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Grim Reaper attends Charles’ “Coronation” + Makes Headlines

Grim Reaper attends Charles’ “Coronation” + Makes Headlines

ACCURATE PREDICTION: Ancient Babylonian Substitute King Ritual “Recitation of negative omen”

Video and Transcript published May 11, 2023

“In order to prevent these [substitute king] rituals from being confused with a legitimate coronation, there would be some sort of discussion of said omen.”
~Quote from video titled:
Lunar Eclipse Coronation (+Ancient Babylonian Substitute King Ritual)

I told y’all the day before this coronation… in the Ancient Babylonian Substitute King Ritual, which happens on eclipses (just like this “coronation”), looks exactly like a coronation. The only thing that differentiates this from a legitimate coronation is presentation or discussion of the omen. That’s what this “grim reaper” thing is [about.]

This is not really the grim reaper, it’s the Verger, which is a staff attendant of Westminster Abbey, but they intentionally had him walk across this door while the cameras were rolling, while the processional was happening, because he was a symbolic part of their Substitute King Ritual.

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