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April Fools 2024: Luxury NYC nightclub, Zamboni, gains popularity after denying entry based on Zodiac sign

[Fake News]

Published April 1, 2024

In an epic April Fools Day prank, Gold Titan Astrology posted a fake CNN article outlining discriminatory practices enacted by Zamboni Nightclub NYC.

The video went viral, amassing 2.5 million views in one day, with accounts across Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter/X sharing the video to their personal and branded accounts.

Google searches for “Zamboni nightclub NYC” skyrocketed, and viewers commented on how smart it was for the club to make such an iconic and genius PR move… The funniest part is that no such nightclub exists. Zamboni nightclub and owner Michael Zamboni are both entirely fictional. This prank is a testament to the power of controversial and comedic marketing and PR strategies.


Did anyone else see this? Luxury NYC nightclub, Zamboni, gains popularity after denying entry based on Zodiac sign. People born from March 21st through April 19th will have to find somewhere else to party this summer as luxury nightclub Zamboni enacts a new policy denying entry to anyone born under the star sign Aries.

Owner Michael Zamboni says, “we noticed the majority of fights in the club were started by Aries, so we decided it was easiest to ban them all together,” in a controversial statement made to CNN, he also says that Gemini's will have to pay a double cover charge starting April 1st, thanks to the dual nature of the Zodiac sign. Bouncers will begin checking date of birth to determine whether or not to admit entry and decide the appropriate entry fee.

Club goers seem to be excited about the change. Frequent attendee Carrie Bluth says she is happy they finally took action. “Those Aries need to find somewhere else to cause trouble. Zamboni is a place for good vibes only, and I'm glad they won't be ruining my night again,” she commented.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think about this. Do you think they're opening themselves up to discrimination lawsuits, or do you think that this is an appropriate way to go about solving the issue?

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