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  • Transit Reading (45 min)

    General analysis of a single chart, and Astrology transit breakdowns for a given date range (default: one month). Save $30 per month when you subscribe to receive monthly transit reports.



    • Recorded Video Reading:  Forty-Five (45) minute video on a single chart, with a breakdown of the Astrology transits for given date range (default: one month).
    • Transit Report: Full Report of every aspect for the given date range (including general transits and personal transits, house placements, exact date + time, and exact degree + sign. Daily View + Calendar View).



    • Calendar Months: Monthly Report starting on the 1st of the calendar month.
    • Solar Months: Monthly Report starting when the Sun enters a new zodiac sign. 


    Customer will receive Reading + Report within fourteen (14) days of Order Date.


    By purchasing a Transit Reading, you agree to the Terms of Service, including the Refund Policy and all Legal Disclaimers regarding any medical, financial, or legal information that may be discussed in your reading.


    Suggested Prerequisite: General 1-Chart Reading (45 min)

    You will get the most value from a Transit Reading after you have received a general birth chart reading from Gold Titan Astrology. If you are a new customer, it is suggested that you book a General 1-Chart Reading here in addition to booking a Transit Reading. It's not mandatory, but it will greatly improve the quality of your Transit Reading.

    Transit Reading (45 min)