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Chunky Accessories, Excessive Consumption, + Financial Delusion

Chunky Accessories, Excessive Consumption, + Financial Delusion

Jupiter in Taurus: May 16, 2023 - May 26, 2024

Video and transcript published May 24, 2023

Jupiter is in Taurus for the next year, so let’s talk a little bit about what that means. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, in terms of the diameter of its main body. It’s the planet that rules all things “big.”

So, I just posted a short video about Lizzo, who has Natal Jupiter in Taurus, and her giant purse. A day later, a video came into my feed of this 3D artist in Paris who put these massive boots over the streets of Paris (photos via Culted). This really had me thinking how loud Jupiter in Taurus really is. These big accessories–you can’t ignore them, they’re massive…

So I was thinking about this, and it reminded me of Lenny Kravitz and his massive scarf. I looked it up: Lenny Kravitz has Jupiter in Taurus. So I’m predicting over the next year, we’re going to see a re-emergence of the chunky accessory. The oversized fashion item. Even though I’m contextually talking about fashion, it applies to any household item, object, or physical possession (everything from paperclips to furniture).

Taurus, the earth sign, rules physical possessions and wealth–material wealth. Money. It’s that green. It also rules spending wealth, or the consumption of material goods. Taurus rules the throat and the concept of swallowing or consuming. Jupiter is the planet that rules excess, overindulgence, exorbitance. So, Jupiter in Taurus is a theme of overindulgence or overconsumption.

One example that comes to mind is Sarah Jessica Parker who has her Natal Jupiter in Taurus. Carrie Bradshaw, the character that she is most known for, has this overindulgence issue–this shopping addiction where she is just [constantly] consuming. I think the Carrie Bradshaw narrative contributed to that culturally as well.

Jupiter rules excess, to a point where things are blown out of perspective, out of proportion. Jupiter is this expansive perspective that can see the abundance of the entire universe. So the practical limitations of physical resources, the fixed earth sign of Taurus… it almost doesn’t compute. There’s this ungrounded perspective about money and wealth. Remember, Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, the sign that talks about distorted perspectives.

Cut to clip from Sex and the City (SATC) featuring Carrie Bradshaw trying to get a loan at the bank:

BANKER: “Let’s look at your assets here at the bank. We may be able to use them as collateral for the loan. $700 in your checking account…”

CARRIE: “I just paid my credit card bill!”

BANKER: “and $957 in Savings? …”

CARRIE: “I just broke up with my fiancé, which–trust me–is traumatic enough…”

BANKER: “Do you have any other income?”

One really great example is Brenda Song who has her Natal Jupiter in Taurus. Her character that she is most known for, London Tipton, is quite literally delusionally rich. She doesn’t understand how reality works because she has so much money (Jupiter in Taurus).

Clip from London’s slumber party on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:

GIRL: “London, what did you want to be when you were little?”

LONDON: “I wanted to be an heiress… and I did it. Yay me!”

Another clip, this time before London attempts to date a poor person:

MADDIE: “She’s going on a date with Brandon so she’s trying to pass for poor… Wait until she finds out she has to take the Subway!”

LONDON: “The what?”

MOSBY: “The Subway. It’s the train that runs underground.”

LONDON: “Stop making stuff up to scare me!”

Another really great example is Jessica Walter, who is known for her role as Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development. Again, it’s this character who has such an immense amount of wealth that there is distorted perspective of reality.

LUCILLE: “I’ll be in the hospital bar.”

MICHAEL: “Uhhh. You know there isn’t a hospital bar, mother.”

LUCILLE: “This is why people hate hospitals! Hahahaha!”

So, one of the obnoxious and really out-of-touch things that I see happening over the next year is the emphasis on this distorted perspective around wealth. More of the Barbara Corcoran mentality. She also has an Earth Jupiter (with her Jupiter in Capricorn). She’s like “Oh, just ask your family to give you a down payment for your house.”

Barbara Corcoran, in her exact words: “You can hit up your parents and say, if they have a savings, or a rich uncle or aunt, say ‘How would you like to be my partner? I’ll give you half the profits when I sell it.”

That’s the secret to investing in real estate?

Barbara Corcoran: “You have to be in the game. Beg, borrow, STEAL. However you get in it.”

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