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Prince Harry + Meghan Markle

Prince Harry + Meghan Markle

(Astrology Compatibility Reading + Royal Wedding Astrology)

Reading Live-streamed April 4, 2023. Video and transcript published Friday May 12, 2023.

So today we are going to be doing a synastry reading for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Windsor. We’re going to take a look at their charts individually, then side by side to do their personal synastry, and then we’re also going to add the transits for the day of their royal wedding.


So this is Prince Harry’s chart that we’re looking at here. He is a Rising Capricorn. The main thing I want to focus on in his chart is his interception in the 1st and 7th houses. This is the house axis that deals with his sense of self, his identity, and who he sees when he looks in the mirror (1H), as well as how he relates with others (7H). The 7H is the house of relationships and that includes marriages. [The interception in his chart is inherently] connected to his relationship with Ms. Meghan Markle.

Leo is literally the sign that rules royalty and the “crown,” so it’s interesting to see Leo intercepted in the 7H, where he literally had his potential ability to score this crown intercepted in his relationship–and she just happens to be a Leo Sun.

Pulling up Meghan’s chart laid over Harry’s, we can see her Leo Sun in his 7H. This idea of her as a member of the royal family, a princess… She married into this royal family and then her crown got intercepted, and they ended up leaving. That Leo is intercepted by the Virgo stellium of Harry’s, and her own Virgo Ceres and Virgo Venus (more on this later).

That’s the biggest thing I want to touch on in Harry’s [chart]


If we look at Meghan’s chart laid over his, we also notice that her Mars, which is in Cancer (11°) is perfectly on his 11° Cancer Descendant. So, they definitely have the *spicy* chemistry one looks for with a partner. Mars rules sex, heat, passion, and it’s the masculine “giving” energy in that connection (while Venus is the feminine “receiving” energy). It’s definitely interesting to see her Mars right on his Descendant. That’s definitely some good synastry (beware of fights).


She also has a Rising Cancer, so if we put her chart as the primary chart we see his Capricorn Ascendant fall into her 6H in Placidus, but in Whole Sign it’s her 7H. This is what many Astrologers refer to as the ideal partner synastry. Their 1H (personal identity) aligns with the others’ 7H (interpersonal relationships) and vice versa. They almost mirror each other in terms of the areas of life they are experiencing.


The asteroid Pallas is alikened with the Goddess Athena (although there is also another asteroid named for her, Athene 881). Pallas and Athena are separate entities, but they are alikened together as the same “Goddess Archetype” (see video on synastry between Kylie, Tory, and Megan The Stallion for more on Pallas v. Athena). He has Pallas in 11° Pisces, which is in a perfect Trine with her 11° Cancer Mars.

Athena is the Goddess of Warfare, specifically psychological warfare. She is psychologically one step ahead of her opponent. His Pallas in a perfect trine with her Mars could indicate an element of psychological warfare (not necessarily from Harry directly, but more from his family). The experience of dating Prince Harry and the psychological warfare that comes with it is just feeding so much emotional trauma into her (that’s obviously very intentionally crafted by the “firm,” as they call it).

Someone on Tiktok live commented “that 11° though…”

Yes, exactly, that 11° placement, or what’s known as a “master” degree. An Aquarius degree that has a lot to do with feeling restricted, feeling boxed in and learning how to break out of that box. That’s definitely the lesson that this 11° placement/synastry is teaching Meghan (and Harry) for sure. She had to learn how to defy these authoritative figures, and she wasn’t just defying any authoritative figure, she was defying the crown of England…


Harry [Outer Ring currently] has a 21° Taurus Moon. This is also conjunct his Ceres (25°) and his North Node (29°). The Moon is the planet/body associated with motherhood, maternity, nurturing, and coddling. Especially since we all witnessed so publicly his mother-son bond and how strong that was, it makes sense to see an “exalted” Taurus moon in play. It’s a very loving, tender, gentle energy, and very grounded. You could tell the care that he received from her as a young child was very “exalted” or put on a pedestal.

But what I really want to talk about is his Ceres. This is the asteroid named for the Roman Goddess Ceres, the Goddess of Harvest; alikened to the Greek Goddess Demeter, the Goddess of Harvest. Ceres rules Cereal grain… like breakfast cereal: it’s named for this Goddess.

Specifically the Greek mythological story of Demeter: Demeter’s story is a story of a mother who goes through hell. Demeter’s mythology has to do with her child being taken away from her and how she was required to go through hell in order to get her daughter back (and still only getting her back halfway). There’s this “loss of a child” energy, or a mother being separated/withheld from their child temporarily… just while some other person in power keeps them for half the time. We really see this–with Ceres conjunct Moon–we see this storyline playing out for him and his mother.

Now, let’s talk about Meghan’s Chiron, which is right there in 22° Taurus. Chiron is the wounded healer. It represents the wounds that we can’t seem to heal in ourselves despite being able to heal them in other people. When it comes to [“failed”] self-healing, we are left with scars, and pain and wounds… there’s a lot of insecurities that are connected to Chiron for this reason (although the meaning of Chiron goes much deeper than just “insecurities” but I’ll leave it there for now).

Chiron is also the “key” to our power (its glyph is literally shaped like a key). Chiron teaches us that the biggest weakness of ours can actually be our biggest strength. We really see Meghan playing the role of the “key” to Harry, almost “unlocking” some of the repressed mommy issues that he has (there, I said it). This is ultimately necessary in order to heal those mother wounds.


He also has a 22° Virgo Sun, which is perfectly trine her 22° Taurus Chiron (and his own 21° Taurus Moon). Her Virgo placements (Ceres + Venus) are also feeding into his Virgo Sun and feeding the “Oedipal Complex” where he sees his own mother in Meghan. You know those girlfriends and wives that act like their partner’s mom? There’s definitely that energy going on here… Oedipal complex, for sure.


While we’re on the 22° Sun… The Sun is the ruler of Leo. Out of the 7 traditional planets, in Traditional Astrology the Sun is “the King” –the one on the throne, the one in the spotlight, the one with visibility. Especially when looking at celebrities (and ROYALS), people who are especially visible, the Sun is really going to represent that concept of “celebrity.”

He has a 22° Virgo Sun, while she has a 22° Sagittarius Neptune, which is another mutable sign like Virgo. This is a perfect square between his Sun and her Neptune. It’s really kind of sad how this played out. Neptune is your fantasies, right? It’s the things you dream about… Fantasizing about becoming the princess in the castle. Neptune is very much Cinderella’s story; this “fairytale” energy. Becoming a princess is totally Neptune’s territory in that way.

When you think of Neptune as the ruler of Pisces, the fantasy; and Venus “exalted” in Pisces as the princess in her little bubble living her fairytale dream life. Meghan has Venus “fallen” in Virgo which is the opposite energy: Cinderella scrubbing the floors at the command of her evil stepmother.

So this fantasy of the crown that she had (22° Sagittarius Neptune)… got sideswiped (squared) by the actual reality of the Crown (which is this 22° Virgo Sun). It’s actually a job. There are a lot of responsibilities to being a royal.

Especially since William and Kate get a lot of the better “royal” treatment and the better perks of royalty because he’s actually in line to become king, and he has kids, so the succession is set to go down that branch of the family tree. Whereas Harry and Meghan are on like.. helper duty. You know what I mean? The responsibilities that the crown gives them aren’t as *glamorous* as the other two.

Let’s just say that her fantasies got T-boned by reality (Neptune squared by Virgo placement). Especially being in 22°, being a Capricorn degree, a Saturn degree; it’s known as the “assassination degree,” so I’m glad she got the hell out of there before she ended up like Diana. It’s nicknamed “kill or be killed,” and she was like “I’m going to kill myself.” It wasn’t an emotional reaction, it was something she had reflected on for a long time. She really did undergo so much abuse in such oppressive, horribly racist systems where she was like “I literally don’t want to be alive anymore.” That’s why they left the royal family.

That’s also an example of her Neptune-Square-Sun also working the other direction, where she had this romanticized version of the crown in her head, and then once that bubble popped (she has a natal Neptune Rx too, so POP goes that bubble…). That popping bubble squared his Sun and virtually knocked his crown off. That’s something interesting that I see here.


While we’re on the subject of Virgo: he has a Virgo Juno (3°), which is right where her Virgo Ceres is (3°). So I talked a little bit about Ceres and the mommy issues… Juno is the Roman Goddess of Marriage, alikened to the Greek Goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. So even though Zeus was a dog (he was known to pretty much have sex with everyone), he always came home to his loving wife and so that is this Juno energy. I’m not saying that Harry does any of that, I’m just saying that Juno is the asteroid that represents committed partners that you come home to–the “wifey.”

So… that Juno (3°) is also conjunct Vesta (4°). Vesta is so clearly exhibited within Meghan Markle [and her chart].


Meghan Markle has a 0° Libra Vesta which is on what is known as the “Aries point” (which falls in 0° of all four cardinal signs: 0° Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). This placement sets up a very beautiful expression of Libra for her.

Zero degrees is a critical degree, it has unlimited potential as the first degree of the sign. She has the full choice and control over how the expression of that sign is going to be expressed through Vesta, even though she has Juno (27° Libra) and Pluto (21° Libra) in the higher degrees of Libra–which are much more “karmic” or “fated” energy that are less in control than the lower degrees. We see that with a lot of her Plutonian, traumatic experiences that she and her partner endure (Pluto in Libra) at the hands of the crown. The silencing (that’s Pluto’s territory) is something she didn’t have control over. While the lower degrees, especially 0° Libra Vesta give her more control.

Vesta is the asteroid named for the Goddess of the Virgin Flame. It’s a complicated archetype and I don’t want to oversimplify it, but this isn’t a video on Vesta. Basically this represents the maiden who kept the flame going in the ancient temple dedicated to the Goddess. Vesta is the Goddess of Home and Hearth, and keeping a tight ship, but also is a Goddess of service. We really see Meghan Markle playing this Vesta archetype out. But not in its natural “Virgo” maiden role: she’s not cleaning the dishes and towels… she’s the princess expression of Vesta. A princess “for the people.”

We see her doing so much philanthropic work and existing in a very Libra nature. Being a beautiful and harmonious woman who is fighting for justice in a very poised, peaceful, and elegant way. It’s such a beautiful Libra expression. What it does is, it lays an immaculate groundwork for the rest of her Libra stellium, because look at what she has going on here:


She has a 4° Libra Moon, 5° Libra Saturn, 6° Libra Jupiter. She has a “great conjunction.” The two “great” planets: Saturn and Jupiter. Most people might remember the most recent great conjunction that happened on Dec 21, 2020: the Winter Solstice. This conjunction is known as the “maker of Kings.” It’s a very royal placement. The conjunction that talks about being handed off the torch as far as societal power and the ability to make systemic changes for the better (or for the worst if you’re an evil dictator). In her case, you can clearly see the 0° Vesta lays this truly good-natured and pure passion, a fire in her that keeps burning, as groundwork for her to really just take this “throne” (metaphorically).

She’s so destined to be a global ruler, and not necessarily the “royal family of England,” but it’s certainly this grand energy of someone who makes a very serious impact, and is kind of given this level of authority and influence in society that just changes society forever.


While we’re on the subject of the incredible power of Meghan Markle’s chart, I also want to talk about the fact that she’s an “eclipse baby.” She was born days after an eclipse. She has her Leo Sun in 11° and a Leo North Node (1°) as well, which means there was just a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo a couple of days before she was born, and there was a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (the Aquarius Full Moon) like a week and a half after she was born. She was born in that two week period in between eclipses, “eclipse season,” which makes her even more of a force to be reckoned with–this unstoppable energy.

She has the Moon highlighting and amplifying her Great Conjunction, and that Libra Moon has also been activated by the Lunar Nodes…

A lot of traditional astrologers, Hellenistic and Vedic, view this eclipse period as a time when the moon is wounded, sick, or drained of energy. You might see that, where this crown was taken away from her (a lunar-node activated Moon draining her Great Conjunction, her expanding empire and overflowing cup).

God only knows what they did to her to get her to want to end her own life. Enough where Harry, who’s the second branch in line to get the crown of England, says “peace out, I’m out of here.” It must have been horrible. That could be this Moon that’s been impacted by the eclipse.

In my personal observation, when the Solar Eclipse happens first and is followed by the Lunar Eclipse, I find that the moon Eclipses our sunlight, the Earth’s sunlight (so we Earthlings are the “weakened” ones in this state). Whereas when the Lunar Eclipse comes first, then the moon is drained for two weeks after being Eclipsed by the Earth. That’s my opinion, although I’m not the most refined expert of lunar conditions during eclipse periods. That’s my experiences that I’ve observed, personally.


Going back to the Virgo placements we discussed before (Harry’s 3° Virgo Juno, her 3° Virgo Ceres). Harry (currently on the outside) also has a 3° Jupiter, which is in 3° Capricorn (a perfect trine with the Virgo placements).

Her Ceres (3° Virgo) Trine his Jupiter (3°)... Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and represents the repressed subconscious emotions that we’ve hidden away and numbed away (with Neptune being that numbing agent or the veil that hides those uncomfortable mommy issues away on the backburner). So Ceres Trine Jupiter is very much awakening repressed subconscious emotions within him.


Touching back on this 0° Vesta… this is opposite his natal Lilith in 1° Aries. Lilith is the “seductress,” the “temptress,” it’s the “snake in the garden of eden” that is tempting you to bite the forbidden fruit. And I guess for him it’s very much Vesta being this maiden-type, the “commoner.” For him, the seductress is a non-royal, and she’s American on top of that. His brother already did the commoner thing. [Harry] is one-upping [him] by going with an American commoner who is from LA and has bikini shots posted online. It was very much Lilithian where the crown shamed him. There was a lot of shame induced in him about this relationship.

This obviously had to do with her race. It was also very racially motivated too. Lilith is the asteroid that talks about how the societal structures and systems oppress women and create these violent, abusive, oppressive systems and though it doesn’t explicitly say anything about race… but it has to do with oppression and especially female oppression. So the plight of a black woman who is marrying this white man within the crown of the English royal family… That is totally Vesta in 0° Libra opposite Lilith in Aries.

Again, her Mars (the ruler of Aries) is on his Descendant. So… the sex trumps it all. It’s hot. Their relationship is spicy, he makes her feel alive, she makes him feel alive and it is just… it was worth ditching the crown for. That is some good good, you know? That’s Lilith opposite Vesta.


While we’re on the topic of Lilith I want to look at her Lilith, which is conjunct Uranus. So again, this idea of her being not what the crown expected, not what [British] society wanted as far as the traditional “princess.” For her to marry into the crown like this was quite literally an act of rebellion, and it very much caused chaos within the royal family and within the press. She stirred the pot, she stirred the tabloids, and that’s very clear with Lilith (24°) Conjunct Uranus (26°).

The midpoint, 25° Scorpio, is right opposite his Ceres in 25° Taurus. Lilith represents her sex appeal (especially in Scorpio, the sign that rules sex, which is almost like Lilith’s home sign, a very sexually magnetic energy, seductive, and taboo energy. Re: the “forbidden fruit”).

Her Ceres Trine his Jupiter means she’s activating so many repressed emotions about his mother, and he sees his mother in her, but then he still wants to have sex with her (Ceres Opposite Lilith).


I want to talk a little bit more about the difficulties they experienced with the crown. She has this Leo Sun (domiciled), which is very royal energy.. She’s also a rising Cancer. Cancer and Leo are the two zodiac signs that rule royalty. They are ruled by the Moon and the Sun, the two “luminaries” or light bulbs in the sky–or at least the two major large ones.

(Some cultures refer to the seven traditional planets all as luminaries, others like Hellenistic tradition refer to the Sun and the Moon as the Luminaries). Regardless, they’re the two signs that talk about royalty, and she has such royal energy as a rising Cancer with Leo Sun in the first house (1H). Especially with her great conjunction, she’s very much destined for a crown… but then her 11° Leo Sun is being squared by Prince Harry’s 12° Scorpio Saturn.

The “crown” itself and the King is represented by Leo and the Sun, whereas Saturn represents the controlling entity that dictates and controls and limits what the royal family can do. Most people think that the royal family are in charge… they are not. They answer to what they refer to as “the firm.” It’s literally a company, a corporation, that controls everything of the royal family’s: their press, their outfits, their scripts, their dos, their don’ts, their responsibilities. That’s Saturn: the firm.

So we have “the firm,” his 12° Scorpio Saturn squaring her Leo Sun, just fucking with her and intentionally dimming her light. She’s this star who is shining bright. She really for a second there almost changed the perception of the royal family to be not as racist and horrible and evil as they actually are. Then, they went and fucked that up and were racist, horrible, and as evil as they actually are.

Where the synastry has a lot of really good synastry that we’ve talked about so far, this is one of the harder aspects that’s just like–oof. Saturn Square Sun, that is “the firm” doing everything they can to stop her from shining.


That Saturn in 12° Scorpio is also Trine her 11° Cancer Mars (the other water sign). Mars is in its “fall” in Cancer (according to “essential dignities”), and this talks about pain and difficult experiences that hurt us, penetrate us, and cut us deep… but it’s ruled by the Moon so they are cuts and wounds that are very emotional. It doesn’t [just] talk about physical injury in the way of cutting your knee when you fall to the ground, but it talks about feeling like someone is stabbing you in the chest/heart. As if someone is trying to rip your heart out or trying to hit you in an emotional spot. It’s a “low blow” kind of vibe.

That [Mars] is in a Trine with his Saturn. So, the square we mentioned is a “hard” aspect. It’s hard on her happiness. It’s knocking her crown off, knocking the smile off of her face. That’s Saturn square the Sun. Saturn Trine Mars is a very “easy” energy that flows easily. So this oppression very easily hurts her, wounds her, and triggers her emotionally; and that’s the Trine with Saturn playing out.

That’s a really clear example how a Trine, associated with Jupiter, a “benefic” (bringer of good fortune) might be an “easy” aspect but it isn’t necessarily a good thing–especially if the trine involves Mars and Saturn, both “malefics” (bringers of bad fortune). When Saturn is trine Mars, it just makes it easier for someone to oppress you and hurt you. The energy flows easier, but if the energy is malefic it’s not necessarily a “good” aspect to have.

Let’s look at Meghan’s chart on the day of their wedding, then Harry’s chart on the day of their wedding. So this is now Meghan Markle’s chart on the inside. She’s a rising Cancer. Then, the outside of the chart is the transits the day of their royal wedding on May 19, 2018.


The first thing that I notice is at twelve noon, the exact moment that they started the ceremony, the Moon was in 22° Cancer–only a couple of degrees off from her 24° Ascendant, and aspecting all of these 22° placements that we’ve talked about already. So, a really interesting aspect with a beautiful domiciled moon. It’s just like a princess getting her tiara, or a queen getting her crown (even though she’s obviously not the literal queen).


It was also her Nodal return. The North Node was in 8° Leo and she has her North Node in 1° of Leo, so she was very much stepping forward into that kind of fated/destined role for her. Again, remember, she is an eclipse baby born between Solar and Lunar Eclipses; so the Lunar Nodes and these fated moments where she’s jumping through this portal into the next chapter of her life–it’s even more relevant for her. Her purpose is very much related to these Nodes, so it’s a nice little thing [having your Nodal Return the day of your wedding].

It’s this moment where you’re like, “I’m in alignment,” you know? It’s a confirmation that you’re on the right path, and the momentum that your soul had when you were born, the kind of “direction” that your soul desired when you entered this world…you’re in that same direction. It feels very aligned and the momentum is in the right direction as far as what your soul has yet to experience. Love the Nodal Return for her. She also has Mercury (5°), Pallas (6°), and her Sun (11°) on that Leo North Node, so all of those planets are involved in that Nodal Return.


Obviously if she has a 1° Leo North Node, opposite that she has a 1° Aquarius South Node, and Mars was transiting her South Node in Aquarius [to the exact degree]. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio (in traditional rulership), so that is the violence, that is the abuse, that is the emotional manipulation that she was basically put through by the royal family (because her natal Mars is in Cancer, which rules emotions).

We see this Mars transit actually pull her back into her South Node, or pull her back into her past as a “commoner” (Aquarius rules the common man, opposite Leo which rules the King). She eventually left the crown and went back into the Aquarius energy of the everyday man, the everyday civilian. Aquarius rules “humanity” and the collective or the group. She’s just one of us again. Even though she’s famous, she doesn’t have the protection of the crown.

She has all these Leo placements, and it was her Nodal Return–she was destined to become this pseudo-princess, the “American Princess” and the “Global Princess.” They even went on that global tour. Everyone around the world loves her. So she’s meant to have that light on her–a spotlight and the essence of a crown. However, ultimately Mars: the pain, trauma, and abuse that she endured, was too much for her and pushed her back into the South Node of the “commoner.”

It's more significant to have Mars in a conjunction with the Nodes, since Mars moves so slow. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun align with the nodes twice a year; and the Moon aligns with it multiple times per month; but Mars takes nearly three years to go around the zodiac wheel, so Mars hitting the Node doesn’t happen every day. It’s a very fateful day, for sure.


While we are on the topic of the Nodes, the transiting 8° Nodes are aspecting her great conjunction (this 4° Moon, 5° Saturn, 6° Jupiter in Libra, which I talked a little bit about already). Those Nodes are just further activating this global presence of hers. The transiting South Node in 8° Aquarius trine her Natal 6° Libra Jupiter had a lot to do with this [being a] very big global affair. Everyone around the world watched this wedding.


Also, the day of the wedding there was a transiting 8° Capricorn Saturn (“domiciled”). So, again, Saturn is “the firm,” Saturn is the structure, the rules of the royal family, the organization and corporation that runs that operation; as well as the militarized aspect of it and the security aspect of it.

This 8° Capricorn [Saturn] is square her Great Conjunction. We see this Jupiter-Saturn-Moon as Meghan Markle is being handed the torch, she’s being handed this crown, she’s being initiated into this role of a global leader, of somebody who is changing society on an incredibly large scale. The traditional crown, the Capricorn Saturn, the domiciled transiting Saturn, does NOT like that.


She has an “exalted” Saturn. Saturn is “exalted” in Libra and that is very much somebody who is being granted authority and leadership, the boss role of “ruler” that Saturn signifies, but in Libra–meaning a ruler who is just. Someone who is fair and who weighs out all of the information to make sure that things are being done correctly/fairly.

Meghan Markle has been probably the most vocal out of anybody against the crown and against these oppressive systems. Fighting towards Justice in a way that is so admired and revered by so many. She’s such a good example of Saturn “exalted” in Libra.

I will say that this is a placement where you have to be careful with, because the people who have it are very charming and convincing. Saturn “exalted” in Libra is like “don’t you want to do this thing for me for free? It would be so lovely if you did…” It’s a sweet-talker energy. Which for her, we see her sweet-talking global leaders and sweet-talking her way into rooms where people actually have power.


While we’re on the topic of Libra, let’s talk about her Pluto. She has this 21° Libra Pluto, which I briefly mentioned already. The day of the wedding was a 21° Pluto as well, [in Capricorn], a perfect square to her natal Pluto.

We talked about Mars on her South Node as the traditional ruler of Scorpio. That’s more of the personal attacks (since Mars is a personal planet). That’s probably the rude things that people said to her, the ways that she felt personally attacked and violated. Whereas Pluto is the “higher octave” of Mars, and it’s a generational placement, so Pluto talks about things on a much larger scale of abuse.

Pluto is also referred to as the “Chthonic” expression of Saturn in Traditional mythology sects, so there is also this element of institutional abuse. It’s institutionalized abuse maintained by a system, as opposed to more personal beef that she had with royal chicks that were jealous they didn’t get to marry Prince Harry.

Pluto [as Saturn’s chthonic expression] is more of the rules, especially the unwritten rules of the royal family that are racist. Hearing comments about her skin tone and stuff is more representative of the whispers of Pluto being shady on an institutionally oppressive level, while the loud and personal “beef” is more Martian.

Pluto was square her natal Pluto, which is in Libra. [Simply put], this is trauma from her relationships, trauma within her relationships, and trauma related to her desire to bring Justice.

It’s also about getting a negative reaction [for said desire for Justice]… Pluto and Scorpio is the “reaction.” Aries, ruled by Mars, is the one who throws the first punch. Scorpionic energy, Pluto energy, is how you react to something. It’s very much getting this negative reaction from [her] Justice-Warrior energy [exhibited by] her Great Conjunction in Libra. This could also be further emphasized by her Libra Moon, if it is in “poor condition” because of the eclipse.


This is Prince Harry’s chart on the inside. He’s a rising Capricorn, which we touched on. Remember he has this interception which [includes transiting] Mars and South Node, and this Leo North Node intercepted in his 7H. The North Node, his “fate” as king with his beautiful queen–or not “queen,” but his beautiful wife Ms. Markle–that fate was intercepted.

That North Node in Leo was intercepted by Virgo, including his natal Virgo Sun (22°), Virgo Mercury (5°), Virgo Vesta (4°), Virgo Juno (3°). So Juno is the wife, the spouse. Vesta is this very attentive and heartwarming kind of archetype that Meghan Markle has with her 0° Vesta. Mercury, in Virgo specifically… Mercury is domiciled in Virgo, but it’s also exalted in Virgo. Double dignity. Awesome, arguably the best place to have Mercury.

This is the energy of communication. It’s about the things that people said, and about reviewing those words. It’s the second expression of Mercury. Gemini (the first expression of Mercury) is realistically just saying the first thing that comes to mind. It’s just words that came out. Virgo is the more refined expression of Mercury and it talks about making sure that all of the details are right. Going through documents, going through messages, going through and thinking through your thoughts. Making sure you have mental clarity about the situation.

So… he thought long and hard about this. He went through her concerns, he went through the evidence and the facts of the situation and once he thought clearly… His 22° Virgo sun made that executive decision of “kill or be killed.” I either have to kill my relationship with the royal family, or the royal family is going to kill my relationship with Meghan. That’s what that was, and he killed it. He took that 22° initiative of “I’m going to assassinate my title as Prince to save my own wife’s life.” Pretty crazy shit. So that’s his little interception playing out in his 7H.


Also, the moment of the ceremony, that [transiting] 22° Cancer Moon that I kind of already talked about [with Meghan’s chart] was perfectly sextile his Sun (22° Virgo). So again, [the Sun] is very much like him as the Groom, with the Moon as his Bride. The “Bride of the Sun” is the nickname for the Moon, and having his own Natal Sun and the transiting Moon in a sextile, or the aspect associated with Venus, harmony, and marriage is a really nice transit for the exact moment of the ceremony.


He also has a 21° Taurus Moon, so that was also in a sextile [with the transiting 22° Cancer moon]...with his Natal Sun and Moon in their own trine (21° Taurus Moon Trine 22° Virgo Sun). His natal North Node and [other Taurus placements] play into that Taurus energy being majorly activated as well.


I want to talk a little bit about his Gemini Chiron. Now I talked about Chiron and Chiron’s really important role that it plays in being able to heal wounds that we never thought we could. We saw Meghan’s Chiron synastry with him (with her Taurus Chiron), but his Chiron, in 8° Gemini, was perfectly aspecting the Nodes.

It’s in a Trine with this 8° Aquarius South Node, and in a sextile with the Leo North Node (8°). So, again, all of these wounds that he thought he could never heal, Meghan came along to help heal them. This Wedding Day was a day of locking that in, or even “unlocking” the healed versions of themselves in this really beautiful ceremony of matrimony.


This is actually one of the first things I saw… I can’t believe I’m talking about it so late in the reading, but Harry has a 17° Scorpio Midheaven. Jupiter was in 17° Scorpio when they got married, so Jupiter was on his Midheaven. The midheaven is your highest goals and aspirations. It’s also the highest point in the sky the moment you’re born [or the moment of a transit]. Specifically the highest point that the sun goes around noon.

[The direct highest point in the sky, directly overhead, is called the Zenith. The Midheaven hits the Zenith on the Equator during the Equinoxes and the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer during the Winter/Summer Solstice].

The Midheaven really is that “throne.” Seated at the top of the sky, it represents the highest point of visibility and success. It also talks about the impact that we leave. It’s the cusp of the 10th House (10H) in Placidus mode; and it talks about the long lasting impact that we leave, our reputation, the legacy that we leave behind (all 10H themes).

It’s tied to the family name, so him as a Windsor: the 10H cusp and Midheaven is very relevant for him. It makes total sense that Jupiter is on that Midheaven the day that there is this huge international obsession with him and his wife. Jupiter, again, is the planet that rules all things international. So, this very global affair makes perfect sense that Jupiter is on his Midheaven for that day.


Possibly one of the most important transits for this day was this. Prince Harry has Pluto in 0° Scorpio. This is a critical degree. I talked a little bit about this with Meghan’s Vesta (which is in 0° Libra), but his is in 0° Scorpio, and Pluto is “domiciled” in Scorpio (it’s the ruler of Scorpio, in Modern Astrology). There’s a lot of complicated meanings for Pluto in Scorpio, but the one that I want to focus on here has to do specifically with family karma. Karmic bloodlines and familial karma stuff. Specifically familial generational trauma is really what I want to talk about.

Cancer is the water sign that rules the “roots” and our ancestors, and family history. It’s specifically the Cardinal water sign, so it talks about growing roots, making your roots go down into the soil in order to give yourself a sturdy foundation, a stable foundation (and that’s the Capricorn-Cancer axis). The roots being the foundation for the tree, which is Capricorn–the family tree.

So Cancer is the Cardinal expression of roots, growing roots, the action of planting roots. Creating a home, having a family… We all know there’s a lot of action involved in having kids so… that’s the cardinal expression of [family roots].

Whereas Scorpio is the fixed water sign, and it talks about roots that are fixed in place. It’s like a plant that has been root-bound. Specifically: Pluto is the planet that rules death and rot, so you can view Pluto in Scorpio like root-rot. Rotten family roots–and I don’t mean necessarily evil (even though in this case he damn straight has evil family roots. I mean, the most oppressive family in modern history). He definitely has some really rotten family roots, really horrible generational trauma and ancestral karma. That’s this Pluto in Scorpio, in 0°.

The thing that Pluto in Scorpio generation is responsible for is removing and excavating the rotten roots. The same way that if you have a plant that has rotting roots, you have to cut the roots out. You have to remove them so that the whole tree doesn’t die. Pluto in Scorpio generation (everyone that has this placement) is responsible for taking and removing the rot–the toxic cycles that their family has been trapped in for generations–and changing it. So that’s what anyone born from 1984-1995… That generation is all feeling so much generational trauma, breaking so many generational curses. Pluto rules curses. This is a very special generation to break these generational curses.

So, his Pluto is in the critical degree, in 0°. He has the full potential to do with that energy as he chooses. He’s not “sentenced” to deal with heavy karmic, fated bullshit as a result of his generational and ancestral karma, because then his Pluto would be in the higher degrees. Instead, his Pluto is in the first degree of the sign (0°), where he has full control and choice over how he wants to deal with and handle his toxic family roots.

We see him take that control and make the conscious decision to remove himself from the royal family. He said “this shit is toxic, and I’m gonna make the choice to leave.” That is foreshadowed by the transit the day of his Wedding, because his [natal] 0° Pluto is perfectly opposite 0° Uranus [in Taurus] that was transiting that day.

Uranus has just entered Taurus. Taurus, opposite Pluto/Scorpio, is the sign that rules tradition. It’s the first earth sign so it’s about traditional systems that run the economy (like the banking system that England is heavily involved in), but also just general “family tradition.”

Everything down to the cake at the wedding, which was always traditionally a fruitcake. It was ALWAYS a fruitcake, and they had some Rosenblatt multi-split tier cake.. It’s just a cake, but it shocked people–had everyone’s timbers being shivered. That is Uranus here, causing a stir, creating chaos, breaking the mold. Uranus (that “rebel” energy) in Taurus (the sign that rules tradition)--it’s breaking from tradition, and we really see that with this Opposition. Very important, critical transit for the day of that Wedding (Taurus also rules food+cake).

I wouldn’t advise a Pluto-Uranus opposition [for a Wedding transit] unless you plan on breaking free from your whole family and causing a stir while you do it. In some cases like this, that’s what needs to happen, so it really all depends on what you need and what you’re looking to gain from your Wedding. This is what I would tell a client. There are certain transits that don’t really work for the ideal traditional wedding, and then there's some that I’m like, “you wanna cause a stir? You wanna fuck everyone’s traditions up? Let’s do it.. This is the transit for it.”


I already kind of talked a little bit about the Taurus aspects with [transiting] Pluto. So his 21° Taurus Moon, his natural emotional state, the way he’s processing emotions (remember he has those “mommy issues” I’ve talked about, those motherhood themes where he sees a reflection of his mother). This [Taurus Moon] is perfectly Trine the transiting Pluto from that day, which is also conjunct Lilith.


This ties into Meghan’s 21° Pluto (which we already discussed). This is part of the Inconjunction energy, where her 21° Pluto in Libra is aspecting his 21° [Taurus] Moon but they’re not in the same element or the same mode, so they’re not really interacting in a “meaningful” way (even though he’s feeling her trauma emotionally, but he’s just physically stuck–taurus is fixed earth–and she’s like hearing things of he-said she-said, weighing all of this information back and forth (Libra) and moving the information around–while he kind of has his hands tied. That’s the energy of that aspect there. [Side note: thank God these signs are both ruled by Venus, which allows them to resolve this awkward “hand tied” energy and rebalance the scales that Pluto tipped over in Libra, even if the resolution is extreme, since Pluto rules extremity].

One more thing: The day of the wedding, Venus was in 29° Gemini. So 29° is the final degree of the sign, it is very fated. It’s called the anaretic degree and it’s a degree of “infamy.” It’s intense attention, usually negative and controversial. So it was a very controversial wedding that, like I said, broke from many traditions; and Venus is the ruler of Uranus: the rebel/tradition breaker. That anaretic controversial Venus loves nothing more than to stir the pot, and she definitely did that [the day of this Royal Wedding].

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