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Titan submarine goes missing on Titanic Trek

Titan submarine goes missing on Titanic Trek

(Moon Void-of-Course in Cancer for 2 days)

Published June 19, 2023.

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the submarine that went missing on its Titanic trek, but what does the astrology say about this missing submarine? Right now we are experiencing something called a void moon, or the moon is “void of course.” This happens when the moon is finishing a transit through a sign, but there are no more aspects that she'll hit with other planets until after she ingresses into the next sign.

So for these void of course periods, the moon's communication with other planets is pretty much non-existent, and she’s pretty much just floating in the void waiting for the next step. Under typical circumstances, this happens and it usually lasts for a couple of hours, sometimes a day if it's a really long one.

The void of course moon that we are in right now is from June 19th through June 21st. That's like two and a half days. It is a whole 30 degree transit from seven degrees of cancer to seven degrees of Leo that the moon will be void of course. And so when you think about the moon in her home sign, a water sign of cancer, you think of a vehicle, a chariot of the water. And so this submarine can literally be symbolized by this domiciled cancer moon.

That submarine is floating around in the void somewhere, if not swallowed up already. Astrologers say that if you try to start something new or open a line of communication during this void of course moon period, it's gonna fall on deaf ears. Nothing is gonna come of it.

Some astrologers feel more strongly about that than others, and I don't normally take void of course moons with that much weight, because I’d never get anything done. But when it's a really long one like this, this is one of the longest void of chorus moons that we have the entire year. The worst possible time for your submarine to go missing in the void.

So I personally, not to be a pessimist, I don't think we're gonna see or hear from this submarine again.

If we do, it will probably be after the moon has entered Leo on Wednesday afternoon sometime, or after that. Supposedly they have like 70 hours of oxygen left, so we'll see. I do feel bad for the crew members and the families of the crew members that are on this missing sub. As for the billionaires...

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