently suspended within, and that illusion is ruled over by Saturn. The entirety of everything to ever happen and ever shall be has been divided and separated into individual moments that we are currently watching play out like a movie.

The separation of time into individual moments is the separation that Saturn rules over: the fragmentation of something into multiple layers or multiple frames that get played out over a chronological order. Chronological comes from the word Kronos, which is the Greek name for Saturn. So Saturn's chariot being pulled by two dragons symbolizes Saturn's movement chronologically through time. Saturn is very commonly depicted with dragons pulling his chariot and this symbolism is very persistent through a lot of different artwork.

Saturn rules separation. So, that includes the separation of time into individual fragmented moments, but it also includes the separation of your harvest–your grain or your fruit that is ripe and ready to be harvested [and separated] from the stalk and the debris that you leave behind which is not included in the final yield of the harvest.

Saturn rules the separation or removal of impurities, the purification process or crystallization, where an impure crystal is dissolved into solution, allowing those impurities to get trapped in the solution, and then a purified crystal will form within that solution. Once that purified crystal is completed, it is then removed or separated from the impure solution, giving you your final yield or harvest (like when you make homemade rock candy).

In Greek mythology, Kronos, or Saturn, is responsible for the separation of heaven and earth. He castrates his father, Ouranos, or Father Sky, thereby separating Father Sky and Mother Earth, or Gaia, creating a separation between the heavens and the earth.

Saturn rules Capricorn, an earth sign. And Aquarius, an air sign. So these are the two elements that Saturn can create boundaries or separation with. Capricorn, the earth sign, talks about physical separation. Physical obstacles, like a wall or a mountain. Something that is physically separating you from your destination or another person.

Aquarius is an air sign. The element air talks about our mind, how we are thinking, how we are communicating and exchanging information, and in Aquarius, the fixed air sign, it talks about the mindsets that we are fixed or stuck on, the mindsets that we are standing firm on and not willing to budge. Oftentimes, our mindset, our mentality can act as an obstacle or something that separates us from our goal or desired result.

In a more biblical and mythological sense, creation of our atmosphere, which protects us on this physical earth from outer space or the waters of the heavens. The primordial waters of nothingness from which the first matter was created.

The thing about Aquarius is that it is the water bearer. So, Aquarius is the one who opens the floodgates and reconnects the waters of the heavens with the waters of the earth. Saturn, or the water bearer, reconnects Gaia with Ouranos, or Mother Earth with Father Sky. So, the separation that happens in Capricorn and Aquarius is then reconnected in Aquarius.

Saturn also rules building a bridge to connect two separate entities and allow for communication between them despite their separation. So, applying this rulership of Saturn's to modern days. Satellite communication and technology is ruled by Saturn because it connects Earth to outer space in order to expand the network of communication, make global communications easier.

Aquarius rules over space travel, the connection of Earthlings to somewhere beyond the physical Earth, as well as the concept of time travel, a bridge that is connecting two separate moments in time. The internet is an extended network of connected but separate servers where documents and information are being exchanged through these cables using electrical signals of data.

That is the air expression of Saturn. Gemini is the air sign that rules our brain, which uses electrical signals to send information to our body. Saturn rules over the global network of electrical signals that are sending messages across the globe.

So in a traditional context, this long distance exchange of information happened a lot differently. Think of smoke signals. Two very isolated and separate people can communicate back and forth using the element air. Another example is birds. A carrier pigeon or a messenger bird is able to take a message across a very long distance because it is flying there. It is using the air to deliver information.

This is why the original branding for Twitter worked so well. Because the bird logo symbolized the element air and the long distance. Transmission of data and information. You could find out what's happening across the globe in two seconds, thanks to people tweeting or putting information out onto this social network.

A network that is connecting and allowing for the exchange of information between two separate locations can be used to further create separation. Information that is exchanged on social networks that utilize this internet network can be utilized to further separate people based on their mindsets and ideologies. Think about the impact that Facebook has had on elections in the past 10 years.

Think of a security system that is sending information back and forth between the main hub and all the different security cameras and sensors, and that information is used to separate You from intruders and harm. These are all modern examples of Saturn's rulership over Information networks.

As Pluto, or the underworld expression of Saturn, enters Aquarius again and stays there until 2046 we are going to see a lot of themes regarding surveillance technology, internet usage, and a complete revolutionization of the digital landscape.

As a collective, we're going to be forced to reflect on our relationship with technology, and the bonds and connections that we are creating through our use of technology. Because even though there are worldly concerns about AI and technology, there are also spiritual concerns. For example, letting Elon Musk put a brain chip in your head so that you could be connected to his neural network, Neuralink… The implications of connecting your consciousness to a collective consciousness neural network go beyond this lifetime. “A reflection of eternity. A bond. Forever. And beyond.”

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