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Venus Rx Prep: The toxic EX has got to GO

Venus Rx Prep: The toxic EX has got to GO

Venus Square Chiron - May 24, 2023

Video published May 23, 2023.


With Venus stationing retrograde (Rx) in Leo this summer, the romance and relationship department might see some issues, or at least some delays–maybe even regression, or things kind of going backwards in the progression of a relationship.

So, for the relationships that are meant to be, they’ll be able to withstand this very easily, but for the relationships that are being called into question… There might be some relationships that aren’t actually balanced that need to be addressed during this Venus Rx cycle.

Leo is a fixed sign (the fixed fire sign), so it talks about all of the ways that we have fixated on our desires, but also the ways that we secure and protect our own sense of self and our ego. (Fixed = stuck, stubborn, sturdy, protected) (Fire = ego, sense of self, desire). So Leo energy doesn’t necessarily like change.

Venus Rx is a period when you’re forced to reflect upon the balance within your relationships. Any relationships that aren’t balanced are going to be really thrown off kilter during this, to the point where you’re forced to acknowledge the imbalance (and the unsustainability of that imbalance).

So, if your own confidence and security in your sense of self (which are all Leo) are dependent upon a relationship, or another person that you’re seeking external validation from, and it’s not actually in a healthy or balanced way… this Venus Rx in Leo is going to mess you up real good.

If your sense of conference and security in who you are comes from your own self love, then this Venus Rx is going to be a period where you get to really focus on that self love and give yourself that extra attention so that when Venus stations Direct, you can come back in your healthy, balanced relationships fully rejuvenated, full of life, and ready to continue loving and contributing to that healthy, balanced relationship.


If you are in a relationship that is really toxic, or you’re having trouble letting go of feelings that you have for somebody (even though you know that it’s not a balanced, healthy relationship), this transit coming up May 23-25 (Venus Square Chiron) is a really good opportunity to cut those cords from toxic people, separate yourself from unbalanced, unhealthy relationships.

We’ll really start to feel the effects of Venus in Cancer square Chiron in Aries in the late hours of May 23, but the aspect goes exact on May 24 at 7:39 PM Eastern Time. If you’ve been waiting for a good time to cut off that toxic ex, or to do that cord cutting ritual, then this is a really great time for it.

Releasing that unbalanced energy so you can recenter now, will allow you to find some balance so that the Venus Rx in Leo from July through September won’t hit you as hard.

I’m gonna be following Venus pretty closely for most of the summer through that Rx cycle, so follow and subscribe for more Venus content.

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