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Creating cycles of success using your birth chart

(2H, 6H, 10H, and Midheaven/MC)

Published February 14, 2024

Part One: The MC/Midheaven is not a “shortcut” to success (the 10H and 6H).

I just saw a video of an astrologer on here saying that the Midheaven is a “shortcut to success.” This is not true. She's feeding you bullshit and telling you what you want to hear because people try to use astrology to cut corners and hack life… and it doesn't really work that way.

The Midheaven represents our long term goals– our highest goals and aspirations in this lifetime. Things that take a lifetime to achieve. So there is no shortcut. You have to apply yourself on a daily, consistent basis in order to achieve those long term goals. You are running a marathon. There is no shortcut.

The Midheaven starts the 10th house in Placidus, and the 10th house talks about our career, our reputation, the legacy that we leave behind after we die.

It's in a trine, or a 120 degree angle, with the 6th house of the birth chart. The 6th house talks about our daily routines, our daily consistent application and hard work. And this is why Mars rejoices in the 6th house. It's called “Bad Fortune,” because working hard every day fucking sucks. There's nothing pleasant about it and there is no shortcut to success. The only way to achieve your long term goals is to apply yourself on a daily consistent basis. Of course, we're all going to have off days, but the level of consistency with which we apply ourselves and put in effort is directly going to reflect how capable we are of achieving those long term goals.

So if you really want to see how to achieve success, of course you want to look at your Midheaven. It's going to give you tools and methods to maybe achieve that goal, or even help you decide what that long term goal should be. But looking at the 6th house of your birth chart is going to tell you how you should be framing your daily schedules and daily routines in order to apply yourself in the most consistent way.

So, for example, if you have Mars in the 6th house, or a 6th house Aries or Scorpio (so your 6th house would be ruled by Mars), then you should be active on a daily basis. Daily exercise or daily activity of some sort is going to help you get the momentum going so that you can actually apply yourself.

If you have Pisces ruling your 6th house, or Jupiter or Neptune involved in your 6th house in any way, then then you should be tapping into your imagination on a daily basis. Now, this can get tricky, because you don't want to be daydreaming all day every day… but being able to tap into that creative vision and use that to inspire you to work hard every day is how a 6th house Pisces is going to achieve their long term goals.

So again, a lot of people try to use astrology as a cheat code or a way to hack life and cut corners and it really doesn't work that way. You still have to work hard just like everybody else. Astrology is just going to help show you where you should be working hard and how you should be working hard and applying yourself consistently. It's going to give you the context of what your daily consistent application towards your goals might look like.

Part Two: Creating cycles of success using your birth chart (adding the 2H)

Question: “Does the 2nd house play a role in that?”

This is a great question, and absolutely the second house plays a role in this. So let's talk about how these three houses of the birth chart are interacting. We already talked about the 10th house a little bit. The cusp of the 10th house is the Midheaven in Placidus. We talked about the 6th house of the birth chart.

The 2nd house forms a grand trine with these two other houses. In modern astrology, a system called 12 letter alphabet (where each of the houses is associated with one of the 12 zodiac signs,) the second house, sixth house, and tenth house are all associated with earth signs. They form an earth grand trine.

So we've talked about the 10th house, which is associated with success in career and public reputation, how you are known publicly, the legacy that you leave behind as a result of what you've built throughout this lifetime. The 10th House is connected to Capricorn, which is the sign that rules over our professional life and career, our long term goals, and the plans that we have in place to achieve those long term goals in order to build something that will last long after we die.

We talked about the 6th house, which is where all of the work and grind actually happens. This is the house associated with our day jobs and our routines. It's known as the house of service or the house of employment. The 6th house is connected to Virgo (in 12 letter alphabet), and Virgo is the sign that rules our daily routines, our day job, our monotonous busy work, and acts of service or labor.

The 2nd house of the birth chart represents our physical belongings, our possessions, our material resources: everything including food, water, shelter, and money. It's associated with Taurus in the 12 letter alphabet, and Taurus is the sign that rules our physical possessions, our money, our resources, our material resources as an earth sign.

In this grand trine of success, the 6th house is where all of the hard work and labor happens, and that labor is turning the raw material resources of the 2nd house into the final product that's represented in the 10th house.


So for example, let's say we want to build a house. The house itself is the final product. That is the long term goal that we are working towards. The 2nd house is where our raw material resources fall. That would be the wood, the bricks, the copper used to make the pipes. All of those raw material resources fall in the 2nd house.

The 6th house is where all of the hard work happens, where these raw material resources and money that's being invested are transformed through labor into the final product.

So the 2nd house is the raw resources, the 6th house is the labor of building the house, and the 10th house is the final product: success and achieving the goal–having a house built.

So once that house is completed and the long term goal of building a house is achieved, the final product is complete, that final product then moves into the 2nd house and becomes a resource, a material physical possession that provides you with your basic survival needs. It is a shelter. That shelter, that physical possession, then becomes a resource used to further achieve new long term goals.

Whether you're using that shelter, that asset explicitly to fulfill your basic survival needs of having a safe place to go and protect you from weather and the external environment, or if you use that asset to leverage your position and advance your long term and professional goals.

So for example, my uncle had a friend who was an attorney and he had a very big beautiful mansion built. He did not need this mansion. He did not use this mansion solely to live in. He leveraged this mansion as an asset to impress potential clients. So what he did was he took the resource of this big, beautiful home (2H), processed it through labor of hosting events and hospitality, serving people within this home (6H) in order to secure more high paying clients and advance himself professionally (10H).

So this is just one example that I think is really clear that shows how these three houses in the birth chart that are associated with earth signs can be used to further your success.


Let's use another example of this cycle of success and using success as a resource. Let's say you are a musician and you want to create a song. Your final product is that song (10H). The 2nd house, the raw materials, the physical possessions used to create that song might include a microphone, a recording console, a computer and software that allows you to produce music.

The actual production of the song using those material resources to create something happens in the 6th house. The final completed song is represented in the 10th house. Success and achieving your long term goal and creation of a final product.

Once that song is completed, The final product moves into the second house and becomes an asset, a possession that you own. Now let's say as a musician who has a song or a catalog of songs, the next long term goal might be to get that song placed in a film or a television show in order to improve the reputation of the song and increase its visibility. The 10th house represents a public visibility.

Now this asset, or this song, these catalog of songs, are leveraged in the 6th house through labor and administrative work. The 6th House is connected to Virgo, which talks about boring, monotonous work, paperwork, administrative duties, the boring things that have to get done in order for you to succeed.

So the leveraging of these songs in the 6th house might look like creating a database or a catalog of copyrights that you want to license to filmmakers. It could represent sending those songs to music supervisors in professional communications in hopes that those music supervisors choose your song to be put into a film. When a filmmaker decides they'd like to put your song in their movie, there is paperwork that needs to be done. There are licenses and contracts that need to be written out, and all of that work happens in the 6th house. Once that administrative work is complete, your song is then put into a movie.

Your long term goal is achieved and your asset has been leveraged into a place of public visibility, improving reputation for you as a musician (10H). And again, this cycle of success continues where the long term goal of having your song put into a movie moves into the 2nd house and becomes an asset for you.

Having your song placed in a movie could result in you receiving royalty checks, payments, raw material resources as a result of your success. And so this success cycle continues through the 2nd, 6th, and 10th house of the birth chart. I'm so glad that you asked this question. Thank you for asking this. I hope this gives a new perspective on how the success cycle works with astrology.

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