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“Plata O Plomo” ("Silver or lead") - Cancer Opposite Capricorn

The Astrology of the Colombian slang phrase

Published June 15, 2024

Let's talk about the phrase “plata o plomo” and the astrology that aligns with it. So “plata o plomo” is a Colombian Spanish slang phrase and it means “silver or lead.” Plata is silver and plomo is lead. It basically means your choice between silver or lead: you either take this bribe and get paid silver or you take this bullet, and you receive lead.

In astrology, the Moon and Saturn are known as adversaries. They rule opposite signs. The Moon rules Cancer, which is opposite Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Cancer is the sign that rules living like royalty. It is the queen of the zodiac. The Moon and silver, is the queen to gold, that is the king (what's good? Gold Titan Astrology… book a reading). So the moon rules silver, Saturn rules lead.

The opposite sign [from Cancer] that's ruled by Saturn (Capricorn) talks about organized crime. It talks about really any institutions that deal with financial and institutional power that are commanded by a commissioner. Any sort of organized operation falls under Capricorn, and oftentimes people participate in those systems not because they want to, but because they will die if they don't.

There's good and bad to every planet, but Saturn will extort you and work you to death, and then dispose of you once he's done draining you of your life force; and gangsters do the same thing. When they say Plata o Plomo, they are very much acting as Saturn, who says, “do what I want, submit to my control or I'll kill you,” and rewarding people for submitting to their control in a way that makes submitting to that person's control irresistible. It is almost the only option.

And so, Capricorn catches the stereotype of being controlling and demanding and having very high standards of expectation for peoples’ behavior that they keep in their close, guarded circles. Very gangster. Whereas Cancer energy… Cancers catch the stereotype of being gullible, being really easy to manipulate using their emotions, being very committed to their families in a way where they will uplift a criminal and they will do things that they really shouldn't, in order to protect their family.

This is in a way where the family is all that matters. Protecting the safety of their family is all that matters. They don't care if other people get hurt in the process. And that's kind of the energy of choosing the plata over the plomo. You know damn straight that these people who are bribing you are murderers who are killing people, using cartel gangster language, and you still choose to take the silver because… better them than your family being killed.

Anyway, not saying that all Capricorns are gangsters or that all Cancers are gullible or gonna be extorted in this kind of a way, but it's very interesting to see the astrology and the astrological rulership of silver and lead be opposite, and then this phrase “silver or lead” be used in the context that really describes the Capricorn-Cancer axis.

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