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A shreiking Siren, yeilding Neptune's trident against Harry Potter.

Siren Songs + Easter Eggs (Venus "Exalted" in Pisces)

“I’d try putting it in the water if I were you.”

Video commentary originally published April 19, 2022.
Transcript published March 12, 2023.

This video focuses on the symbolism of Venus, specifically her “exaltation” in the sign Pisces. Venus is associated with the Mesopotamian Goddess Ishtar (Easter), the Goddess of Fertility, who is symbolized by an egg.

In the fourth installation of the series, we witness Harry take his Triwizard tournament egg into the prefect’s bathroom. He runs a bubble bath under a stained glass window (which is enchanted to be animated) depicting a mermaid lounging on a rock. Venus “exalted” in Pisces is a mermaid.

When Harry attempts to open the egg, he is met with a loud screeching sound. This is a depiction of Lilith (the shadow of the divine feminine) outside of water: abrasive and unforgiving. He quickly closes the egg, when Moaning Myrtle appears out of the toilet, surrounded by bubbles.

Another example of Venus “exalted” in Pisces is Moaning Myrtle: a flirty ghost girl who hangs out in the toilet.

Myrtle: “I’d try putting it in the water if I were you.”

Harry: “Myrtle! Myrtle.. Did you say ‘try putting it in the water?’”

Myrtle: “Weeee!” *dives into the water and starts coughing up bubbles* “Well, go, on… open it.”

Pisces is the sign that rules all things hidden. Hidden information, hidden clues. Venus “exalted” in Pisces is a “Easter Egg” of information–secrets hidden in plain sight (usually in the form of art, since Venus rules art).

When Harry takes the egg underwater and opens it, he hears the seductive voice of a Siren singing.

“Come seek us where our voices sound…” (Pisces is the sign that rules hide and seek).

“We cannot sing above the ground.” (Venus is a “beautiful singing voice,” since Venus is the planet that rules the throat chakras. Venus in Pisces is a beautiful singing voice that can only be heard under water).

“And now at long you’ll have to look to recover what we took.” (The Siren openly admits to using bait to lure in their prey).

Venus “exalted” in Pisces is a Siren, who cannot sing above the ground. Their voice, underwater, lures you in like hypnosis. They need the illusions of water to draw in their prey.

Pisces is the sign that rules illusions, distortion, things being “not as they seem,” and getting sucked into the deep end (like a rip tide you can’t see). The fear of what you cannot see, the fear of the unknown… these all fall into the realm of Pisces territory.

The fear that Harry feels when he is finally in the water following the sound of the Sirens is a perfect portrayal of Venus “exalted” in Pisces. Even through the fear, Harry follows the alluring sound of their voices because of the valuable bait that they’ve stolen from him: his best friend.

When Harry tries to free all of the hostages (“bait”) from their shackles, he is met with a 3-pronged Neptune’s Trident pressed sharply up his neck, and the Siren proceeds to screech in his face. This reveals the Lilithian qualities of the mermaids (aggressive, dominant, abrasive, and shrill), who use the water to cast illusions that are much softer and more seductive than the harsh truth. This is a perfect metaphor for Venus “exalted” in Pisces.

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