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Unverified source claims Electric Zoo is lying about the reason they cancelled day one

Unverified source claims Electric Zoo is lying about the reason they cancelled day one

Avant Gardner allegedly $8M in debt, unable to pay vendors (Mercury Rx + Venus Rx)

Published September 1, 2023

Mercury and Venus retrograde update for you: Electric Zoo Festival (EZoo) which happens in New York every Labor Day Weekend was supposed to start today and they cancelled day one of their event hours before the gates were set to open, claiming that they were unable to finish building the main stage in time due to “global supply chain disruptions.”

But, it’s interesting. I was on Twitter and I saw this tweet from @WOOKBASSredneck claiming that that is not the true story. This is an unverified source, so this is all “alleged” but I’m going to read the text message.

“Okay so my co worker in my studio he’s a triplet and his brother works for Avant gardener in the finance department and he told us like a month ago that ezoo was getting cancelled because they can’t afford to pay their vendors. That’s why I stopped wanting to go to ezoo fun fact. But I didn’t know if he was capping or actually knew what he was talking about. So I just went to his desk I’m like dude they cancelled ezoo your brother was right. He’s like I f*cking know its insane.

He said his brother said they’re gonna lie and say it’s cause they can’t build the main stage but it’s actually because they couldn’t afford to pay their vendors and are $8 million dollars in debt right now. It’s actually insane. I went on the website and it says word for word they cancelled because the main stage couldn’t be built. I’m like wow”

Mercury retrograde could possibly indicate that the story they are telling us about main stage is in fact fabricated. Venus retrograde could potentially indicate the $8 million dollars of debt they are trying to hide away. Although these are only allegations from an unverified source, I wouldn’t hold your breath for day two of this festival.

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