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Venus Return in Leo (for Natal Leo Venus)

Venus Return in Leo (for Natal Leo Venus)

Venus Rx in Leo (July 23 - Sep 2, 2023)

Published Aug 1, 2023.

So if you have Venus in Leo, that means you're currently experiencing a very long Venus return, which is the time that Venus returns to the same point it was when you were born. Venus is only ever two signs away from the Sun, so this happens every year and it's either before, after, or during Leo season when the Sun is in Leo.

Normally when there's not a retrograde happening, the Venus return is a very auspicious transit. It's really great for money matters, it's really good for aesthetic, for friendships and relationships, and generally speaking Venus is a benefic.

She's the short term benefic or bringer of good fortune. So the Venus return talks about benefits returning to you. As I'm filming this (filmed July 22), Venus is currently stationed. She's not stationed direct, she's not stationed retrograde, she's appearing to be dead stopped. She's in the process of stationing retrograde. So basically at the end of today, she will be stationed retrograde and appear to move backwards through September 2nd, where she will then station direct again, and on September 3rd she will move direct.

This means that all of the benefits that have been returning to you since Venus entered Leo on June 5th–there may be a sort of retraction of that benefit. You may see something that you thought was yours to claim or some value that was added to some area of your life, and then that value may seem to kind of dissipate or temporarily hide away.

So with you having this natal placement, it's especially important for you to be taking this retrograde period to reflect on what it is you value, what you desire, and why do you value those things so that when Venus Stations direct in September you can reclaim the benefits that are rightfully yours (and you can do so in a way that's more aligned with your highest fate and the brightest, lightest version of you, which is Leo, ruled by the sun).

Leo is also the sign that rules pride. It’s the fixed fire sign, so it talks about a stubborn ego or a difficult to move sense of self and sense of identity. So, if it's not in check, this turns into cockiness, arrogance and elitism, whereas if it's embraced in a positive way–this is how we get our sense of confidence.

Venus is the scales that weigh out the difference in value between two things. It's very much about comparison. Sometimes people with Venus and Leo tend to get their sense of pride and confidence by comparing themselves to others. It's this energy of being better than someone else that allows you to be proud of yourself.

The sun is self-sustaining. It shines bright no matter who's watching. Whereas Venus is very much about external validation and getting the approval of others. This retrograde period is asking you to reflect on where you are getting your confidence from. Is it because you're proud of yourself or because other people are gassing you up?

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