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Goddess Activations, Pandora’s Box, Heist Operations

Goddess Activations, Pandora’s Box, Heist Operations

0° Critical aspects from Oct 9-13, 2023 (Saturn, Lilith, Venus, Mars, Moon)

Published October 8, 2023

If you work with Hecate, Artemis, Venus or Aphrodite, Freya, Pandora or her box, Lilith, Athena or Pallas, Persephone or Proserpina, then you're gonna wanna watch this video on the astrology leading up to Friday the 13th, the day of the Goddess, which happens the day before a solar eclipse this week (October 9th through Friday the 13th).

Saturn, Lilith, Venus, Mars, and the Moon will all hit zero degree placements at some point in the week forming zero degree critical aspects with each other. Zero degrees is known as a critical degree in astrology. It's the first degree of every sign and it talks about starting something new, starting a new story, turning a new leaf and getting a fresh start. Zero is a circle. There's no angles, there's no beginning and no end. So there is unlimited potential from the number zero. It can go up, it can go down, it can go any which way. The choice is yours.

When multiple planets are in zero degrees at the same time, that's always a very powerful alignment to take advantage of, but when we have five total planets in zero degrees this week, all hitting this Lilith Saturn opposition in zero degrees at different points during the week, it's like five opportunities in a row to transform your life, all throughout a week, with a grand finale on Friday the 13th, the day of the goddess–with 13 being a number connected to the moon (which has 13 lunar cycles in one calendar year) and Friday being the day ruled by Venus, the goddess–making Friday the 13th a day of Venusian-Lunar alignment: activation of the goddess. In ancient times, Friday the 13th was actually seen as a day of good luck, of fertility and prosperity, and worship to the goddess that is Mother Earth, who gives us all that we have.

It's also worth noting the number 13 and its connection to Virgo and Scorpio, which are the two signs where most of these aspects are taking place. According to some ancient occult tradition, there were once 10 signs in the Zodiac, one of which was the serpent, and after the fall of man from grace into the chaotic material hellhole that is Earth as we know it, this serpent was cut into two pieces, forming Virgo (which is the light expression of the serpent, or the head of the serpent) and Scorpio (which is the dark expression of the serpent, or the tail of the serpent).

That's where the symbol for Scorpio and Virgo come from. One is the head of the serpent and one is the tail of the serpent. The bumps in the M shape of that symbol are actually the wiggling body of the serpent. So, people who understand the power of the number 13 and the goddess and Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer (such as Taylor Swift and Britney Spears, both Ophiuchus Suns in 13-sign astrology), understand the power of integrating light and dark, of integrating Virgo expressions with Scorpionic expressions by balancing them perfectly in Libra.

The eclipse on October 14th is a Libra New Moon solar eclipse. So this week-long period leading up to eclipse season is begging you to balance out the light and dark within you so you can integrate them, and reconnect the lower and higher parts of your consciousness in order to reclaim your personal power.

Here's a little bit more extensive of a list of goddesses that I associate with each of these five planets. If anyone is curious about why a certain goddess is associated with a certain planet, just let me know and... I'll make a video explaining it.

But anyway, here's the timeline of all the aspects in zero degrees that we have from October 9th through Friday, the 13th.


So let's break down what all of this means. So first on October 9th at 4:57 PM, exactly, we will have Venus conjunct Lilith in zero degrees of Virgo. Right off the bat, we're starting the week strong with an integration of the light goddess. This talks about embodying both the positive or desirable qualities of femininity (according to society), and embodying the negative or undesirable qualities of femininity.

Venus rules over all positive or desirable traits of femininity, so being pleasurable on the senses, you know… being nice to look at, smelling nice, and having a sweet, soft spoken voice. But also... Submitting to a man or masculine energy, knowing your place as a woman, not asking too many questions, and always putting your partner's needs before your own needs. Venus wants to make sure everyone else is okay, and she abandons her own needs in the process.

Lilith represents the negative or undesirable traits of femininity, according to society. So, that includes things like our negative emotions, our repressed emotions, and our negative perceptions of self even, our shame that we've built up and try to hide away.

But some of the negative or undesirable traits of femininity also include “not submitting to a man.” Having independence, even as a woman. Having the ability to assert yourself and your own needs, no matter what any fucking man tells you. Lilith rules all feminine empowerment. So that includes dealing with men on a day to day basis, but it also includes in the bedroom.

Lilith is a signifier of female or feminine sexual empowerment and liberation. Venus is not sexually empowered whatsoever. She's viewed as a sex object by her partner. Lilith, on the other hand, can dominate in the bedroom. This is the dominatrix archetype. So Venus conjunct Lilith can talk about embodying both versions of femininity at the same time: not being afraid to get all dolled up and look pretty and feel desired by others, while also standing firm in your own personal power and not submitting to some man just because you want the validation from him. It is bad bitch energy.

But remember, Venus was retrograde in Leo this summer, teaching us about feeling confident about ourselves even if we don't receive external validation. So if you need external validation, if you need other people to tell you you're a bad bitch in order to feel like a bad bitch, then the bad bitch energy is not gonna click. Instead, the lack of validation on your looks is gonna immediately translate into shame and feelings of rejection and feeling like you're undesired.

So part of this transit is about learning to feel like a bad bitch without getting any external validation, and not allowing that lack of validation to turn into shame or feelings of rejection.


Only a few hours later on October 10th at 2:10a.m. eastern time exactly, we will have Saturn in zero degrees of Pisces perfectly opposite Venus in zero degrees of Virgo.

When I see Venus, in Virgo especially, I think of the light goddess archetype. The immaculate conception of a new version of yourself that can find hope and some sense of purity. But remember, Venus is still conjunct Lilith, so it very much talks about standing in your personal feminine power.

Saturn represents control, limitation, and restriction. So if someone's stepping into their power and then Saturn directly opposes Venus, there is this element of someone trying to stifle that power or bring you back into a limited, restricted mindset that is not empowered.

Saturn is in Pisces. So one of the ways that people might try to control you or limit your stepping into your own personal power could have to do with Pisces energy, perhaps creating illusions that trap you, or feeding into your delusions and your fantasies in order to cause you to stray from the path.

Venus exalts in Pisces because she loves living in that little bubble where her delusions are all reality, but Venus is fallen in Virgo, because Virgo talks about mental clarity, seeing the facts, understanding the truth, and deciphering what's right and wrong. There is an analytical and observant energy to Virgo that forces Venus to see all the things, even the things she doesn't want to see.

So when I see Saturn, who I'm thinking of in this situation as the masculine energy, the strict, rigid, controlling, oppressive, masculine energy that is opposing this newfound goddess stepping into her power. I think of a man trying to oppress and prevent a woman from stepping into her power by confusing her, by creating falsehoods around her in order to blur her vision and take her out of her clear thinking process.

This is a gaslighting placement. Quite literally, turning off the gaslight and then being like, “No, the gaslight wasn't on.” Venus in Virgo saw what she saw, and she observed what she observed, and Saturn in Pisces is going to try and convince her that she didn't see what she actually saw. Total gaslighting energy.

While we're on this aspect, I also just want to touch briefly on the mythology of Pandora's Box, which I mentioned in the beginning of the video, because it is playing out with this aspect. So in Greek mythology, this is the story:

The element fire was originally only possessed by the gods. Humanity did not have access to fire. In this myth, Prometheus steals fire from the gods in order to provide humanity with fire. Now, Zeus, the king of the gods, was not happy that fire was stolen from the gods and given to humanity. So, in order to exact his revenge, he set up an elaborate plan involving Pandora and the brother of Prometheus.

Pandora was known to be very curious. Zeus gave her a box and told her, “don't open this box.” And of course, he knew that she would disobey him because of her curiosity, and so she opened the box; and out came death, disease, famine, all of these terrors unleashed upon humanity.

After all of the curses released from Pandora's box cleared away, there was one thing left at the bottom of Pandora's box: it was the light of hope. Now, there are some people who believe that this truly talks about how, even though Pandora's box–even though digging around with curiosity where you're not supposed to dig can unleash a bunch of unexpected problems onto you, there is always hope for revival. No matter what demons you're met with, you can overcome them. And there's always that light of hope at the bottom of the box.

There are other people who believe that this light at the bottom of the box, this hope, was false hope. It's a very nihilistic perspective.

Regardless of which perspective you take, in this aspect, we see Venus as Pandora. In the sign of Virgo, which is the sign that rules hope, that last bit of innocence and purity that you have left. Pandora (Venus), is opposite Saturn.

Saturn is a box. It's something that restricts and limits and contains things (like death, disease, and all of these terrors that Pandora unleashed). Saturn is Pandora's box. When Saturn is in Pisces, or ruled by Jupiter, a. k. a. Zeus, this is Zeus's box… the one he gave to Pandora. That this is the story that's playing out.

So make sure you're being very careful and cautious with what curiosities you decide to pursue, what information you try to find out and what rules you try to break because there could be very serious consequences. You could end up unleashing Pandora's box on yourself if you are not thinking about the consequences of exploring your curiosity.


October 10th, we have the moon entering Virgo. In zero degrees, she will conjoin Lilith at 9:37 AM. Then she will oppose Saturn at 10:06 AM, also in zero degrees. Then, by the time she conjoins Venus, Venus will have moved into one degree of Virgo. And that happens at 10:45 AM.

The moon rules our emotions. So, when the moon is transiting planets like this, it means that our emotions are going to really exemplify the energy that the transit is experiencing.

The moon rules over the synthesis or integration of spirit and flesh. This goddess activation is happening in spirit. It's a conceptual thing that's happening energetically.

When the moon transits these planets, it allows you to take that spiritual essence and physically embody it in your physical flesh, especially when it's in Virgo, which is an earth sign and talks about physical, material reality.

The moon is the fastest moving planet in astrology, so it moves through signs and aspects quicker than any other planet, and this mirrors the way that our emotions are constantly shifting and changing, ebbing and flowing like the tides, which are ruled by the moon. So when we look at these moon transits, which happen very quickly, we can see the very quick conjunction with Lilith around 9:37AM, and that's when we're more likely to be feeling empowered. Willing to stand in our femininity boldly, proudly, and unashamedly.

But by 10AM, the moon will conjoin Saturn, and all of those feelings of empowerment may be repressed or restricted by limiting self doubts, your subconscious beliefs that are limiting. Saturn in Pisces talks about our subconscious belief system. So if you have any subconscious doubts about your own power and your own abilities, then they're going to be played on or brought out when the moon is opposing Saturn in Pisces.

Then 45 minutes later, hopefully, when the moon conjoins Venus, we'll be able to balance a couple of those emotions and find a healthy middle point where we're acknowledging the limitations that are real while also not limiting ourselves in our mindsets.


Now we're getting into some really good stuff. The zero degree Saturn and Pisces will perfectly oppose the zero degree Lilith and Virgo at 12:07AM on October 12th. But Saturn and Lilith both move pretty slowly, so this aspect has already been applying for a couple days now and it'll continue to separate for about a week after this aspect actually happens.

This aspect could definitely have something to do with the Slowly building tension that we've felt since ~October 5th and will continue to feel all through next week–where Lilith, the divine feminine rage that's pent up inside, is being opposed by authority figures and people in positions of power.

Here's what happens. That tension builds and builds and builds, and only a few minutes before this opposition goes exact is when Mars enters Scorpio, October 12th at 12:04AM. So now we have Mars in its domicile, or its home sign of Scorpio, ready to release the frustration and tension that this opposition between Lilith and Saturn has been building up for like a week. This is go time.

So looking at this we have three zero degree critical placements all aspecting each other. Lilith opposite Saturn, and then [Saturn] is in a trine with Mars in Scorpio, which is sextiling Lilith. To me, this looks like Saturn and Lilith almost playing chicken, where they have their eyes on their opponent, but no one's actually making any moves. Everything's very hesitant.

But once Mars enters Scorpio and is in its domicile, the impulse to act will be stronger, especially for the feminine archetype, Lilith, who is very heavily connected to Scorpio and the feminine expression of Mars in its domicile in Scorpio. Total Lilithian activation here.

Especially if Saturn has been eyeing up Lilith–if there's this authority figure or strict, rigid, structural person who has been eyeing you up to see if they can dominate and control you, this Martian energy is going to be very unexpected. They are counting and banking on fear to control you and stop you from taking action when, this is the energy of “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

There's also a much less combative story playing out here. The way I've described it so far is very much like Saturn opposite Lilith, they're on opposite sides of the ring and they're waiting for the bell to ring so they can go and fight each other… which is one way this can kind of manifest. But there's also this version of Saturn in Pisces where I'm picturing somebody who is kind of oblivious to their own responsibilities and to the actual things that are playing out around them.

Think of like a Paul Blart mall cop. Someone who's in a position of power, who's supposed to be exercising control or restriction or authority in some way, but instead is distracted. Neptune, the (modern) ruler of Pisces, rules distraction. And so Saturn in Pisces talks about being distracted from your responsibilities to a certain extent.

When Saturn is opposite Lilith, a “hot girl” is a distraction. This is somebody who is coming in as a seductress with a very magnetic and attractive energy in order to distract somebody from their responsibilities; for the purpose of temporarily breaking down boundaries in order to violate them.

So Lilith is over here as the distraction, but she is sextile Mars (or her partner in crime) who is trine Saturn. Mars in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces talks about penetrating through someone's boundaries or restrictions. It's very much giving Oceans 8. We have Lilith over here distracting the security guard and then Mars is the one stealing the diamond while Saturn in Pisces is distracted.

I think of Saturn in Pisces as somebody who is alone at a music festival or a nightclub or something and Lilith here distracts them by flirting and playing on their sexual energy, while Mars in Scorpio is pickpocketing them the whole time. So beware of pickpockets, beware of people trying to distract you with sleight of hand so that they can violate you and penetrate your boundaries while nobody's paying attention.

But remember, aspects work both ways, so we could almost see a reversal of these roles: where Saturn, the authority figure, or the person in position of power, might use Lilith, this seductive and tempting distraction, in order to prevent Mars from taking action. When Mars dominates the Mars trine Saturn aspect, it talks about penetrating and breaking through boundaries; but if Saturn is dominating the trine aspect, then it talks about building walls, creating obstacles, and preventing people from taking action. If Mars is the ambitious, energized go-getter who wants to take action, it's gonna be very difficult for Saturn to stop Mars from taking action without the help of a tempting distraction (Lilith).

So here are the exact times for these aspects. Like we said before, October 12th at 12:07AM is when Saturn perfectly opposes Lilith. This is kind of like the “activation” of the distraction. Lilith applying to the opposition with Saturn is kind of like the buildup, or casing the joint, scoping out your competition–where the opposition goes exact and the plan is put into action.

Then the following day, October 13th, at 8:28AM. is when Mars perfectly trines Saturn. This is the action that's being taken. This is the violation of boundaries. This is securing that diamond or whatever the person is trying to steal. (Or this is when new obstacles could be put in place by an authority figure in order to prevent you from taking action).

Then later that afternoon around 5PM (4:59PM) Mars will sextile Lilith. That is the partners in crime convening together after their mission has been accomplished, sharing their rewards, and toasting to a successful heist.

If we're talking about this in terms of the goddess activation context, like we were in the beginning, then you can view Saturn opposite Lilith as this moment of being able to maneuver and and slither by obstacles, overcoming obstacles very discreetly, whereas Saturn Trine Mars talks about, um, much more violent, aggressive, and forceful overcoming of boundaries, almost penetrating through or knocking down a wall instead of slithering around it.

Then Mars in Scorpio sextile Lilith in Virgo can be seen as a moment of rebirth of personal power for the goddess. It's like a snake shedding their skin and finally releasing all of those heavy emotions, releasing the weight and pressure and tension so that you can grow and evolve into the next version of yourself.

This is a very, very transformative transit and the fact that it's happening on October 13th could not be more perfect. So I hope that everybody has an amazingly magical week, full of all of the goddess activations, of personal empowerment, of overcoming boundaries, and really beginning the transformation process that is going to allow you to step out of eclipse season on October 28th feeling like an entirely new person.

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