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Doja Cat + Sza's "Kiss Me More" - Gemini (The Lovers) and Sagittarius (Temperance)

“Kiss Me More” by Doja + Sza

Gemini (The Lovers) + Sagittarius (Temperance)

Video commentary and transcript published March 15, 2023

The “Kiss Me More” music video by Doja Cat and Sza is filled with Astrology and Tarot symbolism, with this cut focusing heavily on the depictions of “The Lovers” tarot card (associated with Gemini) and “Temperance” (associated with Sagittarius).

In the video, Doja Cat is depicted as a pink giant lounging among sandy hills, surrounded by palm trees. When comparing this imagery to the “The Lovers” tarot card, she represents both the God(dess) figure in the sky, YHWH, as well as her body as a depiction of the rolling pink hills in the background of the card.

The Lovers is a depiction of Adam and Eve being created by YHWH (the Abrahemic God of the Old Testament). It’s the card associated with Gemini (the “twins” or “twin flames”), being the sign that rules curiosity, information, and knowledge. The “forbidden fruit” depicted on the Tree of Knowledge represents forbidden secrets, and the biting of the fruit represents humanity’s quest to discover knowledge. There are also many palm trees in this video, which are a symbol of Hermes, or Mercury, the ruler of Gemini.

The video features an astronaut in a boat, who has just “landed” on Doja’s Planet Her. His curiosity leads him down a river, where he sees Doja’s form towering over him. He is led even further down the river towards a pair of giant lips, which remain sealed. He picks a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and stares at it intriguingly before he takes a bite, which causes the lips to open and reveal a bright light coming from what appears to be a portal, which he then goes through.

The second portion of the video features the same scene, only from a "higher perspective." The astronaut who is rowing his boat down the river is now depicted as just a video game character, while Doja holds the controller and is operating the avatar. They try multiple different attempts to get the lips open so they can proceed to the next level of the video game. This is a depiction of Temperance, the tarot card associated with Sagittarius (the sign opposite Gemini).

Temperance depicts YHWH alchemizing, experimenting, and trying different methods. It shows the divine creator mixing and matching energy to see what works, symbolized visually by liquid being poured between 2 cups. This card (especially its relationship to The Lovers) teaches us about how the Creator of humanity lives within us, that we are divine consciousness having an experimental experience (the “game” of life). The ability to truly understand this perspective, and the love of “Wisdom” that comes with the perspective, is ruled by Sagittarius. In Greek, "Philo" means “love,” and “Sophia” means “Wisdom.” Sagittarius rules philosophy, or the love of wisdom.

In Kabbalah, this divine wisdom offered by the higher perspective is represented by the Sephiroth Chokmah (Hebrew: “Wisdom”). The experiential knowledge offered by the lower/detailed perspective is represented by Da’at (Hebrew: “Knowledge”), which is not a Sephiroth but rather acts as a doorway through which Wisdom is Understood and integrated in order to obtain Knowledge (Chokmah, Binah, Da'at). In Doja’s video, this is symbolized by the portal formed by the lips that the astronaut moves through after biting the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

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