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Astrological Project Management has been around for thousands of years, but now that Astrology is reclaiming its space in the mainstream, using Astrology to plan the most important projects and milestones in your life is going to become a standard tool for anyone looking to have all their bases covered.

As a certified Project Manager (PMP) and full time Astrologer, I combine ancient Astrology techniques with modern Management techniques in order to help my clients turn their dreams into reality. 

Book a free consultation to learn more about how Gold Titan Astrology + Project Management can help you achieve your goals, w
hether its planning and executing projects, using Astrology to plan a Wedding aligned with the planets, booking an Astrologer for a private event, incorporating Astrology into your advertising and marketing strategy, or any other inquiry that you'd like to chat about.

Read authentic testimonials from past & current clients, or continue reading to learn more about the details of my corporate Project Management experience.

Satisfied clients around the world

I have clients from every corner of the globe. The practice of tracking the planets in the sky is an ancient practice recognized and respected internationally. Though every culture uses different techniques and follows different traditions, the global agreement on Astrology seems to be something that brings us all closer together.
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I've worked with clients from:

- North America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba)
- South America (Peru)
- Eurasia (UK, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Kuwait, UAE)
- Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand, Guam)

Clients Birth Countries (Eurasia).png

Gold Titan Project Management

I've led teams of:
  • Software developers,
  • Supply chain & functional managers,
  • Event staff & performers,
  • Litigation attorneys & legal staff.
I've successfully overseen:
  • High level data & asset management,
  • Six-figure budget & schedule creation/control,
  • Marketing campaign development,
  • ERP software implementation,
  • Licensing & contract execution,
  • Event planning & live event management,
  • Family Immigration & Litigation case management.
As a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP), I use industry standard best practices for Project Management to ensure the success of my clients and their projects. (Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, Lean, Kanban). Whether you are interested in a more traditional Project Management approach, or you like the sound of incorporating Astrology into project planning and practical/long-term business strategy, I have the skills to make sure your next venture is a success. 
I kicked off my corporate career as a Licensing Coordinator and Project Manager for a music publishing company on Wall Street; then moved on to work for the Project Management Office of a leading Immigration Law Firm in NYC before becoming a full time consultant and Astrologer. My attention to detail saves my clients real money; with budget management techniques yielding tangible savings as high as $38,000 USD on a single ERP Software project.
For general project management inquiries, please use the Contact Form, or book a Free Consultation to explore how Gold Titan Project Management could work with you or your organization.
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