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  • Compatibility 2-Chart Synastry Reading (90 min)


    Recorded Video Reading. 

    Ninety (90) minute video reading addressing the synastry/compatibility between 2 charts. 

    Customer will receive Reading within fourteen (14) days of Order Date.


    By purchasing a Birth Chart Reading, you agree to the Terms of Service, including the Refund Policy and all Legal Disclaimers regarding any medical, financial, or legal information that may be discussed in your reading.



    General analysis of synastry between 2 charts.


    • House Placements (including interceptions, if applicable) + Synastry analysis.
    • Major Aspect + Rulership Analysis (connections to other Houses and planets)
    • Planetary compatibility for 2 individuals will be focused primarily on the personal planets and Luminaries due to time constraints (Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, Mars); but may also include outer/generational planets and asteroids (Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). While no outer planets are guaranteed, Saturn and Jupiter are most likely to be included, depending on complexity of charts.
    • Reading may include Placidus, Equal House, or Whole Sign interpretations, which will be determined on an individual basis.
    • Additional Minor aspects may be included, if the aspects are deemed crucial for the understanding of the planetary and house placements (at Vendor's sole discretion).
    • No additional aspects are 100% guaranteed.


    Compatibility 2-Chart Synastry Reading (90 min)