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Hades, from Hercules, smoking a full cigar in one puff

Scorpio feels emotions the deepest

Pluto, Rejection, and Februus Fever

Video published June 13, 2023

In reply to a comment: “Scorpio placements feel the deepest, I swear.”

Okay, I totally agree with this, so let’s talk about it. Out of all the modern ruling planets in Astrology, Pluto’s orbit is the farthest away from the Sun. Pluto is the planet that penetrates the darkness the deepest.

Its orbital plane is also on a completely different angle than the rest of the planets. The rest of the planets stay within 3°-7° of the ecliptic plane, which is the plane where Earth is revolving around the Sun. Pluto’s orbital path goes over 17° off from the ecliptic plane, so it’s the most “wonky” out of all of the modern ruling planets.

So this is the “astronomy” of Pluto. Although Astronomers don’t even consider Pluto a “planet” anymore. It’s a “Trans-Neptunian Object” (TNO), just one of those things that are floating outside of Neptune. (Pluto is also a “Dwarf Planet” like Ceres).

Cut to clip regarding Pluto’s demotion from planet status:

“On August 24, 2006, the ninth planet from the Sun was officially demoted to a dwarf planet by a group of astronomers.”

It’s interesting how the astronomy of Pluto mirrors the Astrology of Scorpio and Pluto’s rulership of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that talks about rejection, but not in the way that Capricorn talks about rejection. Capricorn says, “no, you can’t have this.” Scorpio is the sign that says “you can have this… Now I’m taking it away from you.” It’s the sign that rules loss and grief, having something then losing it.

Cut to clip from Hercules, where Hades (alikened to Pluto) is sipping a martini. Hercules shouts, “Don’t get too comfortable Hades!”

So, Pluto having the status of “planet” and then having that status taken away fits the narrative of Scorpio and Pluto. You wonder why Pluto rules the Underworld? He wants revenge on you [astronomers]! You took his planet status away! Come on!

Cut to clip regarding Pluto’s demotion from planet status:

“Not everyone was thrilled about the decision. There’s an outcry about Pluto being demoted. People had sort of an emotional connection…”

Some people might try to argue this and say that Pisces feel the deepest. Pisces is the sign that rules the deepest, darkest, heaviest emotions… but the thing about Pisces is, that’s the sign that avoids those deep dark emotions. The modern ruler of Pisces is Neptune, which acts as a veil to hide those deep dark truths and emotions away. It’s a filter that only lets the good through. Neptune rules avoidance, escapism, denial, dissociation, numbness, illusions, and distortions of truth. Pluto and Jupiter rule whatever is hiding behind the veil.

Cut to clip from Shrek 2 of Fiona meeting her Fairy Godmother:

GODMOTHER: “Your fallen tears have called to me, so here comes my sweet remedy. I know what every princess needs for her to live life happily. Shhhhh….. Now don’t worry. I’m here to make it all better with just a wave of my magic wand, your troubles will soon be gone!”

One really interesting connection between Pluto/Scorpio and Pisces worth noting (which are both water signs and are heavily connected). Scorpio is the sign that talks about purification (water) by fire (ruled by Mars in traditional astrology). Pluto, as the modern ruler of Scorpio, is known as the God of purification by fire. There’s another ancient Roman God of purification by fire, Februus.

The concept of a Fever, your body purifying your blood of pathogens or infection by heating your blood, is named for Februus. The month of February is also named for this God. That is the month when Pisces season starts. In Ancient Rome, this was traditionally a month of purification by ritual washing and sacrifice by fire.

Whereas Neptune, in medical astrology, rules our immune system, specifically our lymphatic system that filters our blood on a regular basis. When those filters can’t keep up with the amount of infection, Pluto takes over and purifies by heat.

Pisces (mutable water sign) can be viewed as the mutable or adaptable expression of Februus: a temporary fever that cures your illness. Scorpio (fixed water sign) can be viewed as the fixed or stubborn expression of Februus: a fever that is impossible to break and causes death.

Cut to clip from Shrek 2 of the Fairy Godmother losing her cool and then ordering fast food to numb her anger away:

GODMOTHER: “Now, now… mommy can handle this… He endures blistering winds and scorching desert!! He climbs to the highest bloody room of the tallest bloody tower, and what does he find?! Some gender confused wolf telling him that HIS princess has already been MARRIED?!

KING HAROLD: “It wasn’t my fault HE didn’t get there in time!”

GODMOTHER: “STOP THE CAR!!!! Harold… you force me to do something I REALLY don’t want to do!”

KING HAROLD: (gasps) “Where are we?”

CASHIER: “Hi there, welcome to Friar’s Fatboy, can I take your order?”

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