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  • Monthly General Transit Reading (45 min)

    General astrology transit breakdowns for each calendar month. Date and Time for transit reading and transit report are New York, NY (Eastern Time).



    • Monthly Recorded Video Reading:  Forty-Five (45) minute video with a breakdown of general Astrology transits for each calendar month.
    • Monthly Transit Report: Full Report of every aspect for each calendar month.
    • Color coded New Moon and Full Moon chart each calendar month (Whole Sign Houses).



    • Customer will be billed monthly until subscription is cancelled.
    • Orders placed on the 21st of the month or later will be for the following month's transit video, and may take up to 10-12 days to be delivered. 



    By purchasing a Monthly General Transit Reading Subscription, you agree to the Terms of Service, including the Refund Policy and all Legal Disclaimers regarding any medical, financial, or legal information that may be discussed in your reading.

    Monthly General Transit Reading (45 min-2 hr)

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    Monthly Transits
    Subscribe to get monthly general transit readings!
    $8.00every month until canceled
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