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The Schumann Resonance, The Chariot, and Merkaba Mysticism

The Schumann Resonance, The Chariot, and Merkaba Mysticism

Moon in Cancer June 18, 2023

Published June 21, 2023

This is such a great connection, so I want to talk a little bit about it. I don't think I've ever talked about the Schumann resonance before on here, so what is the Schumann resonance?

There are many different layers to Earth's atmosphere. One of them is called the ionosphere. That is where the Northern Lights is happening. The aurora borealis is caused by particles from the Sun getting caught in the electromagnetic field of Earth. Now what happens is the layer between the ionosphere and Earth's crust becomes this empty cavity that resonates at a certain frequency, like the same way a glass resonates when you rub your finger around the rim.

The Schumann resonance is the resonant frequency of this empty cavity in between the ionosphere and the Earth. This image is a visualization of those resonant frequencies. So for context, on a normal day, it looks something like this. On the days that there are coronal mass ejections and solar flares that cause these geomagnetic storms, it's gonna be a little bit more intense, like this.

So to see that the Schumann resonance looked like this on June 18th… this is not normal. There are people who think that this is caused by, like, a computer glitch that is improperly displaying data. I even saw people talk about how they think each one of these lines are all of the different parallel timelines that are resonating. All very interesting theories.

Let's get back on the conversation about the chariot and focus on this specific pattern right here. This is known as a unicursal hexagram. It is a very powerful shape of sacred geometry, and it is associated with the Merkaba, or the chariot of the soul. Now the Merkaba is described as a spherical orb-like vehicle or chariot, and it is said to be able to transcend space and time, thereby moving through higher dimensions that go beyond the three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time.

So this is an umbrella that covers space travel and time travel. That is what the symbolism of the starry curtain on top of the chariot on the chariot tarot card symbolizes: space and time travel. It's a very interesting connection that this Schumann resonance is happening when the moon is domiciled in Cancer, the sign of the chariot.

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