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  • Use Astrology to plan the perfect Honeymoon getaway.


    Destination Package ($197.00 USD)

    Using Astrocartography ("Map" Astrology), I can identify what someone's experience in specific locations might be like. This branch of Astrology is the perfect tool for picking the perfect vacation spot or getting options for the location of your Honeymoon getaway.



    30 min Consultation (Introduction) - Establish client requirements (date range, travel constraints, climate preference, existing plans, etc).

    - Deliverable: Honeymoon Destination Astrocartography Report

    - Individual Map Analysis - Identify best locations for each individual.

    - Combined Map Analysis - Identify overlap in individuals.

    - Destination Selection - selection of the best potential honeymoon destination or destinations.

    - 30 min Consultation (Closing call) - Answer questions on Astrocartography Report, Project Close.




    Magical Moments Package ($697.00 USD)

    Fully personalized 7-day horoscope for the week of your Honeymoon.


    Horoscope Report giving you the scheduled rundown: the exact times of the most magical moments of your trip so you can plan the perfect itinterary.



    - 30 min Consultation (Introduction) - Establish client requirements (date range, location/time constraints, existing plans, etc).

    - Deliverable: Magical Moments Honeymoon Horoscope Report

    - General horoscope for each day, personalized to the couple's natal birth charts. [Transits]

    - Identification of the three (3) most magical moments for each day.

    - 30 min Consultation (Closing call) - Answer questions on Horoscope Report, Project Close.


    Please use the Gold Titan Booking Calendar to check availability before booking your consultation. Once you have completed your Order, you will be sent an email that contains a link where you can reserve your desired appointment time with Gold Titan. 


    By purchasing Astrology Honeymoon Services, you agree to the Terms of Service, including the Cancellation+Rescheduling Policy and all Legal Disclaimers regarding any medical, financial, or legal information that may be discussed in your consultation.

    Astrology Honeymoon Packages

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