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I-95 Overpass collapses due to tanker truck fire

I-95 Overpass collapses due to tanker truck fire

Accurate Prediction: Saturn in Pisces (+Venus in Leo)

Video and transcript published June 12, 2023

Quote from Saturn in Pisces Prediction Video:
“Pisces Saturn could talk about liquification or distortion of physical infrastructure…”

An I-95 overpass collapsed in Philadelphia [yesterday, June 11, 2023] due to a truck that lit on fire underneath the bridge, causing it to collapse.

In the stitched video I talk about how Saturn in Pisces, we’re going to see the liquification of physical infrastructure. Saturn rules infrastructure, and Pisces rules liquification. It rule the ocean and liquid solutions.

So, the normal way that we expect to see infrastructure “liquify” is through erosion, right? Natural, environmental wear. I’m sure erosion had something to do with the poor quality and maintenance of this bridge.

Although, ABC6 Headlines from April 30, 2019 read “$4.2 billion was diverted from Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation road and bridge repairs to fund state police, new audit reveals”

I want to talk about the fire for a second, because it’s relevant to the Astrology. Venus is in Leo (along with Mars, but we’ll be focusing on Venus). Venus rules the fixed earth sign Taurus, which rules anything that needs to be fixed in place, physically–a bridge, a house, anything with a solid concrete foundation that is sturdy and stable. It’s definitely a correlation to note that this bridge collapses due to a fire when Venus is in Leo: the fixed fire sign (a fire that can’t be put out).

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