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Goddesses associated with Mars + Scorpio

Goddesses associated with Mars + Scorpio

Lilith, Hekate, Persephone, Artemis, Athena, Pallas, Nyx, Syx, Bia, Morta, Ereshkigal, Selket, Nephthys

Published October 13, 2023

Mars is officially in Scorpio, so let's talk about the goddesses that are associated with Scorpio and Mars as the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that rules the underworld. In modern astrology, it's ruled by Pluto, who is the ruler of the underworld. So, any chthonic goddesses or goddesses associated with the underworld are associated with Scorpio.

So let's first think about Mars. Mars is the planet that rules masculine, power, strength, sexuality, Penetration, rage, and anger. But when Mars is in the feminine water sign, Scorpio, it talks about the feminine expressions of that. So, feminine rage, feminine sexuality, feminine power and strength. Lilith rules over all of those things, and I view Lilith in some ways as the shadow or feminine expression of Mars.

In the biblical story, Lilith is the first wife of Adam and is banished from the Garden of Eden before Eve is made from Adam's rib. Lilith was the twin flame of Adam, or the feminine counterpart to Mars, who I view as Adam, and then Venus as Eve. So Lilith was banished from the Garden of Eden, banished from Taurus, and exiled in Scorpio.

Lilith was forced to make a home in exile, in the wilderness, in the underworld of Scorpio. where she eventually became the bride of Samael, the Angel of Death, which is associated with Saturn. In ancient astrological tradition, Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, was viewed as a chthonic expression of Saturn, or an underworld expression of Saturn.

Remember, Saturn is the god of agriculture and harvest, and so the heavenly expression of Saturn harvests souls from Earth back into heaven, into their glory, whereas the chthonic or underworld expression of Saturn is harvesting souls downwards into the underworld. In the last part of my video on this week, I talked about Saturn opposite Lilith and how Saturn will use Lilith as a seductive temptation.

the snake in the Garden of Eden. And this is why I emphasized the choices that you're making this week. The curiosities that you're choosing to explore because if you take a bite of the forbidden fruit You could find yourself falling from grace or glory and having to deal with the weight of very dark, heavy knowledge.

So that covers Lilith for now in her relationship to Mars and Scorpio. Looking at the rest of these goddesses, we have Hecate and Persephone. Um, The story of Hecate and Persephone is definitely associated with Mars and Scorpio and the Underworld. Persephone is the daughter of the Greek goddess Demeter, the goddess of harvest and agriculture, who was a daughter of Kronos, or Saturn, the god of agriculture.

Long story short, Pluto, the god of the Underworld, either kidnapped or convinced Persephone to come to the Underworld to be his wife. Demeter was not aware of this, and when she asked Zeus to help her find her daughter, Zeus was like, oh yeah, she's in the underworld. She asked Zeus for help in getting her daughter back and he was like, yeah, I can't help you.

Instead, Demeter received assistance from Hecate, a goddess associated with liminality, moving between worlds, and specifically the gatekeeper of the underworld, connected to the crossroads. Hecate is the one who guided Demeter through the Underworld in order to reunite her with Persephone. But while Persephone was in the Underworld, she ate like six or seven pomegranate seeds.

So the ruler of the Underworld, Pluto, or Hades in the Greek mythology, tried to argue that she can't leave since she ate food in the Underworld. So they were forced to make a compromise where Persephone would spend six months of the year in the Underworld. in the underworld, and then six months of the year with her mother, Demeter.

Now, Demeter, who is the goddess of agriculture, is responsible for growth and fertility of crops. So she said, you want to take my daughter away from me for half the year? Enjoy having no crops for half of the year. And so Demeter invented winter as a way to express her disdain for this compromise. So in autumn, when all the leaves fall off the tree, that is when Persephone is descending into the Underworld to rule as the queen of the Underworld next to Hades or Pluto.

And the spring, when all of the crops start to re blossom and bloom, is when Persephone re ascends out of the Underworld to be with her mother Demeter, the goddess of harvest. Mars in Scorpio talks about descent into the Underworld, into darkness, to deal with our own shadows, but also to learn. about death.

Learn about transformation and the intense experiences that cause transformation. This is literally how diamonds are made. Think of Saturn as the god of harvest, whereas Pluto is the god of underground harvest, mining gemstones. The same intense heat and pressure required to form a gemstone like a diamond is the same intensity of heat and pressure that we experience when we're in the Underworld.

Whether our spirit or astral body is literally journeying to the Underworld, like in Dante's Inferno, or we are experiencing Underworld themes in our everyday life. So moving on to Artemis, who is another goddess that I associate with Mars and Scorpio. Just like Hekate, Artemis is also associated with the moon and is worshipped as a moon goddess, but she's also known as the goddess of the hunt.

She carries a bow and arrow, and the crescent moon is often viewed as Artemis's bow. Mars is a hunter, and when Mars is in its feminine expression, the water sign Scorpio, it talks about a feminine huntress, someone who's able to move undetected within the shadows in order to hunt her prey. I also connect Artemis to Mars and Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer who carries the bow and arrow.

Moving on to Athena and Pallas, Mars is the god of war. In Greek, this is Ares, the god of war. And Ares sister is Athena, the goddess of war. So the feminine expression of Mars, the god of war, is Ares. Athena, the goddess of warfare. She is associated with the owl because the owl has the ability to see in the dark, can navigate through the shadows.

The owl is also connected to Athena as the goddess of wisdom. Athena as a feminine expression of Mars. is not relying on brute force in order to win her wars. She is relying on wisdom, knowledge, and information in order to perform psychological warfare and outsmart her opponents. So Mars in Scorpio and Connection to Athena can talk about winning a battle or a war by outsmarting your opponent by having more wisdom than they do.

An example of this is the mythology of Medusa, who was a gorgon who had snakes on her head, and she would turn people to stone by looking at them. In order to defeat Medusa, Athena was getting assistance from Perseus, and she used wisdom to outsmart Medusa. She had Perseus use a mirrored shield, so that he wouldn't actually have to make eye contact with Medusa.

The same exact story as Hermione Granger, using the mirror to prevent making direct eye contact with the giant snake, the basilisk. And that's what saved her life. That's what prevented her from dying, and only getting petrified instead. Hermione's wisdom and her knowledge is what allowed her to not be defeated by the Basilisk.

And look, I know we don't really love J. K. Rowling, but that book specifically, The Chamber of Secrets, is a huge metaphor for Mars and Scorpio, the descent into the underworld, or the descent into the Chamber of Secrets. Next on the list, we have Nyx. Nyx is the goddess of the night. She's the personification of the nighttime, of darkness, and her home is in Hades.

underworld, so she's also associated with Mars and Scorpio. Next we have Styx, who is another goddess associated with the underworld, specifically giving her name to the river Styx, which is located in the underworld in Greek mythology. She was also said to be the personification of hatred, a lot of that negative emotions and tension that's represented by Mars and the feminine water sign Scorpio.

Bea is the goddess associated with force, power and strength. And we talked about Mars ruling over force, power and strength and Mars and Scorpio being the feminine expression of that. So Bea as the goddess of force, power and strength, very much associated with Mars and Scorpio. Then we have Roman, Proserpina and Hecate.

We already talked about them in Greek mythology. And then Morta is the goddess that is the personification of death. Scorpio is the sign that rules. death and Mars and Scorpio is connected to Morta. And I already talked about this mythology when I did a video on Venus retrograde where I talked about Venus's descent or Inanna's descent into the underworld.

Long story short, Inanna or Venus descends into the underworld in order to learn the secrets of death and darkness and in the process she is stripped of all of her power. So Ereshkigal is pissed as hell that Inanna is trying to learn the secrets of her realm as well. So she, Inanna, who is eventually able to resurrect and emerge from the Underworld.

So the themes of death, rebirth, and transformation that are associated with Scorpio are also connected to Ereshkigal, who resides in the underworld. Next is Egyptian Selket or Serket. Here's a depiction of Serket. She is known as a goddess of death. So inherently connected to Scorpio that way, but she literally has a scorpion on her crown, so could not be more Scorpio energy.

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