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Spongebob's hands casting a shadow through Squidward's water bag. "Twins..."

Spongebob Astrology: Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in its “Fall” and “Detriment”

Video commentary Published March 15, 2023

The scene in Spongebob where he and Patrick are snooping around in Squidward’s room while he sleeps is a great example of Mercury in its “Fall” and “Detriment” in Pisces.

Mercury is the planet that rules curiosity. It’s the ruler of knowledge, and the quest for that knowledge. It’s responsible for sneaky activities (Mercury is known as the “trickster”), and digging where you’re not supposed to. Asking specific questions is entirely under Mercury’s domain.

Pisces is the sign that rules optical illusions, confusion, blurry lines, and an overall unclear image. It’s the sign of darkness and obstructed vision, with Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces) being the veil of illusion that allows only silhouettes and certain frequencies of light to penetrate through his filter.

In the scene, Spongebob asks “Patrick, do you know what this is?”

Patrick replies, “Stinky?” which is the incorrect answer. As you may or may not remember from the Season 2 episode titled “Something Smells,” Patrick does not have a nose and therefore cannot smell. When everyone avoids spongebob because of his bad breath, Patrick tells him it’s probably because he’s ugly.

Spongebob says, “NO! It’s an egg sack!” (also the wrong answer) “...let’s look at the embryo.”

When they shine the flashlight through the water bag, Spongebob’s hands cast a shadow in the water bag, and what they think is an egg sack has the illusion of 2 embryos. They gawk, “Twins…” which applies perfectly to this as an interpretation of Mercury, because Mercury is the ruler of Gemini (the “Twins”), the sign that rules your hands.

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