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Taco Bell hit with class action lawsuit over disappointing $6 Mexican pizza

Taco Bell hit with class action lawsuit over disappointing $6 Mexican pizza

(Venus Rx + Aquarius Full Moon)

Published Aug 2, 2023.

Venus retrograde update for you all, Taco Bell has just been hit with a class action lawsuit for their deceptive advertising practices. Venus is the planet that rules food and Venus retrograde can sometimes talk about either not having enough food or remaking food. It's the energy of ordering this [left] and getting this [right]. Venus also rules the legal system and justice. So Venus retrograde can be a period where long overdue justice is finally being sought or served.

These photos are from the lawsuit itself, which literally has the side by side photos of that crunch wrap on Instagram, the crunch wrap in real life. And we all know that the presentation of Taco Bell is abysmal and the portions are not what they say on the ad, but look at this veggie Mexican pizza. That looks like toy vomit. Disgusting.

The lawsuit talks about the current financial struggles many people are going through, the fact that they would not order this food if they knew what it really looked like, but also how they're unfairly competing with restaurants that do fairly advertise because [people] think they're getting a better deal at Taco Bell when that's a lie.

They even quoted multiple articles that talk about the lack of beef on these products. Even a youtuber made it in here. Brennan Taylor, shout out to you. This is arguably my favorite part. “On September 20th, plaintiff purchased a Mexican pizza at a Taco Bell store in Ridgewood, New York for $5.49 plus tax.” This is all over a six dollar pizza. My petty king. I am here for it.

So he saw the Taco Bell Mexican pizza ads on the internet. He probably saw Doja Cat's little jingle that she did… sell out. And he said it was like half full. And so even though it's only $5.49, he said, I wouldn't have spent my money if this is what I knew I would be getting.

It might be only $5 for him, but for people who are going there regularly, and when you add the thousands and thousands of people that consume Taco Bell every day under these false advertising pretenses, it adds up. They are raking in money, and they're stealing from everybody.

To me, the most hard hitting statement was this: “defendant made its untrue and or misleading statements and representations willfully Wantonly and with reckless disregard for the truth.” Phew.

Plaintiff and members of the class have been injured in as much as they received approximately 100% less than the amount of beef and ingredients that were advertised. They're basically saying on every Crunch Wrap Supreme, we suffered damages of whatever y'all charge for double meat. They're citing specifically violation of the New York Deceptive Acts and Practices Act.

This paragraph 60 says they're seeking statutory damages of $500 per unit purchase. I don't know if that's like a typo or if they're trying to put Taco Bell six feet deep.

They also want to order that Taco Bell be financially responsible for notifying all of the members of the class action lawsuit about the alleged misrepresentation. Alleged. Yeah, it's alleged that Obama was president. Let's allege. And, they are demanding a trial by jury. So James C. Kelly and Anthony J. Russo down in Delray Beach, hats off to you.

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