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Saturn in Pisces Predictions

Saturn in Pisces Predictions

(March 2023 - February 2026)

Twitter Predictions Published Feb 27, 2023.
Video Published Wednesday March 29, 2023.
Transcript Published April 6, 2023.

These are some of my predictions for Saturn in PIsces, which goes from March 7, 2023 through February 14, 2026.

Saturn is the planet that rules physical earth. It rules structure and stability–that includes infrastructure. Whereas Pisces is the sign that rules the ocean. It rules liquification, and the idea of dissolving things into a giant soup. So Saturn in Pisces could talk about liquification or distortion of physical infrastructure. We might see the collapse of major bridge(s), or just really significant erosion of infrastructure over the next couple of years.

Pisces also rules drug and alcohol consumption, especially overconsumption, since it’s ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter rules overflow and abundance. Saturn is the planet that rules toxic cycles, the things that we are bound to, as well as breaking out of those toxic cycles through mental [re]conditioning. For example: programming your mind using a reward system.

I think for Saturn in Pisces we are gonna see an overabundance in alcohol and drug consumption, as well as a response in the form of increased AA and rehabilitation programs. Think of the grunge, heroin-chic vibes of the mid-90s… that’s Saturn in Pisces and it’s coming back for the next 3 years.

Next is a focus on the pharmaceutical industry specifically. Pisces rules drugs and alcohol, which includes pharmaceutical drugs. Saturn is the planet that rules the “law,” restrictions, and regulations–so Saturn in Pisces is themes of restrictions on drugs and pharmaceuticals.

This was the transit where we saw the peak of the “war on drugs” back in the ‘90s. We may even possibly see some sort of reparations for people who were affected by the war on drugs the last time Saturn was in Pisces (although I do think it’s much more likely to happen on a state level than on a federal level within the US).

But [as of this video, March 20, 2023], we’ve already seen a restriction of the pharmaceutical industry. On March 16, 2023, only 9 days into Saturn’s transit through Pisces, the largest provider of ketamine infusions for mental health treatment was shut down [with no notice to employees or patients]. We’re going to see a lot of adjustments in the landscape as it relates to synthetic drug treatment.

Continuing with the topic of pharmaceuticals, I think we also might see a significant increase in the fentanyl overdoses that we’ve witnessed over the past couple of years. We might even possibly see some exposure of the CIA/government/law enforcement’s involvement in the intentional distribution of said fentanyl.

We’re also going to see a major integration of the advanced technologies related to submersible experiences. Pisces is the sign that rules optical illusions and submerging yourself fully within those illusions to create a false reality. While Saturn rules advanced technologies and internet networks. So, we’re really going to see advanced technology like virtual reality (VR) and hologram projections integrated into the mainstream.

We’ve definitely already seen a taste of this technology unfolding, such as the holographic signs in airports. I really think over the next three years it’s going to become expected as a part of the experience.

Another thing that’s important to mention here is that Pisces is a sign that is very much about the collective. It’s the collective emotions, the collective subconscious, it’s everyone’s everything mixed all together. Aquarius does deal with collective consciousness–the consciousness that allows for innovation and inspired ideas to be birthed, but it also deals with solitude, isolation, and individuality (being ruled by Saturn in Traditional Astrology).

So as Saturn moved through Aquarius the past couple of years, we witnessed Mark Zuckerberg trying to claim ownership of the metaverse for himself like a dictator. What we’re going to see is a decentralized metaverse/digital world become the popular option as Saturn moves into Pisces and the advanced tech ruled by Saturn becomes decentralized and dissolved into the collective soup that is Pisces (instead of the individualized wealth that is owned within Aquarius).

Of course Pluto entering Aquarius right around the same time is going to help with the breakdown and destruction of that centralized metaverse he has created. We even watched Mark Zuckerberg attempt to use Pluto entering Aquarius to kill his competition (Tiktok), and he ended up committing social network suicide.

Probably the most important prediction for Saturn in Pisces has to do with humanity’s involvement in the quantum realm. Saturn rules probability, time and timelines, the separation of all of eternity into individual moments of time, as well as branches of different parallel timelines that are all happening simultaneously.

So Saturn ruling physical matter, our physical bodies, represents the limitations or restrictions that physical bodies create within three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension: time. We cannot jump outside of space and time because we are “trapped” inside of our physical bodies. That is Saturn.

Pisces is the sign that rules expansion beyond the limitations of space and time. It goes beyond the limitations of Saturn, which end at Aquarius, and includes everything past that “boundary.” The unseen realm, the spiritual realm, the quantum realm of infinite possibility. The interconnection of all living things that is described as the “spiritual oneness” of Pisces is known in the scientific realm as “quantum entanglement.”

The last time Saturn was in Pisces was the ‘90s. That was when we saw a really huge development in the infrastructure of the global internet networks, especially under the ocean. Now, in 2023, technology is advancing so quickly that I think, in the next three years, we’ll see quantum supercomputing completely transform our reality.

They’ve been developing quantum supercomputers for many years now, and they’ve been working on making them more accessible and integrating them into everyday business practice.

The way a regular computer has to either read a 0 or a 1–the “binary” code… The simplest way to explain what’s happening with a quantum supercomputer is that they have figured out a way to keep Pandora’s box closed with respect to the code. So, in traditional computers it’s either 1 or 0, but in a quantum computer it could be either, depending on what calculation the computer is running through it. That “either or” allows the computer to run multiple calculations at the same time without needing additional computing power. It’s “Pandora’s computer.”

Something that took months or years to run full calculations are now going to be done in minutes. I also predict that IBM is going to make a major comeback in the next three years because they have been spending a LOT of their focus on quantum computing, and I think it’s going to really pay off for them.

We’re also going to see a lot of conversation about scientific experiments designed to push the laws of physics in order to experiment about the nature of our reality. CERN is the main thing that comes to mind.

I think we’ll also see an increased conversation around subliminal messaging. We already saw examples recently with “Contagion” playing out via the Covid-19 crisis, and “White Noise,” a movie about a toxic chemical spill in Ohio that happens from a train derailment (hello, East Palestine).

I think the fringe conspiracy theory that there are people who intentionally create this content to lay the subconscious groundwork /foundation for these disasters to happen is a stretch, although not impossible. I will say the whole “art imitates life, life imitates art” paradox is definitely going to be a topic of conversation the next three years. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw mainstream media publications like Cosmopolitan, Variety, etc. talking about things like predictive programming and the impact that subliminal messaging has on the way reality happens.

Of course there’s always two sides to every coin, so there are going to be people that are more aware of the power of the subconscious to create reality, and then there will be other people that are just subjected to more subliminal messaging with no awareness.

For the people who do gain increased awareness of the power of the subconscious and subliminal mind control, I think we might see an increase in the interest in things like hypnotherapy and other subconscious therapies. I think the increase in drug and alcohol use and subsequent rehabilitation that I discussed in the beginning might come in part with things like hypnotherapy as a method of releasing oneself from drug/alcohol addiction/abuse.

Again, focusing on Saturn as the ruler of advanced sciences and technological/scientific advancement through research & development (especially in the field of psychology). Pisces is the sign that rules things disappearing, going behind a veil of forgetfulness. So I think of [newly researched & developed treatments for] psychological disorders that deal with not seeing things clearly, not being able to recall memories. Conditions like Alzheimers, dementia, or even color blindness. There’s a veil/filter that’s preventing someone from seeing in full color. So a more positive and hopeful interpretation for Saturn’s transit through Pisces could be that there’s clarity or focus brought to this blurry foggy image.

I talked about how we’re going to see the landscape for pharmaceuticals change over the next three years with changes in government regulations, but this also includes the introduction of new synthetic medications. Jupiter is the planet that rules synthesis. As the ruler of Sagittarius, this is the synthesis of a man and horse to make a centaur. As the ruler of Pisces, it’s a much more complicated synthesis.

The chemical process of synthetic drug manufacturing falls into Pisces, whereas Saturn is the planet that rules productivity within capitalist systems, production value, and final product completion. Saturn and Uranus (together) are the energy of coming up with a new idea, testing that idea out and seeing what you can do to improve it, and you continue that process (the “research & development process”). The final product, Saturn, is that “diamond” you get at the end–quite literally the crystal that you get at the end of the crystallization process.

When things like ketamine access gets withheld, people are going to have to resort to alternate methods of synthetic treatment, and that’s where these newly developed synthetic medications are going to come out at the perfect time like, “we have just the thing you need.”

While we’re on the topic of synthetics… Pisces rules all synthetics, from drugs to clothing materials, building materials, etc. As we witness the sorta “deterioration” and erosion of a lot of the infrastructure over the next three years, we’re also going to see the introduction of new alternative building materials. Synthetic materials that are stronger, more durable, more environmentally friendly, etc.

We are also going to see some sort of notable change regarding plastic use/manufacturing. The synthetic oil-based plastics that are currently polluting our f*cking oceans–it needs to change. So I’m predicting a massive change to governmental regulation on plastic within the next few years. This could go either way. We will either see an increase in regulation and a movement towards more biodegradable alternatives like hemp/cornstarch plastics… or the complete opposite happens: they just abandon all regulations and it becomes an oil-based plastic free-for-all.

Regardless of what happens with plastics specifically, the theme around water pollution and water accessibility is going to be a major conversation. Activism and organization, which is ruled by Saturn, specifically related to water accessibility (Pisces). This is probably going to be the most difficult part of this transit, if I’m being honest.

I think Saturn’s run through Pisces through 2026 might also bring us both the integration and reconstruction of new and existing socialist government programs. Pisces is the sign that rules empathy and caring for your fellow human being. Saturn rules government mandates. So, Saturn in Pisces is government mandated empathy, socialist programs.

Saturn in Pisces was the transit that happened at the end of the New Deal (1930s) after the Great Depression, which is when many of the socialist programs in the USA were formed or implemented. That includes things like social security, FHA (federal housing), and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates trading of stocks, bonds, etc.).

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