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Learn more about the Astrology and mythology behind the Winter Solstice, the Roman Pagan Festival of Saturnalia, the Norse Pagan Festival of Yule, and how these developed into the Christmas we know today.
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Get a personalized breakdown of your Natal Birth Chart: the position of the planets the minute you were born. Identify blockages, patterns, and possible solutions (Video Recording).

Improve your relationship with a friend, lover, or family member by comparing your birth charts (Video Recording).
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Get briefed on upcoming Astrology transits in a 1--on-1 consultation with me. A truly personalized Horoscope that includes an intro meeting to identify your needs & goals, delivery of a detailed Transit Report, and a closing call to address any questions you may have about the Transit Report (Live Consultations). Available for Personal and Commercial Clients.
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Use Astrology to select the perfect wedding date, gain insight into the Horoscope of your Wedding, avoid drama amongst bridal party members, and pick the best location & moments for planning the perfect Honeymoon (Live Consultations).
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Read about the Astrology of getting married, where I breakdown the position of the planets on the days of celebrity or highly visible weddings. 
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Learn Astrology. Invoke Planetary Energies. Educational and decorative Astrology posters printed with glare-resistant matte ink.
Save as high as $38,000 on a single project when you use Gold Titan, PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
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