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Toyota closes all Japan plants due to glitch, estimated loss of $356M

Toyota closes all Japan plants due to glitch, estimated loss of $356M

Accurate Prediction: Major financial loss due to technical glitch (Venus Rx + Mercury Rx)

Published Aug 30, 2023

On August 23 I predicted a major loss of assets due to a technical glitch because Venus and Mercury are retrograde at the same time.

My tweet read: “Mercury and Venus being retrograde at the same time, I’m predicting an incident where a large amount of money or expensive assets get lost due to a technical glitch or data-related error in the next few weeks. I hope someone accidentally wires me $1M lol”

Six days later, August 29, it was reported that Toyota had to shut down all of their assembly line plants in Japan due to a technical glitch. It’s estimated that being down for a single day resulted in a $356M loss.

According to multiple sources (including Gulf News, The Vaultz News,, The Autopian), “Its average global vehicle sale price in the most recent quarter was equivalent to $26,384, based on its financial reporting. Using that as a proxy would mean a full-day of production at the 14 plants would be equivalent to $356 million in revenue.”

The glitch happened as a result of a system upgrade, so this is your reminder not to update your software while Mercury and Venus are both retrograde if you have $356M of daily revenue on the line.

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