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Lightning strikes church, burning it to the ground

Lightning strikes church, burning it to the ground

Sagittarius Full Moon 2023

Video published June 7, 2023

This church in Spencer, MA burned down after being struck by lightning. This is obviously a tragic event for this community, but thankfully nobody was injured, so I do want to talk about the Astrology that was happening and how it correlates to this event.

The fire happened on the afternoon of Friday June 2, 2023, just a day before the Moon moved into Sagittarius for the Sagittarius Full Moon (which happened very early on Sunday Jun 4, late hours of Saturday night).

Sagittarius is the fire sign that is ruled by Jupiter, which is the Roman God alikened to the Greek God Zeus, also known as the God of Lightning. Any fire that starts as a result of lightning falls under the rulership of Jupiter and Sagittarius.

Sagittarius also rules all things philosophical: our greater perspective on life. That includes our religious beliefs and religious perspectives; therefore all organized religion and the institution of the church falls under rulership of Sagittarius too.

I think it’s interesting that the church got struck by lightning and burned to the ground a day before the Sagittarius Full Moon, the sign that literally rules religious institutions and fire-by-lightning.

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