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Intro to Degrees + Degree Minutes (aka Arcminutes)

Practical Astrology 101

Okay, I will gladly answer your question for everyone in case somebody else has the same question. Which of these numbers is the degree? What are the other numbers? What do they mean? So with Jupiter, for example, Jupiter is in 7 degrees. The big number and the one that comes first is the degree.

The little number, which is 5 here, these are the degree minutes (or arcminutes). Each degree is divided into smaller parts. 60 degree minutes in each degree. So this tells you how far along through seven degrees Jupiter has moved. It's only 5 minutes out of the 60 minutes. It's just entered 7 degrees.

To be honest, I'm not looking at degree minutes very frequently. I'll use them if I'm looking at outer planets, which move a lot slower. So degree minutes will be important when you're looking at the exact timing of those aspects.

Also, if somebody is born on a day when the sun is moving into a new sign, what a lot of people call a cusp baby, then the degree minutes of their sun placement will kind of determine whether or not they're actually a cusp baby or not. So Jupiter will be in 7 degrees for like five days.

The sun changes about a degree every day. There's 360 degrees in the wheel and 365 days. So it's a little bit off, but it's about a degree a day. And then the moon moves through the whole zodiac in like 28 days. So she moves 12 to 13 degrees every day. I hope that this helps and gives you a little bit better of a perspective on what all these numbers are.

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