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LITERAL Astrology: Dragon head erupts in ball of fire at Disneyland

LITERAL Astrology: Dragon head erupts in ball of fire at Disneyland

North Node (“Dragon's Head”) Conjunct Sun

Video and transcript published on Sunday April 23, 2023

This might be the most literal example of Astrology playing out that I have ever seen in my entire life. Last night (April 22, 2023) at Disneyland, the dragon in the Maleficent attraction exploded at the head and then spread to the whole body and burned the whole thing down.

[Footage of dragon’s head on fire, with commentary from viewers]
“Oh what? Yo, guys, it’s on fire! What’s going on?! Whoa…”

[Dragon’s head fire intensifies, exploding in flames and sparks]
“That’s not supposed to happen, y’all…”

[as the fire spreads to the dragon’s body]
“It’s catching fire y’all.”

[a voice rings over the loudspeaker]
“This performance of Fantasmic cannot continue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope you enjoy the rest of your day here at Disneyland.”

In Astrology, the North Node and South Node are known as the Head of the Dragon and the Tail of the Dragon. When the Full Moon or New Moon aligns with the “dragon” (or those Nodes), that is what causes an eclipse.

We are in the middle of eclipse season. We just had an eclipse on April 20, 2023, and we have another one coming up on May 5, 2023–which means the dragon is “activated” right now.

The North Node or “head of the dragon” is currently conjunct the Sun… y’know? That big ball of fire in the sky… So to see the head of the dragon literally explode in a ball of fire while the head of the dragon in Astrology is aligned with the giant ball of fire in the sky–it could NOT get more literal.

I always talk about how “eclipse season” (the 2 week period in between consecutive Solar/Lunar eclipses) is a little bit dangerous. It’s a time prone to accidents, chaos, and explosive unexpected outcomes [just like this incident]... but this is no ordinary accident. This is a very very significant omen that has very significant symbolic meaning. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that board room right now, because they are probably not excited to see such an omen.

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