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UFO body cam footage released by Las Vegas PD

UFO body cam footage released by Las Vegas PD

April Fool’s Day Prank comes true: ETs hit the strip

Video and transcript published on June 11, 2023

Intro to the video shows a clip from April Fool’s Day prank with soundtrack to ET playing over a fake headline: “UFO lands in outskirts of Las Vegas, witnesses claim “aliens” left the craft to gamble on strip.”

Real article from CNN on June 11, 2023 reads: “Watch: Vegas police respond to report of ‘10-foot creature’ in yard after green flash across sky”

According to DailyMail, a Las Vegas officer’s camera picked up the strange blue ball of light at about 11:50pm on April 30, however the camera says 6:40pm.

The body cam footage just released, so let’s look at that.

(Short video cut of low quality footage of blue light falling from sky).

POLICE OFFICER 1: “If those 9-ft beings come back into your backyard, you call the police and we’ll come back here.”

POLICE OFFICER 2: “No, hey! If those 9-ft beings come back, don’t call us, alright? Deal with it yourself. I ain’t dealing with that.

WITNESS: “Somebody call NASA!”

POLICE OFFICER 2: “I’ll drive by and wave at you guys. You’re on your own.”

It kind of reminds me of that scene from “Scary Movie 2” (a spoof of “Signs”) where there’s alien sightings in someone’s backyard.

(Cut to “Scary Movie 2”)

NEWSCASTER: “And now, reports of lights in the sky. Glimpses of spacecraft. Possible alien sightings being reported all over the world. Are they aliens? Video images are coming in. Disturbing home video tonight from a ranch outside Sydney, Australia. Watch very carefully now.”

(An ET walks across the screen).

NEWSCASTER: “There, there it is. Let’s see that again. Very, very disturbing. And this just in from south Texas.”

(Video clip plays of frat brothers partying and vomiting everywhere, with an ET discreetly holding a beer and blending in with the party-goers).

NEWSCASTER: “Do they pose a threat?”

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